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My Goals for June

White Embroidery Detail The Prudent Homemaker

It's been a busy year--so busy, in fact, that a lot of my goals have been put on the back burner while I work to keep up with my regular everyday chores (you can see my daily schedule here).  I'll be picking and processing fruit from the garden this month, organizing, and sewing every chance I get. As the heat sets in, I try to do my gardening in the early morning hours before breakfast (and in the late evenings after dinner) and do my sewing, organizing, and food processing in the afternoons when it's over 100º. We'll continue to homeschool throughout this month.



1. Weed and tidy garden

2. Pick blackberries as they ripen

3. Pick figs as they ripen

4. Pick apples as they ripen

5. Cut flowers for arrangements indoors

6. Plant seeds for more flowers and food

7. Fix a few water lines

8. Trim hedges

9. Stake trees and tomato cages to strengthen them against the wind

10. Plant the last of the bushes in the front walk



1. Continue to embroider the piece I'm currently working on (pictured above)

2. Finish two dresses I started last year

3. Finish hot pads


Food preservation:

1. Freeze blackberries and figs

2. Make and can applesauce if we don't eat all of the apples fresh

3. Can fig jam



1. Go through more outgrown clothing and donate it to the thrift store

2. Go through a box of papers

3. Organize garden seeds


What are your goals for this month?


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  • Shara June 02, 2017

    My goal list is a bit shorter than yours. :-). I posted it yesterday. Like you - I've got some lingering projects I am trying to finish up. I love the piece you are embroidering.

    We don't have a space for a vegetable garden, but I am hoping to start some canning with items from the Farmer's Market.

  • Darlene Douglas June 02, 2017

    Continue to mulch and weed the flower gardens. We have gotten a late start due to the cold rainy weather
    Clean windows.
    Clean mini blinds.
    Prepare for Bible School Crafts and be a blessing to our Pastor's wife during that week wherever I can be.
    Strive to do better at keeping the house straightened even during deep cleaning. I tend to tare apart and make an alful mess and I cringe if someone comes ugh!!! My hubby is patient but I am striving to keep things tidy! My corners are clean but the clutter is there:)

  • Lana June 02, 2017

    My main goal is to stay on track with the budget as we are paying off the mortgage next month!!!
    Maintain my existing roses and flowers. No new plants are in the budget this month.
    Walk everyday
    Core strength exercise 3x per week
    Continue to downsize wardrobe & sell on eBay
    Continue to declutter house
    Finish downstairs remodel
    Create the budget for the kitchen remodel next year

  • Jennifer June 02, 2017

    Congratulations on paying off your mortgage! I can't imagine how wonderful that must feel.
    Do you have any tips to share? :)

  • Roberta in So. Cal. June 02, 2017

    Ditto. ;)

  • Debby in KS June 02, 2017

    Double ditto!!! Lana, that's wonderful!!!

  • Athanasia June 06, 2017

    Lana, yes, congratulations on the end of the mortgage payments!

  • FrugalStrong June 03, 2017

    Congratulations, Lana!! You'll feel AMAZING once your mortgage is gone. We paid our home off just before this past Christmas (a 30 yr mortgage paid off in 7.5 years) and I spent that day telling my counters and walls that I owned them!

  • Jen@FrugalSteppingStones June 05, 2017

    Whoo hoo! How exciting!

  • Goal setting is so motivating! Thanks for sharing your goals Brandy.

    Run 20-25 miles total
    Focus on developing strong arms and core with weightlifting

    Knit my second pair of socks
    Finish quilting a baby quilt, apply binding as well

    Take advantage of under bed storage provided by the purchase of a new bed frame
    Take extra pillows and linens to the local animal shelter
    Work my way thru the freezer to reduce the half full containers of odds and ends

    And for my spiritual enjoyment:
    Sit in the sun daily
    Leave windows open to wake up to birds chirping
    Spend time focusing on all the blessings God has placed in my life

    Happy June all!

  • http://Jen @ Healthfulsaver June 02, 2017

    Anne, I love your spiritual goals. We have been sitting in ournsunroom at night with the windows open and enjoying the sunset. It's the little things that can be so peaceful.

  • FrugalStrong June 03, 2017

    I also lift weights (heavy) and love it. It's completely changed my body composition. I'm so strong now and considering I turn 41 later this year, I also appreciate the fact that I'm reducing my risk of osteoporosis and loss of bone density. Plus, it's pretty awesome that my husband (a retired Marine) is duly impressed. I can even do one-handed push-ups!!

  • Gardenpat June 02, 2017

    It's time for me to pressure can more if my dried beans so that they are on the pantry shelf ready to open and use in a recipe without any delays for soaking, etc! I have the jars, lids, beans and space and I'm down to my last 5 jars! I like to keep 12 jars of each variety on the shelves all the time and when I pressure can them, I can do 16 pint jars at a time and I can have a variety of beans all processing at the same time so this speeds things up!
    I want to declutter more around the house- selling some things, donating others. My goal is decluttering at least 5 things a week!
    I want to finish putting in my new brick walkway in the next 2 weeks. I am over 1/2 done already!
    We are going to quadruple our chicken coop area in the next 3 weeks and so I have a list of what we need to accomplish each week so that we will reach that goal.
    Will continue to use up the stacks of materials ( bricks, rocks, lumber, etc) to beautify our yard so that our yard doesn't look like Ma and Pa Kettle live here! No sense in having free/recycled materials unless we use them up!

  • Athanasia June 06, 2017

    I had always froze the cooked beans as I have always been afraid of the pressure canner. My husband even bought me a brand new one a few years ago..still afraid :(
    Then my oldest girl moved back in the area a few years ago and she is fearless. So working with her and my husband's sister I have become much better at it. Since I can and freeze for the year it is nice to pressure can the items like green and wax beans, corn, legumes, meats that I normally would have frozen. Saves more room for the things I prefer to freeze like peas and berries and fish.

  • Marcia June 13, 2017

    I have used pressure canners for years and never had a problem at all. In fact, I'm on my second one, not counting the pressure canner. There are only two rules, really---turn the heat down to med low to med once the pressure is up where you want it, and don't OVERFILL the pressure cooker--2/3 is FULL. Mine has a rubber ring which has to be replaced about every year or two--you'll know when the cooker doesn't seem to hold pressure --steam will come out around the edges because the ring stretches and doesn't get a good seal any more. We have an old time hardware store in town that carries parts, but you can look them up online and get them too. It's really quite easy and I would like to see more people use them. You can make a soup in a hour or hour and a half that tastes like it's cooked all day. Results are wonderful.

  • Patty from the NW June 02, 2017

    June Goal Setting~
    Finish planting veggie starters for garden , as well as seeds
    Pick new roses that are blooming now for home~ we have 4 rose color bushes, 1 peach, 1 white, 1 red
    Pressure wash front driveway and walk way.
    Trim all bushes
    Pick up one more fruit tree from nursery this weekend. We only have 1 apple tree so far.

    Sew pillow cases for grandchildren ( for presents ) and make napkins from fabric that I brought back from Kauai

    Clean all windows in home
    Purge unwanted items and organize garage ( Big project) Will be installing a ceiling storage shelf to get containers off the floor.
    Babysitting overnight our 3 year old grandson :) so his parents can have an evening away.

    A weekend Hike 2 more times this month. After surgery, I was able to hike 1 mile last weekend.

    Have a wonderful June~ Yay summer is here for the Pacific NW :)
    Blessings~ Patty

  • Cindy in the South June 02, 2017

    1. Walk 50 minutes a day. Specifically, to spend more time walking in the abundant natural parks we have around here.
    2. Pay $100 extra on the mortgage every month IF I decide I am going to stay in this house upon retirement. If not, I need to put that extra amount in savings every month.
    3. Put at least $300 in savings every month.
    5. Lose 2 lbs a month for the next six months.
    6. Develop a three year, five year, eight year, possibly, retirement plan with contingencies. Also decide exactly where I wish to retire to, if in fact, I wish to retire where I am currently living. I also need to find out exactly what my retirement pay will be, depending on when I retire.
    7. Develop a plan to do a church mission out of my home. Realistically, I cannot leave my sick grown child. So, I need to perhaps explore the possibility of doing a church service mission from my home, when I retire.

  • Athanasia June 06, 2017

    Cindy, that work at home mission plan sounds interesting. I hope you can figure something out. Our church ladies make all kinds of kits for missions using sewing...hygiene kits, comforters, infants kits, relief kits etc.

  • Cindy in the South June 06, 2017

    Thanks! That sounds like something that is very beneficial, especially the hygiene kits.

  • Kathy June 11, 2017

    That's wonderful that you want to find a way to serve from your home while caring for your adult child. I'm sure He will present a way for you to contribute to your church while being a wonderful mother.

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