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May's Shopping Plans

 Apricots in White Garden The Prudent Homemaker


I awoke shortly after 4 a.m. to the sound of pouring rain.

Rain is very rare here, and when it does rain, it is usually so gentle and short as to only last 30 seconds. Pouring rain is unusual, and even more so in May!

I got up and closed the windows, went outside and into the garage and turned the drip irrigation and sprinklers off.

It's a beautiful May Day here, with cooler weather than usual thanks to the rain and clouds. We'll be back to 95° and even 98°(37°C) next week, but for four days this week, we are enjoying cooler temperatures.

The apricots will be ripe in my garden soon. I have two kinds of apricots: Katy and Royal (a.k.a. Royal Blenheim). Katy is generally ripe 3-4 weeks sooner than Royal, but wind and cold made it so only a few branches ripened on the tree, and then the rest of the Katy tree bloomed a month later. Whether they all ripen at once is yet to be seen. Katy usually ripens at the beginning of May and Royal towards the end of the month.

Blackberries 2 The Prudent Homemaker

Our blackberries will also be ripe in the garden this month.

In years past, we have also harvested peaches in May. As our tree was dying last year, we took it out. It will be a few years before we have peaches ripe in May again.

I am harvesting oregano, parsley, garlic chives, and green onions from the garden this month. I am also harvesting lettuce, spinach, and Swiss chard.


I plan on purchasing the following items this month:


Sam's Club:

Olive oil (3-liter bottle)

Mozzarella cheese (5-pound bag)

Powdered sugar (7-pound bag)

Brown sugar (7-pound bag)

Best Foods Mayonnaise (1-gallon)

Gatorade powder (We keep this on hand for when someone is sick, and as we had several people with flu earlier this year, it's time to replenish it).

Aveeno Body Lotion



La Victoria salsa (using $1 off coupon) 

Flour tortillas

Sour cream


Vegetable Oil



Suave shampoo (using 2 $1 off coupons)


I'll spend the rest of our $200 monthly budget on fresh produce and meat that I find on sale this month. 


Here is a month of typical spring meals in our house.


What are your grocery shopping plans this month?


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  • Susan May 02, 2018

    Congratulations on your new little guy. I keep thinking of you with that new sweet baby. I love reading your monthly shopping list and always marvel at how little you spend. Your spring meal list is so helpful and I love the pictures too.

  • Mary May 02, 2018

    First, Congratulations on your newest addition to the family!
    Rain is also very rare here and usually gentle and short. Our weather is cooler than normal, only until maybe Saturday- up to 100.
    May shopping plans is basically only what is needed. Both of us are leaving to take care of our parents, so we are using what we have.
    The end of the month, I’ll be home, and only need milk probably.

    I’m not sure when I will post again, as I understand that I will be pretty busy while away.

    Appreciating what we have and making things work out is making things possible!

    So enjoy today!

  • Cindy in the South May 02, 2018

    I am so impressed that you have just had a baby, yet you are so organized that you have your May shopping plans together! I am really not sure what I am going to buy this month, it really depends on the sales. I do not need any potatoes, nor onions, I am eating fresh dandelion greens every day, I have lots of pinto beans, and I am trying to eat the last of my 49 cent lb chicken. I bought large eggs last week for a $1.00 a dozen at Walmart. I would like to get catfish grown locally, and maybe crawfish, if it is on sale, or if someone locally is selling it. If neither catfish nor crawfish are on sale, I will not get any. My mulberry tree has ripe berries, so I will be harvesting those. I just had one small bag left from last year's crop, so the timing is good. It is not peanut season yet, nor are our Chilton County peaches ready (next county over). This is sorta the in between month.

  • Jean May 02, 2018

    I have been eating dandelion greens and lambs’s quarter sautéed, chickweed in my smoothies and realizing there are a lot of good things to forage here in the south this month. It definitely helps having so much green stuff available for free.

  • Gaila May 02, 2018

    Hello, I was wondering how you prepare your dandelion greens I have always wanted to try them but ...thank you for your insight

  • Juls Owings May 04, 2018

    Gaila May 02, 2018
    I'm not Jean but I sautee my greens in either olive oil or olive oil with a pat of butter or to get Hubby to eat them bacon grease. Daddy just steams his with water or a bit of left over broth in a pan with a lid.

  • mmckms May 03, 2018

    We are also in the south learned a new trick the other day from the owner of a local huge catfish producing outfit. We went to purchase some CF fillets and he had a 1 gallon bag flash frozen of Catfish "nuggets" the price was 2.00 for a stuffed gallon bag about 4lbs! He was out of the particular CF that we usually buy so I purchased the cheap bag. He told me that they are the large pieces that didn't slice quite perfectly etc. So we tried them and wow there were pieces that were like 1/2 of catfish in there de-boned and skinned just like the fillet. The sizes were perfect for us to fry in the fryer and tender...and so much cheaper. We are going to try them baked as well but we were dying for some in season fresh fried ones. So you may want to try these if you can find them we will prob be buying these from now on instead of full fillets.

  • Cindy in the South May 02, 2018

    I should add that peanut and pecan season is October/November, and peaches are usually around June, July down here. I do get Vidalia onions in May.

  • Hi everyone. Hope you're all having a great week.

    I'm back to living alone (mostly!) as my SO had a sudden job transfer 3 hours north. So, my monthly grocery shopping will drastically decrease as he and his 3 children will not be here very often. I've just been able to plug in my chest freezer which was a Christmas gift, so I will definitely start stocking it as I run across sales.

    I will be looking for chicken pieces or whole chickens to freeze. Also, I need ground beef. If I find a good deal, I will buy enough to have on hand for 1-2 months. I like to leave some raw, but also brown some to have ready for quick dinners. I want more frozen veggies (or fresh that I can blanch and freeze) to stock the freezer. I eat a lot healthier when it's just me, so I am looking forward to restocking on things I used to eat/make.

    I need a lot of basics: sugars (brown, granulated, powdered), condiments, canned veggies, pasta and sauce, olive oil, eggs, and butter. I am going to go through my pantry again and clean it out, reorganize, and make a thorough list that I'll buy as I find things on sale.

  • Jo May 02, 2018

    Our blackberries are just coming on and it will be awhile before we can eat them, but I can't pay the high dollars for them at the store, knowing we have them at home if I'm patient.
    The last of our loquats are done. Most froze this year -- again -- but we got a few that survived, and they were as fat and juicy as we've seen. It will be summer before we see if we get figs, and grapes are several months away. So, I continue to buy small amounts of fruits at the stores, and hope to go blueberry picking in early June. Our own plants will have few berries, as the early warmth then late freeze caught a lot of buds.
    I need a good bargain on coconut oil, plus I'll need more olive oil
    I will also look for sales on organic cane and coconut or date sugars.
    It's time to purchase another quart of honey.
    I'll be paying for the half-hog processing coming up.
    I've been trying to find an economical way to buy baking soda. I get four pound boxes fairly cheaply at Walmart, but I'd like to buy in bulk. The best prices I've found so far don't beat the boxes from Walmart. I use it a lot in cleaning, and the boxes are awkward to pour and re-close. I'll take suggestions!
    I'll watch for sales on coffee, for my husband.
    Since I can't eat wheat flour now, I found two stores with cassava flour on sale (Otto's brand, which is the best, I understand) and have stocked up some on it.
    Mostly, I am just watching for good stocking up sales and best prices, to try to knock our food bill down. It's hard to do when eating organic and pastured, but I do as much as I can.

  • Mable May 02, 2018

    I pour my baking soda into jars because, like you, I find the cartons awkward and I think the inevitable open spots near the tab let in air and hasten the demise of the rising agent.

  • Marybeth May 03, 2018

    I do jars too.

  • Anjela May 02, 2018

    I reuse an old plastic 'Comet' bottle. It has a shaker lid to make cleaning up easy.

  • Athanasia May 04, 2018

    Jo, if you are just using it for cleaning maybe dump it into one of those big coffee cans now that have handles on them...they are plastic. If it picks up coffee smell, that wouldn't hurt. But for baking it should always be moved to an air tight container as it is absorbing whatever smells are in your kitchen and then you are transferring that to your baked goods. I put my "culinary" baking soda into a rectangular tupperware that has a flip cap on it large enough for the measuring spoons to fit. It holds one box of baking soda.

  • Cindy May 05, 2018

    Jo I also use a lot of baking soda for cleaning. The cheapest way I have found to buy it is a local farm supply store in a 25 pound bag. I then put it into more manageable portions in repurposed plastic canisters.

  • Loyda May 02, 2018

    I agree its been WONDERFUL weather here ! at 6am it was 58 degrees! All doors are open! And poo on Sunday to 105! I just go the ads in this mornings paper so I need to go thru and see what is a good deal ! I need to take out 5 juniper trees that were planted as a fence to the other neighbor.. I want them gone and replaced with fruit trees ! Can't wait to have something other than oranges and grapefruit.. Do you suggest a good time of the year to plant those here in the desert?

  • Mary May 02, 2018

    Ours were planted last year around this time and they are doing very well now. I’m in SW AZ.

  • Joanna May 02, 2018

    I'm on the look-out for good prices on chuck roast. I love pot roast, but refuse to pay $5.99 a pound for it. Or even $3.99. I hope to see a BOGO deal on it soon.

  • Margie from Toronto May 02, 2018

    Congratulations on the new baby - you really are Wonder Woman!
    Spring has finally arrived up here - in fact this week we have skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer with the temperature up to 27C today (about 82F) - but we're back down again to more normal temperatures next week - around 12 to 16C - which is nice Spring weather. Trees are in bud and finally the daffodils & tulips are beginning to appear! It has been a very long Winter.
    I went through my pantry and small freezer (top of fridge) this past weekend and cleaned and rearranged items and took note of what I'll need. I want to add more things to add to salads like canned beets, water chestnuts, chickpeas and other beans (I'm trying to cut back on meat). Otherwise it will just be fresh fruit & veg plus any sale items or items that I can get loyalty points for - but only if I really need them. I won't need any additional cleaning or laundry supplies until the end of the year and the only hygiene item I'm looking to add is a large box of Q-tips - which should last nearly two years with what I already have! The advantage of being on my own is that a 6 month to 1 year stock up of items doesn't have to take up a ton of space if you are organized (and have some decent closet space).
    I intend to eat up a lot of items from the freezer - especially things that I've already prepared and then frozen. I hope to have emptied a lot from there by the end of May and then I can better plan my Summer menu.
    Looking forward to some baby photos on the blog. Take care.

  • Ellie’s friend from Canada May 02, 2018

    That was quite the winter, Margie. We also went from cold temperatures to 28°C for a couple of Days and finally the huge snow pile on my driveway have melted away. I am thrilled because several of my hepatica plants are in bloom as well as the Alpine plants in my scree garden are coming along quickly. Best of all, after such a brutal winter, my David Austin roses have survived. On my way outside to do some one handed gardening And will see how that goes! Glad to hear that spring/summer has returned to the Toronto area. Here we had the third largest snowfall or amount of snow from November to April that we have ever had. Happy gardening, happy Spring!

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