Beef-Stroganoff 500


1 lb. cooked ground beef (I keep it frozen), or use canned beef
Freeze-dried onions
Garlic powder
24 oz sour cream
1 family size can cream of mushroom soup, or 3 regular-sized cans
Cooked rice ( I cook 2 ½ cups of dried rice to serve with this) or noodles


Mix cream of mushroom soup and sour cream in a large pan. Add defrosted meat, garlic powder and dried onions to taste. Stir and cook until heated through. Serve over rice.


Notes: I cook ground beef with garlic and dried onions when I buy it, and I store it in the freezer in small bags to throw into meals. I buy cream of mushroom soup when it goes on sale in November (I buy enough to last until the sale next year).

I buy sour cream when it goes on sale for $1.25 a pound.

I buy the dried onions, garlic powder, and rice in bulk from Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club usually has noodles for less than $1 a pound.

In the photo above, we had this with radishes and Swiss chard from our garden.

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