I have shrunk the following designs and repeated them so as to be the right size for 1:12 scale dollhouses. You can simply print them on your printer, and cut out any windows, or trim any extra.

These can also be used for dollhouse fabrics, to cover furniture or to make curtains. For fabric transfer methods, see the details on the dollhouse rugs page.

The mouldings can be simply cut from the sheet with a paper cutter, and hung at the top of the ceilings or wherever you would like them in your dollhouse. Click on the images below to be taken to the pdf printouts.

Dollhouse Wallpaper Birds Button Dollhouse Wallpaper Red Floral Button
Dollhouse Wallpaper Blue Floral Button Dollhouse Wallpapers Urn Frieze Button


For more dollhouse printables, click here.

Flourish 2