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Smoothies from storage? You bet! Home canned fruit and frozen fruit make wonderful smoothies.

If you have frozen fruit, you can use that. If you do not, you can use canned fruit by putting it in the freezer the day before you want to make smoothies. Put the canned fruit in a plastic freezer bag. Whether you want to include the syrup or not in your smoothie is up to you. You can also use canned juices to mix with your smoothies. The combination you make is up to you. Here are some things I use in mine:

Frozen blackberries (picked from my garden)

Canned peach nectar (home canned from my trees or when I have bought peaches to can)

1-2 tbsp frozen orange juice concentrate

Frozen strawberries (bought on sale)

Frozen raspberries (bought on sale)

Frozen blueberries (bought on sale)

Canned pear nectar (home canned from pears bought on sale)

Canned pineapple (bought on case sale)

Blend desired ingredients together in blender. Serve with straws or in sippy cups with straws.

Eventually, I should be able to grow most of these things in my own garden, as my fruit trees and berry bushes get bigger. You can, too!

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