I’m thankful for my eldest daughter, who offered to make dinner tonight.


What are you grateful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for the day I was able to spend with a former student yesterday. I taught her when she was 5 years old. Now she is 19 and ready to take on the world. This particular student is special because she beat the statistics and overcame her circumstances and struggles to become an excellent student. I tutored her in reading from kindergarten through third grade at which time her reading skills just took off. She later earned a reading award in middle school and made perfect scores on her state mandated reading tests. I am so proud of her and thankful to have watched her grow up into a fine young woman.

  2. I am thankful I was able to mentor a young co-worker last summer. I ran into her while shopping today (Nov 14th). As soon as she saw me, she ran over and gave me a huge hug, while she fought back tears. It was lovely to hear an update on how she is doing. She was so grateful for everything I tought her. Those frugal lessons have become part of her every day life. No words can express how amazing it made me feel that I could pass on knowledge which will make such a huge impact on her life for years to come!

  3. I am grateful that several friends came to my art exhibition last night and that I had a chance to talk about my work and my process with them.

  4. That is such a good thing for your daughter to do — I know it’s a big help to you.
    Today I am thankful for a vehicle in good working order.

  5. I’m thankful today for all the good holiday sales. I have been able to save up my Bottle Drive money and my Ibotta account in anticipation of this month’s sales, and am spending the extra money along with my modest grocery budget to get turkey, ham, cream cheese, and other things from the sales. (Of course, don’t forget all the salad ingredients–my hubby is eating at least a head of lettuce every 2 days–an expense I’m more than happy to incur, since the weight is still coming off, slowly but surely, for him). It will be very easy to stay within my grocery budget in the coming months, with all this stocked up, along with my home-canned and frozen foods. I feel very blessed.

  6. If we could “like” other’s posts, I would click the little heart for so many of these comments!
    Today, as my husband dug in the box for his warmest gloves to go work outside, I am thankful for hands. The hands of many of the older women in my family wore out with arthritis, and I am thankful for what they gave at their best, and what I can still do.
    And for my favorite Thanksgiving decoration: Hand Turkeys!

  7. I am thankful for a day off after a draining day at work. I was supposed to have a plumbing inspection today, but this had to be rescheduled. So I am going to do my workout, do laundry, prep meals for the freezer, and do some sewing.

  8. I am thankful that I am alive today. Yesterday while I was peacefully sitting at a red light a guy in a beater van plowed into the back of my car. He totaled my car after we just put $6000 in repairs on it in the last month. It is our only car and we will never see that money again! I am thankful that a good reliable witness stayed on the scene. I am thankful that the man who hit me has car insurance. I am very thankful for the firefighters, police, EMTs and ER doctors who were so kind. I am going to get by with one cracked tooth and sore neck and back
    No broken bones! They think the guy was on his cell phone at the time.

  9. I have had a very rough month the last month. I am grateful for the unsolicited encouragement I’ve received from others who believe what I do is valuable and making a difference. It has been a sincere balm to my soul during a very difficult time. Yesterday I was singled out by a summa cum laude student for reflection in her graduation project – SUCH an honor! It makes all the struggles seem worthwhile.


  10. I’m thankful that my family lives in the same city as me, since my husband came down with the flu and I was able to move with our newborn to my parents’ place for a few days to avoid exposing her to his illness. Also thankful that we’re stocked up on Gatorade (something I usually don’t buy), crackers, vitamin c, and such, so that he has all the supplies he needs. And thankful for the internet so we can keep in touch and I can send him photos of baby to cheer him up!

  11. I am thankful for the refrigerator my friend sold me for 50. Unfortunately, it wont fit in the kitchen but will fit in the basement. To have an extra refrigerator would so great..

  12. I am thankful for “enduring love.” Today, I watched an older gentleman enter the physical therapy clinic carrying his wife’s purse. It just made me smile to know he was doing this because she couldn’t, yet it was important.

  13. I am thankful for a warm house and a hot pot of chicken noodle vegetable soup on the stove after shoveling 7″ of snow today.

  14. Today I am thankful for my son. I have not been feeling well and he has been helping out a ton. He washed dishes, ran the dishwasher and unloaded it, did the dish drain, ran a load of laundry and made me breakfast. He is a very sweet, caring, funny, sarcastic young man. He is one of my greatest joys in life. He brought me home a new type of pasty from work today. He even paid for it. He wanted me to feel better since I stayed home sick from work. He will always be my little boy even though he has been taller then me since he was 13.

  15. Pups! I am beyond thankful for these two dogs we have raised from puppies. They are so kind and funny and rambunctious. When we adopted the oldest, a black lab, 2 years ago, my 20 year old son -who was having difficulty with health and school – said, “now I’ll always have a friend.” Life can be lonely at times and these pups have always been there for him…and for me.

  16. With a winter storm on the way, I’m thankful that I have no need to go out on the roads and I can stay home safe and warm until it is over.

  17. Thankful for a short term side job that my husband was offered by a previous employer, that is bringing in an unexpected $2,200 between November 1 and December 15. It only takes him about 12 hours each week, plus another five hours from home. It is hard on him to take on these hours but the money is a blessing.

  18. I am glad you had a witness and were not hurt badly. My truck was totalled by a texting teen who claimed to the police that he had not run the red light. Nobody saw anything despite it being rush hour in a busy intersection. Yeah, right. Apparently, his conscience made him fess up to his parents soon afterwards because I was stuck with neither the deductible nor a ticket. Or, maybe, physics was my witness because I did not have a chance to hit my brakes before impact and my truck, after being spun around, stopped no more than a carlength beyond impact because I had been waiting for the light to turn green and had been accelerating so slowly once it did turn green. Despite two totally totalled vehicles, neither of us were hurt beyond being a bit sore the next few days. He was supposed to get a new or new-for-him car just before homecoming the next day. I have a feeling the new car ended up being his dad’s, at least for a while. And he learned an important lesson about distracted driving without maiming or killing anybody.

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