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Today, I’m grateful for all of you who read and comment. I’m grateful when you share your struggles and successes. Thank you for keeping this site positive and encouraging for all who read.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Thank-you Brandy for this site. Just commenting while visiting a daughter that with the political climate right now the knowledge of long term food and resource storage is a good skill to have.
    Thank-you for this month of acknowledging things big and small to be thankful about.

    Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairy tale,” Wale Ayeni.

  2. I am also grateful for the wonderful recipes on your blog Brandy. We tried your white bean rosemary soup yesterday for the first time. It is wonderful! And it is economical. Love it!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful sentiment! I love the centerpiece, too.

    I’m thankful for being able to hang clothes out today, in late November, in northern Michigan! With or without climate change, I hope I can do this in Dec., as well.

  4. Some days I feel small and tired and, when I do, I often wander here for community. Thank you Brandy for hosting and thank you frugal friends for being there for me!

  5. I am also thankful for this site. Brandy, thank you for the time you spend creating such a lovely place. I will try the white bean soup tomorrow, I needed a good idea, thank you Tammy.

  6. Hello Brandy and everyone from Australia 😀 .

    First of all I am thankful for you Brandy 🙂 and your service to all of us. I must say your recipes and money saving tips have helped us save far more money towards a good deposit for our home than we ever thought possible despite food prices skyrocketing here.

    I am also thankful today that our kitchen pantries are full and that we are now slowly filling up our food storage pantry room as our budget permits. It brings us great pleasure/thankfulness and added security to get most of our food storage/personal care and other “needed” household items gradually towards a 12 month level whilst still remaining within our small budget.

  7. Thank you Brandy for your wonderfully encouraging and positive blog. I am very grateful for the beauty you bring to my life, I really do enjoy the way you see your life and the ongoing help and inspiration it brings to all of us here. God Bless
    Carol from Australia

  8. Thank you Brandy for the time you take writing this helpful, informative and entertaining blog! I read you every day, always looking for a new post and ideas, at 75 I am still learning! Thank your other readers for their input and ideas too. Merry Christmas and my best wishes to all, Ann Lee on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

  9. I am thankful for your blog and that you see the beauty and positive in life, no matter what your financial situation is.

  10. I too am grateful I stumbled upon your blog a couple years ago. You have completely changed my life for the better. I’ve learned such wonderful lessons from you and the other supportive, uplifting ladies here. I’ve built my pantry, learned to thrive despite not having much money. I wanted to do as much as you accomplish in a day, so I changed my mindset and stayed home, instead of running around all the time. My home is my sanctuary and is my favorite place to be. Although my husband has been out of work for a couple months we are doing ok. I am thankful to know that I am truly blessed and to know that my Heavenly Father knows my needs. Thank you Brandy for taking time to help us learn how to live simply but beautiful!

  11. I am thankful for my husband. Praying that today is a good day for him. But also that he knows that I love him and not his job that he is worried will disappear. My heart hurts for him as he goes to work this morning. He has been working so hard trying to keep his job. We both have been trying to remain positive, but today is difficult. Less than two weeks left to find out what will happen.

  12. WE are thankful for you and yours. Through 2 1/2 years of 3 days a week work (company didn’t lay off so everyone could still have their health ins) and 5 years in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy (slow pay with half the paycheck paying off the debt). I have followed you Brandy and all that post here. Hubby retired out at 5 am (Dec 1st) so grateful for the wisdom shared here it was possible for him to leave a job that was taking it’s toll on his body (hard labor next to furnaces …heat in winter is 125° with fans). Are we worried about health ins costs? paying the bills? …some, but reality did that with a paycheck. Are we worried about eating? NO have at least a year if not 18 mos in the pantry. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Consider yourself hugged

  13. I am thankful for the delicious pot of homemade beef barley soup we had for dinner, which used up a small amount of leftover roast beef, some very soft sprouting potatoes and other items from my pantry/freezers. It was very economical, used up food that may have otherwise gone to waste and was very nutritious. I have this blog to thank for learning how to feed my family healthy food so frugally. For that I am most grateful!

  14. I, too, give thanks for your website. It is always uplifting. We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can make the best of everything we have been given. Your gratitude series encourages each of us to reflect upon our blessings, great and small. A thankful heart is a happy heart.

  15. I am thankful for the kind and encouraging tone of both blogger and commenters here. I have decided to only follow blogs that are that style. I see enough vitriol everywhere else; I don’t need to see it in my voluntary readings. Thanks everyone here!

  16. Thankful for this community, Brandy’s positive and creative website. Hands down my favorite place on the internet.

  17. I am thankful for this website and the community around it. Thank you, Brandy, for sharing your life with us. And thank you to all the wonderful women who comment and share here. As someone mentioned above, it feels like a refuge in world so often full of vitriol.

    Another thing I am thankful for today: This morning, I looked out my kitchen window, and saw a deer staring back at me! This is not a common experience (I’m a condo dweller in a small city), and it made my day. 🙂

  18. I, too, am thankful for this blog and community of like-minded commenters. I’ve learned so much over the years, and the gorgeous photography always brightens my day.

  19. Brandy,
    I just have to add my thankfulness to you for all your time and effort creating this wonderful community for all of us. It truly is a light in a very dark world. I have been a follower of your blog for a couple years now and as many others have said, it has truly changed my life for the better. My husband has commented that our home is a much more peaceful and happy place and so am I.
    Thank You!!

  20. I do, too! We currently live in a very affluent part of the country and I don’t know anyone with the same frugal goals as me, even in church. It can be lonely and frustrating at times. I love to read comments here and feel connected through Brandy’s blog. I read her encouragement page a lot and “When Queens Ride By” is a new favorite. Thank you everyone for your love and community!

  21. First, thank you Brandy for sharing everything you do with us!

    I am thankful for being able to keep on keeping on…..I am now 49! Yikes, I truly thought I would never live to be 50….not there yet so we will see! I am in the middle of caring for parents…..father in law lives with us, I see/help my mom every day ( even though we never had a close relationship) hardest of all….lost my Dad almost 7 months ago to that dang cancer! I totally remember being young and never even thinking about these things…….but….as my Dad told me last summer when he knew he was sick and I knew nothing “ a life time goes by before you know it”. Yes it does!

    I am thankful everyday for Gods grace, my hubby, my nieces, my pets that God In trusted to me who had previously not had a home or been loved, my home, no debt, paid for trucks, feel like I could go on and on!

  22. I am also thankful for this blog. It is difficult to be a family who is struggling to make ends meet. I am thankful for the hope I find here.

  23. I’m adding my thanks. I, too, appreciate the positive tone and grateful spirit that shines through your writing, Brandy. I have learned so much, and am now passing some of it on to my adult children, and the new spouse of one of them. I love being able to point people to this blog. Health problems keep me from a job outside the house right now, but I am grateful for all the things that I can do at home that contribute to financial stability. I often remind myself that though I’m not earning anything, what I do at home makes the money my husband earns go so much farther. And he is grateful for all the work I do. We really are a team!

  24. I am thankful that today was my adult daughter’s last radiation treatment after a long year of diagnosis of breast cancer, surgery, chemo, and radiation. I am thankful for my daughter’s strength and positive attitude throughout, for excellent medical care, and for the involvement and support of our family. I am thankful that we live nearby and could provide daily support. I am thankful that we could have a celebration dinner tonight. And I am thankful for this wonderful blog, for all of the reasons others have mentioned. I am grateful for the light and beauty it offers in so many ways. Thank you, Brandy.

  25. Count me as another thankful reader of your beautiful blog. I do not comment often, but I read and enjoy your posts (and comments) regularly. Several of your recipes have become family favorites. I appreciate your positive attitude, your work ethic and can-do spirit, and the lovely presentation of frugal accomplishments as well as the ideas and encouragement shared in the comment section! Blessings to you and your family in this holiday season.

  26. It is so comforting to share thoughts and feelings with like minded individuals and I agree that we can feel isolated when those around us don’t share our values. This wonderful website is a great forum for encouraging each other in a frugal lifestyle. We can share our worries, our extra efforts, and best of all our triumphs and know that there are others who will cheer us on and cheer us up.

  27. So glad your daughters treatment is finished, hope you have a lovely celebration and every good wish to you all for the future. Our daughters are treasure and I am grateful for mine every day.

  28. I will keep you both in my heart and prayers. If he doesn’t keep his job, he and you will at least know that he has done
    all that can humanly be done to keep it. But I am hoping that he keeps it. I think it was a great idea not to move out of the apartment. Remaining positive is the best thing you can do. Blessings to you, no matter how it turns out.

  29. Today I brought some branches in after pruning our lemon tree. I arranged them using Brandy’s tutorial. What a lovely arrangement it turned out to be, complete with little green lemon balls and purple flowers! I would never have thought to do this to beautify the indoors! Thank you, Brandy!

  30. Grateful my dental pain is lessened due to abscess. Root canal after Thanksgiving. Grateful for dental insurance & the skill of my family dentist. He saved me money as he did not have to send me to a specialist. So relieved to feel good again!

  31. Thank you, Brandy, for sharing your life and your ideas with us. As many others have said, it has made our lives richer and better too.

    I am also thankful for a wonderful school for my children and the inexpensive competitive sports program they run. Our son adores playing basketball and he got to play his first game this year on the 30th. He gets lots of playing time because the team is small, so they improve greatly every singles year. If he went to a larger school, he’s probably sit on the bench and not learn as much. Our daughter is on student council this year – vice president! Another opportunity she might not have at a larger school. I’m so thankful!


  32. I am, like so many others, thankful for your website. I absolutely love to read your frugal posts! I read through old posts just about every single day. This week I am also particularly grateful for a full tank of gas. And the ability we had to fill that gas tank when I was down to my last 20 miles. It feels wonderful!

  33. I am thankful for this wonderful blog that I have enjoyed reading for so many years. I am thankful for the ability to cook and to be home with children who aren’t feeling well. I can make them food to help heal them and take the time to watch over them so they can rest and recover. I am thankful for a simple life.

  34. I am thankful for my friends, some of whom have been asking me if there’s anything I need at the store. Today, my friend delivered 10 pounds of apples (at $1 per pound which is an excellent price here), 5 yogourts at $10, 4 bags of frozen veggies for $10, and a box of almond bark (for only 99 cents with a coupon). I will take the almond bark to my 90+ year old friend in a Christmas basket. I will make some fudge as well. I am grateful that she has lent me the money for food as I still haven’t been paid yet. I am grateful that my friend who was in South Korea has returned to North America. The best laid plans… can still go awry and I am so grateful that my friend has helped me. I have a rewards certificate that will buy my meat for the month. The jars of frozen fruit have helped the knee and I am thankful that I am upright and walking again (even if still in pain). I am grateful that the friend who took umbrage at my suggestion that she get some relationship counselling and went away angry has started writing me again.

  35. I, too, have been reading your beautiful blog for a couple of years. I have gained so much knowledge and honestly, a better/different way of looking at life. I see the ways to save money in the everyday things. I see how to make my home a more peaceful, beautiful place. I have been inspired by the life you lead and share. Thank you so very much.

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