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I’m grateful today for roses. 

I was looking at some medieval rose gardens via Pinterest, and I thought about how roses were a luxury item for so long. Only the wealthy had rose gardens. There were some once a year blooming wild roses, but roses gardens were a thing for those with huge estates.

Today, as I plant rose bushes in my garden, I am amazed to think that I can have a rose garden too. What a wonderful time to live!

Roses and Thai Basil 2 The Prudent Homemaker

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for the lovely friend I spent the morning with, this Saturday before the beginning of Advent we spend visiting a Christmas sale put on by volunteers supporting FairTrade.

  2. I, too, am very thankful for flowers. It is truly an amazing luxury to be able to plant flowers…not to have to attend only to foods that are edible and to have the time for something that brings beauty into our lives. We are in a blessed time and I need to remember this when the current difficulties swallow up my time and efforts. This Christmas I will be together with my family and that is a delight to look forward to!

  3. I am thankful today for a God given skill. I can sew. I can take bits of fabric and thread and turn it into something useful and beautiful. Not everyone has this skill. Many of my friends and my 2 sisters can not sew a stitch. I am asked many times to fix something for them. I am thankful for the skills to do that. Thankful for being able to hand make a few gifts to be a personal gift for them.
    Also thankful for flowers. I have some heirloom lilies in my yard that have been in my husband’s family for many years. When I see them I am reminded by how much God cares for us.

  4. I am thankful for my family with whom I shared Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the just yet merciful Lord who takes me and refines me. I am thankful for the websites in which I can express my thanks!

  5. I am grateful for the friends who invited us to Thanksgiving dinner and for the friends who invited us over for dinner tomorrow night as well. We are so blessed to have good friends!


  6. I am thankful for a loving husband. Today we went to set up a little Christmas tree in his Mother’s Assisted Living home. Not only were we able to spread a little cheer with Christmas lights and chocolate but we were able to visit with one of the precious ladies who takes such good care of my MIL.

  7. I am thankful for laughter. There is nothing that heals my sole more than a good laugh shared with someone I love.:D

  8. I, too, am thankful for flowers. My husband cut the last lavender rose a week ago and only tossed it out today–and it had been open for several days before cutting it. Roses don’t winter well in this area and I’m grateful to see them turn green in the spring which means I get another year from my investment. I lose them too frequently, but so far I keep buying one more and one more. Love roses.

  9. It’s been a hard day today and yesterday recovering from a c-section (and subsequent infection at the incision site) and a new baby to feed and care for. I’m grateful for my mother-in-law. She has played with and cared for and cooked for the other children. It’s hard for me to give up that control of my household, but I am truly grateful for her sacrifice to come help us.

  10. I am thankful for the friends that saved their two turkey carcasses for me to make broth from (meat is a bonus).
    I am thankful that my 34 yrs old son felt comfortable enough to tell me he didn’t want this year’s gag gifts or even the money. He wanted Peanut butter cookies, some baked and some dough for the freezer so he could bake them a few at a time.

  11. Where are you at? I’m in Ohio and my mom had roses in her yard. Using the fallen leaves arond the base of the bushes helps. I remember trimming them the first time and knowing nothing about roses. I was a young teenager and the started growing big after I did that. The owners before us just let them sit there.

  12. I’m thankful for leftovers. I finished deboning the turkey yesterday. There’s almost a gal bag of shredded meat. I will freeze and use in future recipes. I’m also attempting to make overnight stock. Using the roasted carcass, the roasting pan, and the oven.

  13. My favorite flowers are carnations, but roses are next. So beautiful, and come in so many beautiful colors! We have a wild rose bush in the backyard, and when I has pretty blooms I like to make an arrangement for the dining room table.

  14. My grandma had one of those “crinkley” irons you showed in the field trip photos – she said they used it to pleat the “long” cuffs on their long-sleeved dresses and sometimes to painstakingly pleat ruffles! Those women must have had, as my grandma used to say, “The patience of Job!”

  15. Lisa,
    So sorry for the c-section and subsequent infection, that is very tough. I am glad your MIL can help. I just went through a very complicated c-section with my DIL. It gave me a new appreciation of the arduous recovery. Praying for relief and for the antibiotics s to work quickly.

  16. My roses are sleeping beneath a blanket of bagged leaves. your photos are beautiful! Carnations win for that perfume! Today I will attend a live play with a friend, and come home to my little tree which I love. I’ll put the propane fireplace on and maybe wrap a gift or two, plus snuggle up with Maggie my cat. Life is good. ann lee s bc canada

  17. I am very thankful for a warm house, and this quiet afternoon with my husband working on his computer and our dog sleeping on the sofa. All very quiet and peaceful with rain coming in later today (which will be a great thing for the desert plants).

  18. I know this is an oldler post, but I would love to know the variety of roses these are? I am looking for this style yellow in a climbing rose to go over the entrance of my garden. Thanks Brandy!

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