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I’m grateful our friends were able to pick us up because our van had stopped working. We had planned a visit with them and it was great to get to see them for a short visit while they were in town.

I’m also thankful that our van started again and we were able to drive it to a repair shop. Our friends followed and picked up my husband and drove us back home. While the repairs are costly, we didn’t have to tow the van and it should hopefully last us five more years.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for having (mostly) great managers throughout my career. I can think of only one that was truly awful and I did not need to work for her for that long. Most were wonderful people who could juggle the demands of upper management with the personnel and work of their teams.

    1. I ve had a similar journey with wonderful managers all through my career , except for one lady. This is a good reminder to thank them all. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I am thankful I have all ingredients on hand to make chicken noodle soup. We are going to visit family on Thanksgiving, so it will be like having soup made from a turkey carcass. It’s blustery outside today, so soup will taste doubly delicious.
    I am also grateful that I have some warm slippers made from sheepskin to keep my feet very warm.

  3. I’m behind, so here goes…
    11/19 – I’m thankful for my husband’s job which provides for our needs and more.
    11/20 – I’m thankful for a full day at home.
    11/21 – I am thankful for renewed energy when I didn’t think I had anymore.
    11/22 – I am thankful for a weekend away with my husband in Williamsburg.
    11/23 – I am thankful for our home. God gave us more than we ever imagined.
    11/24 – I am thankful for an older friend who mentored me when my kids were young.
    11/25 – I am thankful that I was able to help deliver meals to shut-ins today. It was humbling and eye-opening.
    11/26 – I am thankful for the ability to bake. To put those ingredients together and then come out with something so delicious is almost like a miracle.

  4. My husband kept hitting the bathroom door with his wheelchair, even though it was technically wide enough for him to enter. He finally knocked the door off the hinges. A contractor came up with a sliding door idea that enables us to remove some framing from the doorway, widening the opening a little more, and gets the door completely out of our way, without having to do any construction work on load bearing walls. I’m very thankful for that!

    1. When I ended up having to use a wheelchair quite often, we replaced all of our inside doors with pocket doors. It took some work for a few of them, but it is wonderful. If we moved, I would have that done first in our new house.

  5. Today I am thankful for holiday invites and events that make me happily remember I am part of a community. I remember being away from home during the holidays and am thankful to be here this year.

  6. I am thankful for the cozy and warm feeling that we are safe inside as the wind is roaring in the big trees outside.

  7. I am thankful that a calm colleague was able to coach me through some computer difficulties by telephone today, so that I will have the materials I need for a three-day meeting in the city that starts later on in the day.

  8. I am so very thankful for dear friends from church that they gave me a 5 gallon bucket of carrots dug fresh out of the garden today before the ground freezes and the storms hit. They are so sweet and awesome!!!!! So very blessed!!

  9. I am thankful that my 19 year old still lets me hug him in front of his friends. I am also thankful that he is home from college for the weekend.

  10. I am thankful that I was able to buy everything our family needs for the Thanksgiving dinner that we are hosting and that family are able to travel from out of state to be here.

  11. I am thankful for the storm coming our way, bringing lots of wind and rain! Should be exciting to watch and I love hearing the rain on the roof.

  12. Nov. 26–I am thankful for the fellowship of 3 good friends when we play pinochle every week. They let me win sometimes, LOL.

  13. I”m super thankful that it was me who slipped on some ice at my parents’ place, instead of my mom or dad. My dad already had a hip operation this year, and my mum already has knee issues. I only ended up with a torn pant and scraped knee, but I’m pretty sure if they had slipped it would have been a broken bone or two. Super thankful that it was me!

  14. I am thankful for a husband who likes to work in the kitchen with me, and who sees himself as my helper (and not the head cook) so he takes direction very well! Nothing like having someone fetch things and clean up the counters and wash the dishes as you mess them up making stuffing and pies.

  15. I am so Thankful my 18 year daughter(who is home from college) prepped everything for Thanksgiving(I have severe sciatic pain and have very little energy to do all this work). I am grateful that she earned a full-ride scholarship, that she works hard to pay for her living expenses. I am also thankful my husband works hard at his job. Grateful I had everything on hand to make Broccoli-cheddar soup for dinner this evening.

  16. I am thankful that i had a good driver who took me home safely today. I am thankful for the warmth of the house but also for the awesome beauty of a winter storm. I am thankful for a wonderful visit with a relative whom I haven’t seen in some years. I am thankful that one of our grant applicants was successful. I am thankful that I may yet see the light at the end of the tunnel about the 7 photo albums I am assembling.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  17. I am thankful for my husband, for many reasons, but especially today because he is making his Garlic Peppercorn Beef Roast that smells so delicious in the oven right now. I am thankful for my daughter, a miracle after being married 19 years, she is 12 now and in the midst of those tween years, but she still makes time for her Mom. I am thankful for the sweet lovely pets in our life. Leo, Lucy and Daisy give us unconditional love and are the closest thing on Earth that comes close to the love God has for us. I am thankful for my faith and relationship with God. It is there to strengthen me, console me, inspire me, and teach me. Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving!

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