Thankful Series

As I was looking for my library card today, I found a small amount of money that I had put aside in a drawer and had completely forgotten about.  (I found my library card shortly thereafter!) I’m very grateful to have found this, as I need it right now. What a blessing!


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I was going through a drawer several weeks ago and there was a Christmas savings envelope that I had used a few years ago. I had seen the envelope before and never looked in it because I knew it was old and we had to have used the cash for Christmas a few years ago. I just decided to look in it and SURPRISE!, $40!

  2. I am thankful for good friends and the time to spend with them. Had lunch today with friends and it was really lovely. Also thankful for deepak chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s 21 day meditation event going on now. I have been able to spend time every day participating and am thankful for their efforts and thankful I have the time now to spend time doing the program.

  3. A very annoying thing happened today and when I was complaining to my husband about it he reminded me that if you have troubles then you are alive. Good to have a husband who brings some perspective to things when I have lost mine.

  4. I’m grateful that I figured out that yoga fixes my back pain and I don’t need painkillers or the doctor for it. Right now. 🙂

  5. I love finding unexpected money. It doesn’t happen often, so that makes it even better!!

    Today, I am thankful for some flowers my husband bought me yesterday. They are small chrysanthemums in a small pot with thanksgiving-type words on it.

    I am also thankful that my husband worked on our enormous job of cleaning out the shop of the bins that we stacked in there when we moved. I’ve been helping, but it’s a job that seems endless. This house is 1/3 the size of the other one, and we already got rid of so much….we thought. We are not done, but are really being able to tell that we are making progress. I was especially happy that my sewing things are really accessible now–including my bins of fabric that I did not want to throw or give away when I moved. I was able to find some long-lost cotton and make a couple of skirts for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. It’s been frustrating to know I owned fabric, but I couldn’t find or use it….so I haven’t been sewing much. It took too long to find anything, and then my time for sewing was used. So, now–the bins are on a shelf, easily accessible, ready to go……hurray!!

  6. I am thankful today my DH and I were able to do some weeding in the front yard gardens and we saw both of our sweet potatoes and basil had sprouted again.

  7. Some days I don’t feel thankful and I need to remember how fortunate I am…for family, friends, food, warmth, transportation, a job, communication, faith, freedom and pets. Today I have been very, very grateful for our dogs who are a blessing…especially when we were all rather grumpy.

  8. I am thankful for my dear husband. Yesterday (Nov 12th), he volunteered to leave work early, without pay, to take a 90 year old lady (a regular patron at the restaurant he works at) who was experiencing breathing difficulties to the hospital, in his own vehicle, so she could get some much needed medical care. He helped her in, stood in line at the Emergency while she rested in a chair, helped her over to see the triage nurse and stayed until the nurse took her to a room. Bless his heart for being so kind!

  9. My husband is such a kind and loving man. He regularly sees my mother in the nursing home most evenings after work. He also helps me take care of my ailing father as well. I am so lucky and blessed! He’s a keeper!

  10. 11-9 I am thankful for my parents. They taught us that hard work is good for you, busy hands keep you out of trouble, time with God is never wasted, and family and friends are better than any riches of the world.

    11-10 I am thankful for my children and the great adults they have become. I am thankful for the wonderful spouses( of the older three) who add so much to our family.

    11-11 I am thankful for winter preparedness…woodstove is in and woodpile is plentiful, the snowplow markers on the drives and mailbox all in place, the generator was checked, the batteries in smoke detector changed, extra batteries on hand for flashlights, headlamps and lanterns. Shovels, salt, winter clothes, boots all handy and close by. My husband put the snow/ice windshield wipers and the snow tires on our cars.

    11-12 I am thankful for the 384 boxes filled at our church shoebox filling party yesterday and for the mother-daughter-aunt team behind the organizing. Many prayers go off with those boxes.

    11-13 I am thankful for a visiting Pastor and his family who are spending Friday through Tuesday (tomorrow) at our church to lead our Fall revival conference. I am looking forward to the delicious potluck dinner tonight before the meeting.

  11. Today I am thankful for my daughter-n-law. She works hard and takes good care of my grandsons. She loves my son and takes care of him, too. We have an excellent relationship.

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