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I’m thankful for a beautiful day that gave me a chance to work in the garden outside all day on Saturday.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I’m thankful for a rainy day, with nothing on the calendar, so I could stay home all day and clean and sew. It’s so rare for me to have a day like that. I am delighted!

  2. After a few days of gray drippy skies, this morning has dawned bright and beautiful. I am thankful for a peaceful Sunday full of promise at the start of a new week.

  3. Yesterday was a day of gratitude that some of my children and future spouses were able to join for a meal and companionship. So many new memories being made with each other. So much joy to come together.

  4. Likewise, I am thankful for a garden in which I can work. We also had nice weather & I was able to catch up on many things that needed done outside.

  5. I am thankful that 5 of our 6 children and 5 of our grandchildren are coming over today to celebrate and early Thanksgiving. One family lives in New Jersey, 9 hours from Ohio, and this is the weekend they could come!

  6. That I live in a free country and was able to attend church. It is hard to narrow it down to one thing today but I am also thankful for a warm home on this rainy and cold afternoon. My family is healthy and we have food on the table.

  7. I too am thankful for the beautiful day that has allowed me to rearrange the cabin so that it is less cluttered! Winter is around the corner and our space will seem to shrink.

  8. I’m very thankful to have a permanent roof over my head, food in my Pantry & my dog Rosie & cat PIB who love me unconditionally 🙂

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