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Today, I am thankful for a new can opener.

Last week I had to buy a new can opener.  As I stood at the store, looking at the can openers, I was reminded of a time when we were living on our food storage, and buying nothing, as we had no income. Our can opener broke–something we used every day. We had no money for a new one. My husband oiled ours (using some vegetable oil) and we did our best to make it continue to work, though it was difficult. 

I bought the more expensive heavy duty can opener (which is good for opening the large #10 cans that we use) and it has been wonderful. 

No matter where you are now: struggling financially, managing, doing well, or doing fantastic, don’t ever forget the simple things that you sometimes take for granted now.

What are you grateful for today?


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  1. Can you share the brand name and model of this can opener? I have severe arthritis in my hands and it’s getting harder to open cans, but the ones I’ve seen are so flimsy.

  2. I am grateful that my autistic daughter is doing so much better with her behaviours at school now. We rarely have “the call” from the school anymore, which is such a joy and relief. There is hope for her future and nothing makes me happier!:D

  3. I love you fall and winter series ‘be thankful’ and ‘a gift a day’. They both are an excellent reminder that life is about small, simple things that make us happy and appreciative.
    Today I am thankful for my job. A have a few friends currently looking for jobs, with no success so far, which makes me extra aware how lucky I am

  4. Today I’m thankful for my husband (as I am everyday!). He’s getting up early and watching the children so I can enjoy an hour or two with my sister in law and mom at a coffee shop. Coffee is great but a husband who watches out for me and knows when I’m overwhelmed is priceless!

  5. That all my children are alive. I have had some close calls with a few, and I am so grateful all four are still here with me on this earth.

  6. I am grateful that I exercised so diligently between TKR #1 and #2. The difference in my recovery has been remarkable. I am also incredibly grateful for the technology and surgical know-how that gives me a second chance at a bigger life with new knees.

  7. These are my favorite posts you do!! Today I am thankful for the community I live in. This past weekend was full of fun fall activities for my children to attend. All free and good fun.

  8. Thank you for the reminder to be thankful for the little things in life. I needed this reminder this morning! We have had a very difficult year
    this year, including many medical bills, but I want to remember to still be grateful every day! Today I’m grateful for friends who helped
    us last night take down about 20 dead trees around our property, rather than them blow over in a storm.

  9. I am thankful for you. Your blog inspires me and I frequently reread your story to remind me to be grateful for what I have.

  10. I am grateful for our new home even though we are left with a bit of debt (which I do not like). I am thankful we were able to build this home ourselves without a mortgage and still have a happy marriage.

  11. A wonderful quote, Brandy. I think I am going to print it out and put it where I can see it.
    I am thankful for the many ways the Lord always provides just what I need.

  12. I bought it at Walmart and it said “heavy duty”. I’m not sure of the brand, but it was just under $10, so a more expensive one, but one I hope can handle the large cans well. So far I’ve opened several regular cans with it. It has black handles and weighs a bit more than the other ones.

    You may want to consider getting an electric can opener; that could help you a lot.

  13. I am thankful for a picture perfect Fall day, provided for us by God, the artist of all creation. Our trees are not all bare yet…there are just enough with reds and yellows and oranges on them that they are glowing and flickering in the sunshine and breeze.

  14. I am thankful for a visits and meals shared with extended family. Last night my husband’s cousin, his wife, and their baby daughter came over for dinner and joined us as we went trick-or-treating. We don’t have a lot of family living nearby which sometimes makes me feel a bit lonely so I really enjoyed having them over to visit. Having visitors over makes an ordinary day or an ordinary meal feel special.

  15. This is just right for me today. We had to replace all but the housing on our well pump yesterday — over $275. While that was an unexpected blow, my husband, just out of the blue, said, “It aggravates me to have to change it out, but we could afford it and I’m still able to do it myself; it could have been a lot worse.” So, so true! A couple of years ago, this would have been financial disaster for us, and for too many people, it still would be, and made even worse if a person had to be paid to install it.
    I’m very thankful today, for my running water, my husband, and the means and abilities to replace the pump.

  16. I’m thankful for the crazy busy life God has us leading. Whenever I think I just need to get away and rejuvenate away from it all I long to be back in the fray. This is exactly where I am supposed to be, this is where God is working in our lives, this is where His blessings are for us, this is the life He has called us to and I love it. It’s exhausting at times and sometimes it’s hard but that only reminds me to greater lean on Him for my strength. I am truly blessed.

    Brandi, thank you for the way you daily continue to submit to the leading of Holy Spirt in your life. Your willingness to serve brings joy and inspiration to hundreds and thousands of readers every day; not by your strengths or skills alone but by your willingness to let Heavenly Father work through your life to help others. Today I am grateful for you… and your mock chicken fried steak recipe, it is truly inspired!


  17. I am so thankful that my son’s surgery is over and he seems to have finally recovered. It’s been hanging over my head for over a year now and I feel like a weight has been lifted.

  18. I am grateful that even though my husband’s truck has been a total money drain and it broken down AGAIN, we still have another vehicle to use for me to get to work, and my mom’s extra vehicle for him to use until we can get the truck fixed AGAIN.

  19. I’m so grateful for my son’s church teacher who offered to watch my children while I take a tour of the hospital’s birth center today. The nurses didn’t want children to come (since there will be mothers laboring) but I was worried about what to do with my other children. She graciously offered to watch them so I’ll be able to spend an hour alone focusing on our upcoming new baby (due in a few weeks!) Thankful for friends when we have no family close by!

  20. I’m thankful that we downsized houses well before retirement, and we are now well positioned financially in our retirement. Not much feels as good as a paid off house.

    I’m thankful that the big box hardware store wanted over six hundred dollars to install a fire safe door and it was enough to send my husband back to his toolbox to do it himself. Since he’s 74 we have been paying for many more services to get them off his back. But that was so outrageous that he wouldn’t pay it. The new door looks gorgeous.

  21. A few years ago at a restaurant supply company I found an old fashioned, hang on the wall, hand cranked can opener like my grandma had. I brought it and hubby hung it on the cupboard by the paper towel holder. It is great. I can open any can with it. Big cans are harder for me as I too have arthritis in my hands and wrists and the weight of the can makes it difficult, but the size of the can makes no difference.

    Today I am thankful for a good repair person. He came a couple of weeks ago to repair my washer. It needed a new part. (the door lock was not locking so the washer would not start) Todd did some ‘jerry rigging’ on it to make it work till he could get the part in. He called today that the part came in finally. He will come out Monday and fix the thing.

  22. Today I’m grateful for my Job. Though it’s not always fun, but it provides well for my family and I actually love what I’m doing

  23. I am thankful that I still have my hubby and he is still able to do minor fixes around the house that I don’t have the know-how to do. And I am thankful for modern medicine that is treating (and hopefully curing) his cancer!

  24. As I read your question I realized there are so many things to be thankful for! Health and health insurance immediately popped into my mind, though. I am so grateful that neither my husband or I, and none of our four children have ever had any type of long-term health issues. I know several people who deal with medical needs on a daily basis and I realize that it is easy to take one’s health for granted. And although it isn’t cheap, I am very grateful for health insurance. This summer I needed to have my ACL repaired after tearing it while exercising, and just a few weeks ago while cleaning the bathtub I slipped, fell, and dislocated my shoulder. That has resulted in the need to have rotator cuff surgery – all in the span of 4 months. I have no idea how we would be able to pay for this without insurance.

  25. I’m thankful today for coffee. The ritual of making it & savouring it in the morning as I read my Bible is very calming to me.

  26. SOOOOOOO TRUE.. I found out months ago that my job will be ending in December.. I just keep telling my self it will work out.. it will work out.. stay positive..
    it has been helping.. we have gotten everything paid off.. except the house… but when that date comes of December 28, and I am out the door after 19 years.. I will at least know I have this done.. and did the best I could.. and now go to plan B.
    Stay positive !

    Sue in NJ

  27. I am thankful for my baby daughter, Madelyn. I had her in my late 30s and she brings so much joy to our family. She has a hearing loss and is six months ahead in speech compared to her hearing peers! She wants to pull out her hearing aids but we press on.

  28. We received some emotionally devastating news this past weekend and I’m SO VERY grateful that it wasn’t worse than it was (it definitely could have been!) and that we have such a supportive community around us.

    Thanks for reminding us to be thankful, Brandy. Some days it’s very hard.

  29. Today I am thankful for a friend to go out with for coffee and a chat and for the ability to walk up a hill to get there. The beautiful fall weather is a bonus.

  30. I thought I could reply on a good can opener because I have searched for years and always buy the ones that break or seem to need greased early. Well, I bought a Pioneer woman wooden handled can opener and it has been the best. I love it and I purchased mine at walmart. I have lost strength in my hands lately and has been easy to use.


    i have the same issue like you Mary Ellen and ordered this one of amazon and am very happy. It works way easier then the old fashion ones plus no sharp edges and you can put the lid back on. Also no cross contamination as blade never touches food. Thinking: cat food 😀 all the best

  32. I love that quotation!

    Today one of the many things I’m thankful for is a stereo/CD player. I can enjoy lovely music all day long.

  33. Grateful that I (tentatively) have a job offer after being unemployed for a year. Never did I expect to be out of work so long! I believe it was an answer to a prayer.

  34. I am grateful for my mom and her bravery. She is in her late seventies and had to have her very first surgery last week. She was very afraid of the experience but thank God all went well and she is very relieved. She has a couple more up-coming surgeries and now she is more positive about them so I am very grateful for that. I am also very grateful that my dad was so good in attending to her needs during her recovery period. It is so heart-warming to see them still love and care for each other so much- very comforting to me.

    I am also very thankful that I am a grammy to one very special little boy. He is almost 4 years old now and brings me incredible joy. I am so thankful they live close enough to me that I see him every week- it is the highlight of my week even if he does completely wear me out.

  35. I bought a heavy duty one with a black handle swing-away that opens #10 cans & Business Costco in San Diego for $6.99. I don’t know if they have them on Costco online.
    You can find them online Amazon but it more than twice as much
    Check food service stores.
    Or maybe Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon online?

    This is the one I have & love it. So easy on your hands/fingers

  36. Today I am thankful for my husband. He is kind and thoughtful of me and our children, and also works hard to provide for us. We are also so grateful for his employment, we know so many who are out of work and my heart goes out to them.

  37. I’m thankful that we have our finances more under control than we did last year. Husband took the car in for an oil change, new wipers and the winter tires put on, and they added a ($90) cabin filter replacement on without okaying it first. We had the money in a sinking fund to cover it. A year ago it would have been another stress on the credit card.

  38. While I have been experiencing pain in my leg, I am grateful for my Dr office, who saw me right away, the insurance coverage I have which leaves me with a minimal charge. I also am grateful for the generous amount of paid sick time I have accumulated, if I need it.

  39. My “can opener” is whoever hears me calling first 🙂 Fortunately we don’t open a lot of cans, but I have tried a variety and if I can manage to squeeze my hand tight enough to make it break through the top I can’t hold it long enough to get all the way around. Also, I have to use my knuckles rather than finger tips to turn the handle. We take the rings off our canning jars so it easy enough to use a bottle cap opener to open those.

  40. I am thankful for my families health which hasn’t always been good, food in are cupboards, house to live in, the love we have for each other and for encouraging blogs that keep my spirit up.

  41. Thanks for this little reminder. It can be so easy to take something like a can opener for granted. Just remember the lean times and be grateful for what you have today!

    Today I’m grateful for my wonderful husband. We’ve been married going on two years and I’m amazed that he puts up with me. 🙂

  42. I am grateful that I have five children with big hearts and a husband I love very much. Each day with them is a true blessing.

  43. Every morning when I wake up and again when I walk our dog I repeat the phrase “I am grateful for today’s divine manifestations” and when I take the time to do it, and think about what I am seeing and hearing on the walk, it creates a wonderful experience. Thank you Brandy for this blog topic and the quote of how our point of view really makes all the difference in our world.

  44. Beautiful thought! I am thankful for the ability to learn, everyday, even every minute. Right now I am waiting for my homemade bread to be ready and I am amazed that I really make the best bread I ever eat. I don’t think if it is some kind of pride, but I am thankful that I was able to learn how to bake a bread and to enhance it until it is so good that I really don’t want to buy the store made kind. I am also thankful for living in such an age of information, where almost everything is at my fingers reach, and I also pray to have the wisdom to know how to use all that wealthness to bring good to myself, my family and a lot of others. I am thankful to have found your blog, Brandy, and through it, you and a lot of wise people whose knowledge I can reach everyday. Blessings to evryone from Brazil!

  45. I am most thankful for the health of my children. They are the most important thing to me and I’m grateful every moment that they are all doing well. Without them nothing else really matters to me one bit.

  46. I am grateful that I enjoy being frugal. There have been times in the past that we have been frugal out of necessity and then there are times that haven’t been so tight. We raised our children in a quite frugal home and as I watch them struggle with their purchases (that they can’t afford) and then they don’t have money for their needs – it pains me to see because they were raised differently. However, I live simply because I enjoy it. I don’t need a lot and I don’t like to spend money needlessly, even if I can afford it. I guess I am grateful that I’m content.

  47. Today, i’m grateful for the beautiful November day we had. We managed to have sun and mild breezes. I went with two friends on a 4.5 mile hike near Lake Superior. It was a glorious day!

  48. My middle child is 2 1/2 and got hearing aids when he was 2 months old. It gets easier with keeping them in! He now asks for them to be put in and will bring them to me! His speech is also advanced, like your daughters, and I’m grateful we got the language services we need so early, both oral and sign. It is truly a blessing to have him in our family!

  49. I was feeling a bit grumpy this morning while I was cleaning windows. Then I thought, “Lord, I am lucky to have a home with windows to clean. Thank you.”

  50. I am grateful today that my granddaughter called to tell me her new roommate signed the lease today. She has been in the apartment for 5 months, paying the entire rent, and this is a big relief to us both. Since we also paid the entire deposit, she will be getting half refunded now that her roommate has paid half, and can use the refund for future rent. The budget has been really stretched with this expense. And she is very happy for meeting the previously unknown roommate as they have hit it off very well to start with. And the roommate is also “living below her means” which grand-daughter REALLY needs to learn how to do!! A big burden has been lifted (both her parents are disabled and their budget just does not stretch to help her much–but mine does.)

  51. I’m thankful for so, so many things, but my first thought when thinking of what I’m thankful for is my husband. He’s my best friend and we have so much fun together, even running errands! More importantly, I know he’ll be there for me in difficult times (health, family, financial issues, check, check, and check), and that I can always count on him. He’s not perfect (I joke with him that he’s 98% perfect), but I’m really thankful that we get to share our life together. Life is sooooo much better with my precious DH!

  52. It was 78 degrees in Indiana today—so nice that we dug out two of our patio chairs to bask in the unusual warmth. God is good!

  53. I am so thankful that my husband got his first paycheck from his new job, this week. After being unemployed for 1 year, it’s nice to have checks coming in. I will say that we never, ever lacked for anything we needed during that entire year. God was very faithful and provided all we needed.

  54. I’m reminded of a quotation from Robert Heinlein’s The Number of the Beast. The ship’s captain, on returning to a previous campsite with her 3-member crew (paraphrased): “We found a can opener. THE can opener. I put an end to the recriminations. Note to future travelers: do not attempt to explore the universes without a can opener.”

    Heinlein isn’t an author that is to everybody’s taste, but today, I’m thankful for this wild, over-the-top sci-fi novel, and the sly, funny little conversational nuggets he dropped into the mix.

  55. Hello Brandy and all 🙂 from Australia.

    Today I am thankful that we have an abundance of shelf stable foods in our pantries. It reminds me of a time not so many years ago where we had to think seriously about whether we could afford to buy a tin of baked beans or not.

  56. I am thankful for my best friend. She has been ever present and supportive during this year which has been a year of many heartbreaks. Many have said they are praying for our family ,which is very appreciated ,but she has repeatedly actually shown up and cried with me many days through this painful year. If anyone is looking for a way to support a friend through a painful time, my advice is just SHOW UP! A text is just not the same as a real hug.

  57. Roxie, thanks for the suggestion of the restaurant supply store. I will check there for an opener next time I am in the area.

  58. What a wonderful blessing Brandy – to some, it is a small purchase but for you, it is a big symbol of gratitude.

    I am thankful that my neighborhood is very active for trick-or-treaters. I was told that neighborhood candy giving was a dying trend but it’s still going strong where I am, so much that many individuals run out of huge buckets of candy! It is a time where kids can safely interact with neighbors (and cops regularly patrol for safety) and I’m thankful it was free fun without even the cost of gas money.

  59. I only have a manual can opener. All I’ve had in years. Small house with small kitchen. If I have stuff on the counter then I don’t have a place to work. And I don’t have apace to store the stuff in a cabinet.

  60. Hi

    Completely agree. I will never forget the people who ignored me telling them I was okay when my husband died 4 years ago and showed up. One friend arrived without warning (at dinner time!!!) she had flowers for me and all sorts of other things. Most importantly she was just there.

    Don’t believe people who say they are okay. Just visit. It means so much- even if you just are a pair of hands to hold the baby.

    I am thankful that 4 years on I am still standing. My children are well adjusted and thriving. They are happy. We have survived.

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