I was worried that it would be hard for my children to play in the backyard, now that it’s all dug up and they can no longer use the swings or the merry-go-round while we relandscape the garden.

I shouldn’t have been worried. My four-year-old son said to me today, “I’m so glad that dad made all these great trenches for me to play in!”

I’m thankful for the perspective of a four-year-old.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Aren’t kids great! So full of joy! I’m grateful for my boys, all grown up now. And my grandchildren. They have brought me great joy through the years. So many good memories.

  2. How delightful! I’ll bet that made your husband’s day!

    I am grateful for all the many kindnesses shown to us about our book.

  3. Thankful for pumpkin spice flavored coffee. One box lasts me awhile as I’m the only one who likes it, such a nice treat!

  4. I’m thankful for so many things in my life that it is always hard to pick just one.
    I would have answered this question so differently before I saw this picture of your son. The joy in his laughter…priceless.
    So today I am thankful for your sharing your life with all of us in so many ways.
    The art of your photography has brought me much joy over the years.
    Thank you.
    Please kiss that sweet little man for me.

  5. I’m grateful I have stayed well from COVID despite the fact I work & attend church F2F. I’m grateful my job was not eliminated due to COVID. (I kinda laughed at this latter point as I am a nurse.) I will have an academic break for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am tired & grateful for a week of rest. Finally I am grateful for a mother that taught her 4 children to live within their means.

  6. If I were to have a patch of grass or a patch of dirt side by side, my kids would all gravitate to the dirt mound. Even the 20 something’s. 😉 More curiosity to be had in dirt. It’s a wonder! Thankful for everything today as I’m trying to seek it out on purpose. If I had to choose, I’m thankful for home and family. That’s not meant to be contrite. I really do appreciate having them. And a working stove. And food…. 😀

  7. Today I am thankful for the beautiful Sunshine!!!! The extra nice weather we have had has allowed us to get a lot of things ready for winter and not be freezing cold doing it. We are running a bit behind so this an awesome blessing. We have tightened up our safety net of being very careful due to Covid 19 high cases in our county. Other than our work schedule it is freeing up time to do as much of our front porch remodel as we can ourselves. Have a blessed week!!!

  8. I am thankful to be able to cook a nice meal rather than going out to eat. I am making lamb tikka masala and dosa and will take some to my elderly Mum tomorrow too. The sun is shining and the temp is to be around freezing or above for the next few days which is mild for winter in Calgary.

    I am also thankful to have received a credit card application in the mail-it comes with a free buddy pass and 20,000 miles. This way once my DH has his hip replaced we can visit his family in the US when Covid improves. This would be one free ticket and almost another one-for an annual fee of $120 which I will cancel after a year. The price is right for the buddy pass.

  9. I am so grateful that my husband put up our Christmas tree today! We just found out he will be leaving for work very soon and home just in time for Christmas. I’m grateful that he sacrificed his downtime this weekend to do something that matters a great deal to my kids and I. He is an amazing husband!

  10. I’m thankful that I was inspired to put bulbs in the ground to enjoy their spring beauty. Today I planted 14 daffodil bulbs.

    I’m thankful I figured out that nachos is an incredibly easy lunch meal to make. Why didn’t I think of it years ago?

    I’m thankful that at some point in the night my precious cat comes into bed to snuggle with me. Although, I don’t always need the face washing.

    I’m thankful that I ordered, and received, some of those fake candles that flicker forever with no flame. We are enjoying their “atmosphere” every night.

  11. I am thankful for our community of farmer’s that make our Farmer’s Market wonderful. It is so nice to try unfamiliar foods each year as new participants are added. The friendships are wonderful. Ours officially ended today and I will miss seeing each one until next Spring, but I will think about them every time I make something with what they grew.

  12. I’m thankful I had energy today! And that the day allowed for some good house cleaning. It’s so precious when energy and children’s diverted attention allow for some good concentrated work.

    I’m grateful for church on Facebook. If we can’t get there in person, at least I have a husband who’s right there with me, wrangling children and singing and praying. That means a lot.

    I’m grateful for such abundance. The pantry, the bins of kids clothes, the toys I’m sorting through before Christmas – we are so blessed.

    And it’s a small thing, but I’m really grateful that the Murphy’s Oil Soap got the grease spot off my kitchen wall! What a delight when things just work!

  13. I am thankful for interesting and inspiring podcasts to listen to on the long drive I had to make today.

  14. I am so grateful to be able to see a dear daughter and dear son-in-law before Covid restrictions ramp up again in our areas.

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