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I am thankful that my children did their chores this evening. They were gone all morning serving others (cleaning the church building, and collecting food for the food bank for Scouting for Food) and the house was a disaster when they left. Amazingly, they got all of their chores done for the whole day in 2 hours, and Winter made dinner for everyone during that time on her own iniative.

Miracles do happen!


What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Hi Brandy and all from Australia :D. Wow such a great job the children did to do all of the days chores in 2 hours & for Winter to take the initiative to cook dinner for everyone.

    Today I am thankful that I was able to offer service to one of my sisters I visit teach that was not at church today. I was glad that I could offer her ongoing friendship & advice on how to deal with her injuries, pain & swelling by massaging so that she is more able to deal with the ongoing condition she has herself using natural methods.

  2. I am thankful for my son and his sobriety- he is becoming more like the real him more and more every day. I am also thankful that he has reconnected with God- he hasn’t done that for a long time and it is a blessing to see.

  3. Love your humour in the last line, miracles do happen! 😀 it sure helps a mama out when kids do their chores. I take care of the washing and the dishes, oh and cooking and teaching, and that’s all I have time to do! I’m so thankful my kids can do the straightening, sweeping, trashes, and such! And they can and will do the washing and dishes if I am tired or extra busy.
    Love the picture. I remember seeing that one before. I enjoyed it again!

  4. These behaviors are not a miracle, they are a mark of great parenting. Congrats to you and your husband for managing to raise such good kids in a world that often doesn’t support that.

  5. I love this picture! So sweet. k move. I’m still adjusting to living in a different state but things are starting to fall into place. I’m also very thankful for a ‘friend’ like you who is sharing life with us all. Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

  6. I am thankful for our first snowfall which coated everything in a beautiful blanket of white – every tree branch is lined in snow – it is stunning 🙂 I will be so tired of it come January though since we have 75 runs at the boarding kennel that all need to be shoveled out during the crazy holiday schedule. But for today – I will enjoy the beauty

  7. Today I am thankful for a well filled pantry and a warm home to keep it in. I am also thankful for the time I can spend making delicious homemade meals for my family in that warm home.

    That is such a beautiful family portrait, Brandy. All it is missing is you in the picture to make it the perfect family portrait! As for children doing things without being asked, I am also thankful that my daughter is starting to take some initiative in this department as well, though in different ways than your children. It is such a pleasure to see them blossom…too see all that hard work is finally paying off.

  8. I am thankful that the massive drainage problems we were having yesterday in our upstairs (my kitchen sink and the upstairs bathroom tub were completely backed up) might finally be fixed. My husband spent all day snaking drains and cutting ceilings apart looking for where the clog had to be and we used every trick in the book to get it unplugged. I finally put plugs in all the drains but one and started plunging and I THINK I might have finally gotten the plug dislodged and gone as our bathtub doesn’t have super disgusting water backing up into it every time we run the kitchen sink now. Praying on that one. If the fixed worked it will allow us NOT to spend money we don’t have going and buying drainage pipe and my husband having to cut pipes open trying to find the blockage.

  9. I am thankful for my aunt today. I have a fractured knee cap and I am limited in movement. I can cook but not for long. Sometimes, it takes all I have to get a pasta meal together. My husband is doing a great job helping out but he has a hectic work schedule so sometimes it’s just me. Anywho, my aunt sent me a $20 gift card to Subway so “I would have a night off from cooking.” Heck, I can make that three meals for my family!
    Are you doing better?

  10. I’m thankful that it looks like we won’t have snow when i travel tomorrow. It wouldn’t keep me home, but who wants to drive eight hours white knuckled?
    Love the family photo! As someone mentioned, you need to be in it!

  11. I am thankful for a lovely day here in Phoenix, 80 degrees, sunny with a nice wind (without dust this time). I am also thankful we are well, safe and our family is together today.

    Brandy, congratulations on the cleaning miracle at your home 🙂 What a nice way to end Sunday!

  12. Hi Erika and I have an idea for you to unblock the drains for you using natural methods. We live in an over 100yr old house where drainage problems are frequent. This may be worth a try for you rather than pulling the pipes apart and things.

    In every sink, drain & toilet in the home put in around good squirt of dishwashing liquid, followed by around 1/3 cup bicarbonate of soda (think you call it something different in the states so google is your friend), and around the same in white vinegar. Leave it for around 15 minutes to fizz up. Then go around with a jug of boiling water and pour down each drain. This will clear the drains for you most of the time without pulling things apart. It dissolves the body & any cooking fat & mildew yucky build ups in your drains and clears them for you.

    If you do this every 3 months or so you should not have a problem, no plungers, pulling apart pipes or dismantling ceilings. I hope this helps and let me know how you go.

  13. What a beautiful picture, thanks for sharing.
    I am thankful for a day to reflect and preparing for Thanksgiving. I am hosting and enjoying getting ready. Using my MIL’s dishes, she passed, and I decided it would be extra special to use the dishes, not fancy, just special. I have the table set up in our basement, ironed cloth table in on, center pieces I made and found napkins. I borrowed some dishes from my DD. Turkey is thawing in the refrigerator. It’s fun being creative and using a few things and what you have to make it special.

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