Lettuce Seedlings The Prudent Homemaker

I’m thankful to see that some of my lettuce seeds are growing! I planted these in October, and while a good number had come up a month ago, the first leaves were quickly munched by something, and I was worried I had no lettuce growing at all.

In another spot, just a little ways away, I found some lettuce growing today! I am grateful to know that we have some lettuce coming up!

Those two little spots are it–but I will cloche them, and move the seedlings to more places, and cover them. They’ll grow slower than they would in the sun (the white garden is in full shade all winter) but under glass jars they will grow faster than they are now.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Hello one and all from Australia :D.

    Today my husband & I are thankful that for 2 fortnights in a row our grocery spend has come in under budget, saving $21.27 in total. We can keep that back for anything we may need for groceries that may come up on special that we have used from our pantry.

  2. I am thankful that my sister was able to take off work to attend our son’s special Thanksgiving school show. Only one person could go, and I had no one to mind my other children. He was very proud to introduce everyone to his aunt.

  3. I am thankful that my grandson (he is 8) is okay.
    He fell into a brick wall yesterday…head first.
    He has a concussion, but it could have been much worse.
    He is still going slowly today, but he is smiling.
    Thank the good Lord above

  4. I’m thankful today for our wood burning stove. It took us a year to save up for it. My husband picks up wood from all places and so today when it’s -1c in North UK we are nice and warm.

  5. I am thankful that the medicine we are now starting to buy for my daughter came to half the cost I thought it was going to be for a one month supply! We were worried about this added cost as it is a bad time to be incurring with the holiday season upon us. We’re breathing a huge sigh of relief that it wasn’t more expensive.

    I am also thankful for warm socks and extra blankets. I was having a hard time going to sleep last night as I just couldn’t get warm. So, instead of turning up the heat, I put on warm socks and an extra blanket. I was asleep in no time with the added warmth!:D

  6. Thankful for my mother whom now lives with us, due to her health. She decided to hire a house cleaner to deep clean the house, so we could relax and just keep up the general cleaning. While they did a OK job it wasn’t the deep clean I do when I’m not hurt, and they didn’t clean areas they were suppose to and lied when asked if they did, but it’s better than nothing and I hope after complaining to the company they fix the issues, or give us a discount, they have a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee. I will not be using the company again because they should automatically clean based on their list on line and I shouldnt have to follow them around to make sure they clean it correctly. I will go with someone independent who works hard for the client because they need to word of mouth from clients to keep their business running, and there are a few in our homeschooling group who have people they use, and I’ll try them after Christmas.

  7. I am thankful today for the most beautiful sky. As I was walking on our town walking trail this morning, another lady and I watched the craziest cloud form across the sky. Roll very fast from one horizon to another and bring high wind for about 20 seconds. We both stopped and chatted. Thankful for the trail and friends in a small town.

  8. I am thankful we have the money to go out for a movie date to see the last Hunger Games movie. And then we have only a short wait for Star Wars!

  9. I am thankful for my husband of almost 45 years. He turned 65 on 11/20 and will be retiring on 12/4. God has blessed us with three children and four grandchildren. God is good!

  10. I am thankful my son and others were not injured when he was in an accident and his truck was totaled. Things can be replaced, people cannot. Thank you God. Amen.

  11. Hi Becky and little boys are definitely power houses of energy.

    I am also thankful that he didn’t hurt himself badly, but the concussion will definitely slow him down for a few days and he will probably have massive headaches or aches. He is doing well to be still smiling and happy.

  12. It really is terribly difficult to find someone to clean. While i was having my very high risk pregnancy my mother offered to pay for a house cleaner, we desperately needed one, but I was so overwhelmed at having to find one that I gave up. I suggest if you have a friend in real estate( or a friend who liked their realtor), to ask who they suggest to clients that need one for showings. Also try salons, hair dressers and manicurists know EVERYONE.

  13. Today, I will be honest and say I am not in a good mood. I can not put my finger on just why I am not. I am just going to be thankful for my husband who puts up with me when I am feeling so awful. I try and stay away from others when I feel like this. I do not want to say or do something to hurt others. Thank you Brandy for the wonderful blog. It always brings a cheer to my heart to read what others are thankful for. I love my family, I really do. But right now I am trying to figure a way to be here at home alone over the holiday. I do not want to spoil a wonderful time for others with my foul mood. I am praying that this feeling lifts off me, because I do not believe I can get out of our Thanksgiving trip.

  14. I see a white feather in your photo. Any idea what kind of bird dropped it? Only asking because I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in a post before. Do I cloche every young lettuce in the garden?

  15. Oh, and as in Roxie’s post my mood might be similar. But for different reason. After 8 years of being sole caregiver/provider/maid/nurse/ financial provider for my 89 year father. I have decided to relinquish all to another sister (1 of 8 siblings). Yes, I am soo Thankful for the time I had with my dad, It is TIME! For me to let loose and let God. My total empathy goes out to caregivers everywhere. As we are dealing with all that comes with being caregivers. Thankful that I had the opportunity to indeed change a life and change my own.

  16. Hi Jo and that is fantastic that you recognise it is time for another to take over your full time carer’s role and how you would have mixed feelings on the situation.

    What a lot of people see is the full time carers giving the wonderful loving care for a loved one. They don’t however see the exhaustion that causes, in cases of caring for someone with ongoing pain/injuries, the elderly sometimes the crankiness the snappiness they are on the receiving end of, and sometimes injuries to the carer as well from lifting etc.

    I join with you in giving empathy to all the caregivers out there, and know that sometimes the carers do need caring for as well. I know this because I am a full time caregiver to my husband who was injured in a military accident.

  17. Hi Dianna and sorry to hear that things were not deep cleaned and that apparently lied to you about what they had and had not done. I am also glad that you complained as well, maybe that will make the cleaning person rethink how they are doing things. After all it is the people who hire them that they earn their living from, as such they should have their focus on what their customers want and need to be done more so than anything else.

    I know personally that when I do something for someone, I take pride in my work and go that extra mile to make sure that the person is more than happy. It is unfortunately a rare quality to find in most, but not impossible.

    You are heading in the right direction as more than often word of mouth recommendations from others turn out to be the best way to get someone reliable to do things. I have done this when I am venturing into something new and need tradespeople etc, and have found this is the best way as well.

    I do hope that you find someone reliable the next time, and am sorry that you have had a really bad first experience.

  18. I don’t know what kind of bird it came from, but it appears to be an under wing feather.

    If it is going to freeze, cloche every lettuce to protect it. (even close to freezing that is good). They will grow faster if cloched–three times faster. I don’t leave mine cloched all winter as it is fairly mild here, but if I get these seedlings cloched I will have something bigger to transplant, and if I can cloche them after transplanting for a while I’ll have lettuce sooner. This pat of the garden doesn’t get direct sun again until April, so they’ll grow much, much slower taking 4 months instead of 2 months to be big enough to eat. I’d like lettuce sooner so I am going to leave them cloched longer this year, and I am thinking to transplant some to a sunny place in the backyard so that I can harvest in January, too.

  19. One time, years ago, my sister hired a housekeeper for me to clean my windows and windowsills. We had many special needs children at home at the time, and she thought it would be helpful to me because that was the one thing I kept saying I couldn’t get to. That person was a highly recommended independent house cleaner, but she did not want to clean those windows, for whatever reason. She cleaned the bathrooms really well, and some other things, but kept avoiding the windows. I gave her a list, and she still ignored it. It was difficult, but she finally did it when I insisted multiple times. She came for the times my sister paid for, and then we decided it was more work for me to make her do what I wanted to do than to have her come. Frustrating! To give her credit, they were well cleaned when she finally decided to do it! The other things she decided to do were done well, too, but……..

  20. Your lettuce looks great! I am thankful for the garden produce I was able to can and freeze and store (squash will keep a long time). I am thankful that the tomatoes we picked green and are ripening in our garage are still giving us enough tomatoes. We are coming down to the end, but it’s amazing they have lasted so long, and I am thankful to have them.

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