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Today I am thankful for the ability to shop online. Rather than driving all over looking for specific watch batteries, I could find just what I needed. This is especially important as I still can’t drive right now (I still cannot sit). It also saved me time and gas.

Today is the day I had hoped to be done sewing Christmas gifts. As it is, I’ve only completed 9 (3 were combined in a post). I wasn’t feeling well enough to sew much today, but I am still working towards my goals–just at a slower pace than I had planned before I fell. I will continue to post gifts as I complete them.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Hi Brandy & all from Australia :). I appreciate the effort and love you put into your blog Brandy and you are doing so well to be posting any gift a day articles considering the injuries you have sustained. Before you know it you will be healed and shall slowly be getting back to the usual things that you do.

    Today I am thankful for Brandy, fantastic recipes using food storage & this wonderful blog as well as all the submitters who have given me frugal ideas and more to help me each and every day to save money.

  2. This morning I am thankful for social security funds that come just in time for me to use on Black Friday. I am not doing much Black Friday shopping this year. My kids will receive a hand made item from me and their dad and the usual cash gift. They like to have money to buy what they want. I am going to the Joann black Friday sales this year.
    I am Thankful too for a sweet husband who is loving and understanding of me even when I do not understand myself.

  3. I am thankful for the view of a beautiful full winter moon surrounded by wisps of iridescent clouds. I am thankful for the light dusting of snow that blankets the ground and tree in the morning and melts by mid day. I am thankful for the ability to see the magical sights nature has to offer.

  4. I am thankful for a son that is willing to loan his new to him vehicle to his dad for the week while we are getting his dad’s truck repaired.

  5. Today, I am thankful that my mom, aunt, and sister are coming to help me clean and get ready for Thanksgiving. With the “tornado” of 6 kids that have been here (my nieces and nephew, plus my 3), there is much to be done. (Just the fact that 4 of them have ADHD, and one is autistic can create quite a mess-but it’s a happy mess, if that makes sense.) I’m also thankful that my husband has taken 1 to work (leaving here at 6 am-bless his heart) and also has taken 4 more with him for several hours. He has something to do for my other sister that will take most of the day, and he took most of the kids so we can clean in peace here. I am so thankful for him. He just consistently and quietly goes about doing good things for me and the family, and never seems to tire of the children. He just loves to be with them and they love to be with him–so it’s win-win for everybody!

  6. Baby steps are still steps! I’m praying that you feel better soon and have more good days while you are recovering.

    I’m thankful for being able to cook Thanksgiving foods in advance so I can snuggle with my kids and enjoy the parade tomorrow instead of rushing around the kitchen.

  7. I am thankful for recovering from my recent illness in time to cook Thanksgiving dinner! I am tired, but most everything I planned to do today is done now! It took until the 15th day out of the hospital to get through the entire day without a nap! I still have a lot to learn about being patient but I’m getting there. I’m pacing myself with breaks, so I can finish one more pie before dinner is ready.

  8. Brandy, I hold you in my prayers wishing you a good recovery. Thank you for continuing to do this blog when I know you need all your strength to keep healing and keep your family running on all cylinders.

    I am thankful for this blog today and all the warm hearted comments. I am also thankful that I (hopefully) am all prepared for tomorrow’s cooking, the table is set and the house clean! Now for a bit of rest 🙂

  9. I am thankful for all of the coupons our local pet supplies store sent out – I saved $22 dollars on the dogs and kittens food + Got a can each of turkey dog and cat food for free. That brings me to about a 3 week supply of dog food which needs to be brought up to closer to 6 months but with a puppy that is putting on 4-5 pounds a week, we are going thru alot of food! Baby steps will get me there!
    I discovered our local Lowes and Farm stores carry food grade buckets AND gamma lids! So now I also have a way to store all that food without bugs getting into it! (Oh, and if you have a Fire House Subs near you – they sell their 5 gallon pickle buckets here for $2 each – and they’re red 😀 )

  10. I pray that you recover soon, Brandy. I love seeing your posts and you are a constant inspiration for me and many others, so I feel all the more sympathetic that you are laid up the way you are.

    Today I am very, VERY thankful that my children, who are recovering from colds, were up to go going to school today and that the weather was better than it has been in a LONG time, so I was able to get the kids dropped off at school, go to the stores early to get the minimum amount of groceries we’d need for the coming weekend and still have time to come home, fold laundry and do dishes. I’m still cleaning my kitchen, but I’m so close to done that I’m at least content that I will be able to get things in readiness easily tomorrow morning to get the few dishes I’ve got to make, done.

    Happy Thanksgiving, early, everyone!

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