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I was thankful for a quiet day spent at home. Though it was Black Friday, I did no shopping. I did no cooking (so thankful for leftovers!). I read a book and relaxed! 


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am grateful for a last minute shopping trip with DD on Black Friday. She was invited to a birthday party and needed to buy a gift (she used her own money to buy it, too). While at the mall, looking for the perfect B-day gift, I also did some secret detective work. DD happily pointed out some things that she really liked, which I then returned later with daddy to buy. Hubby and I had already planned to do some Black Friday shopping, so this worked out perfect! One item was a squishy food shaped “toy” that DD thought would be very helpful as a stress ball to use at school when she felt anxious. All for anything that might help her deal with her anxiety! So thankful to check a few more Christmas items off the list.

  2. I too was thankful for a quite day at home. The day after thanksgiving every year , I put up the Christmas decor. I always make ahead on Thanksgiving eve a Alfredo Turkey noodle casserole and everyone has turkey sandwiches they fix themselves for lunch and Turkey alfredo for dinner and after dinner I just wash one casserole dish and put away empty boxes and Christmas is up!

  3. No mention of your little ones the last two days. I hope that means that they are both recovered from their illnesses. I found myself wondering if they might have been exposed to germs or viruses while on your recent trip? They are both so young and don’t have as much resistance built up as the older children.

    Today I am thankful to be home again after a holiday trip. My husband said it, too. We are real homebodies and our home is so important to us. The shelter and the comfort it provides help to make our lives peaceful and content.

  4. I’m thankful for the time I spent with my youngest son. We went to Marquette. I bought nothing at Target. At the health food co-op, I bought bananas, spices, organic candy canes and a homeopathic remedy. My son bought us lunch before we headed home.

  5. I also did not shop for Black Friday and am thankful that we are not in need. Next week’s gas money is going to be very close! I’m just trusting that all will work out!

  6. You will be in my thoughts and prayers! She will forever live on in your heart and who you are! I wish you comfort and peace….sending hugs.

  7. I am grateful my husband went to visit his mom, a cancer survivor and widower..Lord only knows how long we have with our parents. I am also grateful he came back having taken care of her personal affairs and sorting ours. Even though we have loads to do , I am glad he had time to help her and that he is back with myself and kids. We missed him these last ten days and my kids esp. missed his cooking over mine…

  8. I am thankful for getting a photo of a little non-descript bird that I have been trying for ages to get.
    I am thankful that my knee is slowly getting better. Since it was my “good” knee, it has been a trial getting around.
    I have been icing it with jars of frozen blueberries.
    Once the blueberries are thawed, I then have dessert.
    I am thankful for beautiful blue skies, and a few milder days.
    And, especially for great friends!

  9. Having no money, I did not shop on Black Friday but hope to get a new stove/range at sale prices soon. Does anyone have experience with the GE Profile induction range?

  10. I had ordered a floral centerpiece arrangement for my mother on Monday, for delivery on Wednesday. Wednesday, since we were expecting it and two other packages, we stayed home and in the front room keeping an eye on the driveway except for a minute or two when I had gone downstairs to flip a switch at the same time mom was in the bathroom. No flowers. The website reported that the recipient was not available to receive the flowers. Really? I had literally gone down the stairs and then right back up the stairs. Thursday, bright and early, taking the advice of one of my friends, I taped a note on the front door, stating that we were home and to knock and leave the flowers on the table by the door. Thursday came and went, no flowers. Friday, I called customer service. The nice rep looked up my order and reported that the “local” (twenty miles away) florist said that he had tried to deliver the flowers Thursday too and that the recipient again had not been available. He also was closed until Monday. I told her about the note on the door and confirmed our address and offered that we would still like the centerpiece provided it came from a different florist. (Fortunately, we only had dinner for the two of us Thursday so the lack of a centerpiece was not an embarrassment, just a disappointment.) The MIA florist was the only one who serves our area. So the rep refunded my money. It had been a spur-of-the-moment, not particularly prudent purchase so I am glad for the refund. I’ll buy a few flowers for mom at the supermarket and be $25 ahead. I warned my sister never to use that particular website to order flowers for mom because the florist serving us in that network is flaky. I am not going to say which website failed because I think the problem was specific to the one florist who decided that 20 miles one-way was too far to drive. Our zip code is huge and most of it probably should not be in his service area.

  11. Condolences to you and your family. It is always very difficult to lose one’s mother but she will live on in your thoughts and memories.

  12. I am thankful that Hubby and I got a real date today – we went to a $5 movie (Murder on the Orient Express – based on the Agatha Christie novel) and used a gift card for lunch after. The movie was so inexpensive, though current, because we went to a morning matinee. I am also grateful that we have enough money on the gift card that we can go for a lunch date another time too.

    Enjoy your book, Brandy!

  13. Natalie, I am so sorry for your loss. I’m going to presume that you are Christian, which might be a mistake on my part, but if you celebrate Christmas, this is going to be a very difficult year for you. Just know that next year won’t be as hard and the subsequent years will not be as hard either. It takes time to recover from this, but you will and what you will remember are all the fun times and the good times, not the sorrow that you are feeling right now. I wish you peace and contentment this season.

  14. I’m thankful that we had some terrific weather these last 2 days (Friday and Saturday) and I was able to put the outside lights up on the front of the house along with the nativity set and its spotlight and then do 8 hours’ worth of yard work. I now have 7 bags of leaves, weeds, vines that spread from my neighbor’s yard into mine that I absolutely hate, etc, ready for the last yard waste recycling pickup in 2 weeks. It was a lot more yard work than I planned to do, but it looks so nice that It was totally worth spending that time.

  15. Grateful that I have a tutoring job starting Monday. I get to teach my great nephews 6 hrs a week! It is going to be fun!

  16. I was so thankful for leftovers, and even after another meal there is plenty left! I crock potted the turkey carcass and made a huge batch of turkey noodle soup, six meals for two of us worth of soup now in the freezer for future quick meals! What a wonderful thing to be able to make soup from the carcass…I didn’t start doing that until a few years ago as I started learning about frugality. My husband I was were talking today about how much we wasted out of ignorance in our early years (we are 61 and 70 now.). Apparently now is our time to learn how to be happy living a frugal lifestyle :).

  17. I am thankful our friend gave us two large containers of honeycomb straight from the beehive in our back yard and we were able to deep clean the oven and most of the kitchen yesterday.

  18. You can make a reusable ice pack, here’s how.
    1 quart or 1 gallon plastic freezer bags (depending on how large you want the cold pack) I used my Foodsaver to make a rectangular for neck, knees, ankle, elbow, etc. and a larger square for my back and shoulders.
    2 cups water
    1 cup rubbing alcohol
    Fill the plastic freezer bag with 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 2 cups of water.
    Try to get as much air out of the freezer bag before sealing it shut.
    Place the bag and its contents inside a second freezer bag to contain any leakage.
    Leave the bag in the freezer for at least an hour.
    When it’s ready, place a towel between the gel pack and bare skin to avoid burning the skin.
    An alternative filler is simply to use dish soap, which has a gel-like consistency and will also freeze/retain the cold.
    You can also make a moist heat bag here’s how.
    Cloth container (sock, small pillow case, fabric) I used a sock to make a small bag and cotton tightly woven dishcloth folded in half, stitched the seams except for hole for a funnel to put the rice in.
    4-6 cups of filling (e.g. uncooked rice, flax seed, buckwheat, oatmeal) I used cheap rice
    Needle and thread (optional, but recommended)
    Flair (ribbon, fragrant oils; optional)
    Fill your cloth container with the filling.
    Tie or sew the container shut.
    Add soothing aromatherapy before you microwave, if you want.
    Microwave container for 1-3 minutes
    Whether you are using cold or heat therapy, do not apply them for more than 15 minutes at a time, and never apply the ice directly to your skin because of the danger of an ice burn. The best way to apply either heat or cold is to alternate 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off for an hour or two.
    I hope you or someone else benefits from these DIY tips.

  19. Thank you, Ellie’s Friend. Thank you for your thoughtful words. She was such a strong character that she will live on in our memories x

  20. Hi Tina,
    Thank you for your helpful tips. They are very interesting. I know it sounds a little funny but the little jars of frozen fruit are working well. After about 15 minutes, my body heat has defrosted the berries and I can eat them for dessert. I do however want to stop using up the fruit like that so I will stop. I now have enough room in my freezer for a Christmas turkey. So I’ll be trying one of your suggestions. Thanks so much! Ann

  21. I am thankful I spent the morning with a dear friend. We supported the craft show her daughter was having her first sale at. We shared a lunch and caught up in conversation. Never long enough, good friends are a treasure.

  22. Mari yes, I am a Christian (although my Mother’s ancestors weren’t) and I shall find Christmas difficult as you say. Thank you for your encouraging words that each Christmastide will get a little easier. There were fun and good times and these must overcome the sorrow near the end. Peace and contentment to you too x

  23. Thank you Pam. I am sorry to hear that you lost your Mom too and your Dad so recently also. That must be very hard for you. Prayers from me to them tonight for you x

  24. I had one of those for a couple years before we sold our house. It was my favorite range ever!! So much better than the gas or electric ranges we have had in condos. I am just sold on induction and would get this model of range again in a heartbeat.

  25. My mother is just turned 85 and I check on her every day to make sure she is fine. It is hard to watch her decline.
    I dread “that” day. I know you are hurting.

  26. Could you share any details on your bedding? It looks like an elegant quilt or duvet ? I use a similar principle for my dishes, they are all white. 🙂

  27. Elisa,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question. The range is reduced a lot in price. I usually would not be able to afford it even still but I can get financing for it where I don’t have to pay for it for a year. I am a little amazed because almost all of the reviews are very favourable but Consumer reports didn’t give it a stellar report. It seems to have great features: a true convection oven, a warming drawer, a bridge element. Thanks again. Ann

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