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Today is the last day of this series. I had something planned to write, but then today went differently, starting with a call this morning from my mom from the hospital.

My parents are home now, and I’m grateful that my dad is going to be fine.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Oh wow! Scary! Glad to hear he’s going to be okay. I remember getting those kind of calls from my step-mom about my dad. The feeling of your stomach dropping out is never fun.

    I’m thankful for kids who are full of energy and feeling better this evening. So glad to see them happy and running around again :).

  2. I am thankful that the shelter cat we fell in love with, but cannot really have, fell in love with a teen boy and now has a loving home.

  3. Hello Brandy and all from Australia :).

    Today I am thankful that we have finished cleaned up the house yard, trimmed trees & branches close to the house, picked up fallen branches, cleaned & swept verandas & mowed to clean up fallen leaf litter of the lawns & placed it in the compost pile after our mini tornado hail storm hit here. Now & over the next couple of days we will clean, & trim the rest vegetable plants of the vegetable gardens we are weeding and working out what is still viable in plants & what we will have to replant.

    More storms are heading in again as I type with thunder & dark skies, my husband & I are hoping there is no more hail.

  4. I am thankful that your parents are home and that everything is okay.

    My grey hair. I am thankful for my grey hair. Last night after a quick trip to the bank turned into a LONG LONG trip to the bank, ATM machines down at normal bank and had to go to another location and wait in line, we went to Taco Bell for a quick dinner. No one really wanted anything much to eat, we are all still finishing the pie etc. At the check out line the young boy that waited on us looked at me and my husband and said “you qualify for the senior deal” and gave us our small drinks for free. Who knew grey hair could save you money?

  5. Thankful again this morning for this blog topic that helps me remember to be thankful more often. It is amazing what a change in point of view can do for my spirits.

  6. I am thankful your dad is okay, those phone calls do make your heart pound. I am grateful for my husband who has been such a faithful partner and wonderful dad to our kids for 33 years.

  7. Every year, for several years, our Christmas get together with family has morphed and changed. The loss of my father, my BIL separating from his wife, etc. This year we have lost my FIL, 2 more SIL will not be there due to separations, and 2 nephews, who are in their first year of college/university, will be returning home for Christmas break. Despite all these significant changes, we have found a way to still get together with most family members this year. We will even be getting together with my cousins, which hasn’t happened in many years. I am thankful that despite our ever changing family dynamic, my family realizes it is still important to gather together during the holidays.:D

    Brandy, I am thankful your father was well enough to come home. I hope you and your family spend as much time with him and your mom. There will come a day when all you have left are those memories. Make those memories are good and plenty! Sadly, I speak from experience when I say this.

  8. Thank goodness your dad is home and going to be okay.

    I am thankful that my best friend’s son is still alive. It has been touch and go since Thanksgiving.
    His stroke was a big one. One day he seems better…the next day he is worse. It is a roller-coaster ride for his parents.
    I ask again for prayers for Tony B. He turned 49 on the 20th of Nov.

    Brandy, I am glad you are better also.

  9. Roxie, we had the same thing happen to us at the theater. We got a nice discount! I am thankful that my husband got to spend Thanksgiving day at home. This is their busy season so this was an awesome blessing. I am very blessed!

  10. Brandy, I am thankful your father is back home and the issue is hopefully resolved.

    I was thinking about something we enjoy doing…I am thankful for the night sky. Sounds silly, but we like to sit outside at night summer, winter, makes no difference. We listen to the sounds of the animals, insects, look for constellations, watch the moon change. We were out a couple nights this week watching the beautiful full moon, around Thanksgiving. The sky was clear, it was cold, but we dressed warm.
    I read that this full moon was called the “mourning moon” to do with the end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter. Maybe synonymous, for us anyways, the end of our productive season and the harvest is done.

  11. Hi Athanasia and no it isn’t silly being thankful for the night’s sky, we love it too :).

    We live in the country and our elevation here is about 500 mt above sea level here and are surrounded by mountains around us. The view of the night sky here is absolutely amazing, we see all of the stars clearly and like you can identify & see all of the constellations. My husband & I sit on the veranda with a hot chocolate at night and take in the beauty. We can also look into our back garden & paddocks and get a fantastic view of our 300 sq mts of garden vegetable patches we have growing by bright moonlight.

  12. It is good to hear that they are safe at home. I understand the disruption something like that does to a day. My husband had a minor stroke in Aug and has been in rehab ever since. I am just thankful he is doing as well as he is. Hopefully nothing serious comes of this for your father. I hope your body gets better as well.

  13. I am also glad you father is ok. It’s scary when the unexpected happens, but such a relief when it turns out ok.

    I can’t believe I didn’t comment yet, on this. I’ve been purposeful in commenting every day because I wanted to focus on thankfulness as well. These posts have been a blessing and have kept me on track with that goal. I want to continue to focus on that for December, as well, so I will continue counting my blessings each day.

    Today, I am thankful for each of our 8 children. All of them are adopted (well, to be technical, the last one is still in process). All of them were not babies when we got them. All of them faced trauma, sadness, sorrow, grief, loss….you name it, or they wouldn’t have come to live with us. Some of them do well now. Some of them do not. I am thankful that they were given another chance to have a better life. We have suffered great sorrow at some of their actions. But, we have also gained great joy, a family we would not have had, a feeling of knowing we were doing the right thing–the thing God called us to do, and more. I am thankful for them.

  14. Thanks Lorna. We’ve also been out looking for the Northern lights, but haven’t seen them yet ourselves this time. There have been some pictures on the local news of others who took pictures. We are in the country also. We’re about
    1000 ft (333m or so) above sea level. The highest mountains here by us are 1900 feet. We are very rolling hilly though.

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