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I’m thankful my husband was able to work from home today. It was a great blessing to me.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Aww…that’s so sweet. I’m always grateful when my husband gets to be home as well. I’m grateful for a friend who is sending us some essential oils to help my husband’s jaw and mouth pain. He had his wisdom teeth out a week ago and he’s been in pain. So I’m hoping the oils will help without any side effects.

  2. Wonderful blessing that your husband was able to work from home and be with you and your family. Such a comfort for you all. I continue to lift you in my prayers for quick recovery Brandy~~ I wish I lived closer to bring your family a nice meal.

    I am thankful after 7 months of searching that I have found another nursing job working in a Mother and Baby Unit at a hospital. This is a perfect position as it is On Call and I can choose when to work and not have a schedule. I am only required to work 3 days/month but will most likely work about 2 days /week with 1 week off per month. This will allow me to ease into the retirement years in about 3 or 4 years.. I am praising our Lord~

    Bless you Brady~~Have a wonderful Fall weekend
    Patty from the NW

  3. I am grateful my husband made homemade (and delish!) BBQ sauce for pulled pork tonight for dinner, even though he doesn’t really care for BBQ sauce.

  4. Today I am thankful for my husband’s help too. He is doing the food processor work on the squash and sweet potatoes that we use for our home made dog food. When he is done all I have to do it put it into baggies and freeze. Then when it is time to make dog food it is a snap to put it all into the slow cooker and let it cook. I have so much knee pain right now with my arthritis that standing for long periods of time really is bad. I need to do the knee replacement but doing another surgery is something I really don’t want to do. Last time I had surgery for kidney stones I was in the hospital several extra days because I had some heart issues. I really do not want to go through another surgery; I am 63 and just don’t feel up to doing it again.

    Also thankful for a lesson I learned. I will not go into details, but my Holy Spirit showed me I still had some hate and hard feelings in my heart for a person. I am trying really hard to put those feelings aside and live how He wants me to.

  5. I am thankful that a family member’s dog made it back home after their front door blew open with the wind and the dog escaped. There was much panic last night trying to find this dog. He is a well loved older dog that belongs to my nephews who’s parents are going through a nasty separation/divorce. Losing the dog would have been even more traumatizing. We are all very thankful he is home safe and sound.

  6. Today I’m thankful for having the skills to make my mother in law some lovely birthday gifts at a really low cost. I made a bag from material that was the waterproof type, 1 metre for £2 which should make another bag, a box framed picture with little birds that I made from stones and twigs for them to sit on, total cost £2. Also made some scones for her to enjoy which I already had the ingredients in for. Everything will be wrapped in brown paper that I’ve recycled and ironed then rides with string.
    I am truly grateful for my amazing parents who are always there for me and who love to spend time with my children. They give the gift of time to my children.

  7. I am thankful for my son who is a senior in high school and has literally never caused me a single moment of pain only joy. I have a wayward child as well that has led to much heartache and I know what a blessing it is to have a respectful, joyful and loving child. It goes to show that in the end our children will make their own choices despite how hard we try to make them a certain way.

  8. I am thankful that a friend and I were able to spend several hours together yesterday having a leisurely lunch and catching up. She is the caretaker for a husband who has early onset Alzheimer’s and I try to get her out for lunch at least once a month and I know other friends do the same. I am also thankful that we have the kind of friendship where we can talk about anything and still be loved.

  9. Your husband looks like a kind, cheerful man. What a blessing to have him at home for a day. I’ve had a hard time understanding ladies who bemoan the fact that their husbands are “underfoot” or “hanging around the house” too much. Clearly, their circumstances are different than mine, and I feel bad for them. I am so thankful that after 33 years, Rob and I still love to be together. As your husband is to you, he is a tremendous help to me when he is here. I’m thankful that I get to see more of him these days than usual.

    I’m also thankful that I get to stay home for an entire day. It’s extremely rare for me, and I’m loving it. No appointments, no driving daughter to work (round trip takes 1 hour, 2x/day), day off of my job today…….I’m going to work on some projects around here!

  10. That’s the truth fpr sure but don’t give up praying for them both and asking the Lord for insight in dealing with the wayward chid… You cannot give up becos u r all they have…

  11. Today I am thankful for laundry. I have a washing machine in my home to clean it, clothes to wear, and a loving family that we pass clothes down through. When I was a teen, I babysat for a friend in exchange for being able to wash our family’s laundry at her house. If we needed something between times, it was hand wash. Whenever I get frustrated with the amount of laundry, I remind myself of not only those days, but of the luxury of having an abundance of clothing.

  12. Hello one and all from Australia :D.

    Today I am thankful that I have earned enough from my hobby internet sewing and garden seed saving businesses from home, that I was able to pay our phone and internet bill for the month from my paypal account and still have a small amount left over without dipping into our small pension to pay for it. I am blessed that I have been able to do this for 9 out of the last 12 months.

  13. I am thankful that our yard is ready for winter (though there are definitely things that we could still do) because of the help of my children. I’m also grateful for the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having and that I’m feeling better after weeks and weeks of pain.


  14. Much to my daughter’s disappointment, someone else purchased the puppy we wanted. This however, was a blessing for me as the animals upkeep are my responsibility. As much as I would love a new puppy and as much as it would distract my daughter and keep our young Dane occupied, waiting until the holidays are over will be best for all involved (especially the new pup). There is a new litter expected any day now and we are on the list for one of those pups. Hopefully by then my husband will get the idea of breeding out of his mind too (he really doesn’t have a clue as to the time, stress and cost involved)!

  15. I am so thankful for a full pantry, a “full” hen house, a pretty little piggy (well, she’s not too little anymore 🙂 who (hopefully) is in the “piggy way”, and a sweet milk cow who gives us wonderful milk to help sustain all my children and the pigs and the chickens, too!

  16. I am thankful for dirty clothes, it means my family has something to wear. I’m thankful for a bed to make up each morning, it means we had somewhere warm to sleep. I’m thankful for dirty dishes, it means we had a meal to eat. I’m thankful for a house to clean, it means we aren’t homeless.

  17. I am thankful today to take our church’s mission offerings of kits to the Ingathering.

    And after assembling those kits, especially school kits for children, I am grateful for the gifts of literacy, the love of reading and my eyeglasses that make that possible. And of course the public library that has loaned me the good book I’m reading now!

  18. For most of today I wasn’t very thankful or perky, but just soldered through trying my best to have an even temperament. It passed and the clouds have lifted. I managed to put an excellent dinner together from the freezer and pantry! I owe thanks to Brandy and this blog for the ideas and guidance about saving money on food. Thank you! As I sit here writing this note, I am with my husband on our patio (7 pm and 80 degrees here in Phoenix), our dog asleep on my lap. And I am thankful for all these blessings.

    Brandy, I hope you are mending well and managing to adjust to life lying down.

  19. I am grateful for a small group of volunteers I joined,united we are supporting so many. The sum really is bigger than the parts. We had a successful fundraising event. Success was more than any $$ raised but in the stories of transformed lives.

  20. We are having a glorious day today, even though it is November 8th it is almost 70 degrees outside! Usually it is quite cold by now.
    My husband and I were able to enjoy the entire morning and early afternoon playing tennis and having a lunch picnic in the local park.
    I am grateful for that.

  21. Hi Myra and that is so profound as I have in the past been homeless, had nothing to eat or anything to wear either, thankfully I am blessed that things have changed a lot since those days.

    The simple things we tend to take for granted. I have travelled through Hong Kong and found a blind and amputee woman sitting in the tunnel heading to the ferries there begging for money. I whilst on holidays would go to an all you can eat French eatery and collect a doggy bag filled with things for her and a warm drink every morning. I would walk through the tunnel and quietly slip her the bag, as there were so many other beggars there too who would mob you if they saw you giving, so she would have something to eat and line her stomach each day. At least I know that she did have something to eat and a warm drink for 10 days at least.

    On the last day I was there I walked her home at the end of the day. She lived in the tiniest of apartments just off the glitter strip and the whole extended family lived there which totalled 10 people in a 10 ft sq area which included everyone sleeping on the floor, cooking area and a small area to hand wash clothes and dishes and bathe in a plastic bucket. Their washing was hung to dry from bamboo poles that were put out the window. There were no extravagances and the most basic of living conditions, yet this lovely lady told me how blessed she was.

    I came home as a young woman with a different view of how privileged, blessed & prosperous we were living in Australia. In Hong Kong there is no social security or benefits, and the poor and disabled to feed themselves, have to rely on what they can get from begging.

  22. Roxi
    I to have a wonderful husband who helps me when my RA is bad. I thank god for him daily. I prayed 30 years ago for the right one to come into my life . God has been good. I also am working on hard feeling from a family reunion lol. One day at a time and with lots of prayer

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