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I am thankful for the weaknesses of my children.

In them, I see the weaknesses I had as a child: the child who loses things, the child who struggles to memorize the multiplication table, the child who understands the algebra concepts and memorizes the formulas but makes simple errors when executing the problem, the child who struggles to keep a clean room, the child who is too loud when she should be quiet. I see their struggles and I realize how much I’ve grown, where I’ve improved, and where I could still improve.

I also see the different weaknesses that I struggle with as an adult and I see that these too will one day be something that I can overcome. I see the skills I want to learn but struggle to do so, and I know that if I just keep trying, I can learn them and master them, just like with the multiplication table.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful that my child, who has struggled for years to find real friendship, has finally found a true friend this year. I am thankful that I had the time to take them to the mall yesterday and let them “hang out” like other kids their age. They even bought friendship necklaces (matching necklaces, one for each friend) while they were there. It made my heart sing to see them together!

    I am grateful for the coupons for free food that I had, which allowed both girls to enjoy a fast food meal for very little cost. I am also the shepherds pie I made up yesterday morning keeps well in the fridge and can be served for tonight’s dinner.

  2. Today I am thankful that I get to go to the beach for a few days and for my friend that invited me to go. Her family is blessed to have a vacation home there and she is gracious to take me so I can have a restful time after a year with much heartbreak. I am also thankful for another friend who surprised me with a “beach goody” bag with snacks, books, a cd etc… to enjoy while I’m there. I had the opportunity to minister to both of these lovely women in the past and although I wish I didn’t need it, they are returning the kindness. Friendship is a beautiful thing.

  3. What a wise perspective as a mom. The older I get the less I find fault and hopefully extend more grace to my kids too. We are all on a journey of growing and maturing. You are a great momma,

  4. Today I’m especially grateful that I have a nice car that gets me around safely. The weather was pretty nasty driving into work today and I remembered how awful it was when I had to walk to work in the rain! Grateful that I can get to work on time and dry. 🙂

  5. I too am grateful that we are flawed humans all. I am thankful and humbled that my children have worked diligently to strengthen their shortcomings in which they were seriously stymied and are back on the path to success. I am thankful that it is in my weaknesses through which the light of the Lord shines so bright.

  6. There’s been a lot of research done on resiliency, learning, intelligence, and attribution beliefs in children, and the sum of all of that together is that children who believe that skill is achieved by practice tend to do better (become less frustrated, work harder) than those who believe achievement is black and white (i.e you’re either ‘smart’ or ‘dumb’ and nothing can change that — which is erroneous, obviously). I think that applies to all of us as adults too. So much in life (in terms of skills and achievements, anyway!) is due to practice and gradual changes. We can all achieve so much; it might take a lot of practice and effort, but we can do it!

    And in non-soapbox news (*grin*), today I’m thankful for having woken up earlier than usual, so that I can get a couple of items checked off my to do list!

  7. I’m thankful for this blog and for this particular series.

    As I think about what I’m thankful for each day and as I read the things that others are thankful for, I am reminded of how very blessed I am. Even though negativity can be contagious, gratitude can be contagious as well, and there are days that I can feel my attitude change after reading these postings. Today’s posting is a great example of how a shift in perspective can make a world of difference.

    Thanks, Brandy, for hosting such a positive blog.

  8. I am thankful beyond words for the ability and means to be where I am wanted/needed. In two weeks I have been on the opposite coast twice (once for an unexpected funeral and the following week for an expected wedding), and will be traveling again next week to see my daughter and son-in-law and only grandchild. There were times when I would not have been able to make these trips – there may be times in the future where I’m not able. But at this time I was and am able, and my husband is happy to make it possible. I am thankful.

  9. I am thankful for my parents. They live out of state so I don’t see them as much as I would like but we talk on the phone almost daily. I know I am lucky to still have them because my husband lost his mom when he was little.

  10. Today, I am thankful that I get the privilege of being a mother. Because all of mine are adopted, it truly is a privilege I never take for granted.

    Reading your comments on turning the weaknesses of the children into growing opportunities, strengths, etc. was so true. It’s easy to become frustrated when things don’t go well with one child or another, but it’s also rewarding to see them overcome a certain behavior, or attitude. I am happy and thankful for the 2 girls (one daughter and one niece) that I am homeschooling this year, and that it’s going extremely well. When you take on someone else’s child, you hope for the best, but never quite know. She is blossoming. They are encouraging each other on, finding creative things to do together (like write a funny dialog, which turned into a play), and finishing the work in record time. I’m also very thankful my brother-in-law has taken over math. Only if you are me would you realize how thankful that makes me:) It helps a lot.

  11. I am thankful for my wonderful little family that makes me laugh at least once a day and always love me. My husband and my doggy.

  12. I’m thankful for my husband who has been so steadfast through a difficult time.
    I’m also thankful for this blog. It is a sweet and peaceful place.

  13. I am thankful for my computer, which allows me to keep in touch with old friends, and out of state relatives, and others I wouldn’t get to talk to without it, unless I spent an unusual amount of time writing letters. So much easier this way.

  14. I am thankful for my washing machine. We have had a bit of a stomach ‘bug’ go through our family. I have had more than 1 washer load of sheets and towels….So I am so glad I have a washing machine and do not have to use a scrub board like our great grandmothers did. To be able to throw it into a washer, add soap and bleach, and not think about any more….just move to dryer. Such a blessing.

  15. I am so thankful that I live in a country that is not perfect but is still best life that our world has to offer. We are still the place for those who are tired and poor and who long to breathe free. We are still the land for the homeless and sick. American is still America. And our golden lamp, the torch of freedom, will continue the standard of hope that will always overcome darkness.

  16. We are thankful of you Brandy and this wonderful website. You have saved us many many times.I am thankful that the weather yesterday was good, on the cool side and winds at 15 -20 mph but good so I could hang clothes out.It’s a real work out to hang sheets in that kind of wind.LOL I am thankful for my wringer washer even at times I think about forking out the hundreds of dollars to get new and improved. I am thankful for the tomatoes that are ripening under the bed and in the 5 window sills (hopefully in time for Tday dinner) I am thankful for the bell peppers that are ripening to yellow and red under the bed.I am thankful for the sweet potatoes and onions curing and the eggplant waiting for me to roast is and freeze though I am tired and struggling juggling the balls of work right now. I am thankful for the Kroger’s sell of turkeys for 69¢/lb even with the limit of two.I made a “turkey” hole in the mudroom frig freezer to put the meat after I cook it. I am thankful that my son is home safe and not deployed. My daughter who’s birthday is today (Veteran Days) is healthy. I am thankful the other four children are doing okay along with my grandchildren and great grandson.I am thankful I still have my Dad even when he doesn’t remember who I am. I am thankful for the internet so I have people to connect to that are supportive of my life style including all that post here.

  17. Today I am thankful that although I am a few days from delivery of my I feel wonderful and full of energy. One of my dear friends is also expecting and is having a difficult time caring for her other children. I am so glad to be able to help her and her family and still be active with my children.

  18. Anne, it is just beautiful! Congratulations on your dream come true. That is the most amazing kitchen sink I’ve ever seen.

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