Thankful Series

Today I am thankful to have been able to work on making gifts for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. When there is sadness, as there has been from Paris, it is always good to be able to find a way to serve others. If you’re feeling sad today for any reason, I suggest looking for ways to serve others.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for you. I am thankful I listened to you and stocked our pantry, we had a delay in getting reimbursed for my husband’s business trip ( normally very fast, but he changed departments and it added five days) and had to keep very tight control of our accounts for a week. I thought of you all week and was glad I took your advice.

    I am very thankful my friend in Paris is safe.

  2. I’m thankful today to have the ability to lie in bed with our youngest child as she decided to get up at 615 before we were wanting to rise and shine. It’s nice to allow her to play in our room while we lie here talking about things, and we don’t have to actually rise and shine just yet. 🙂

  3. I am thankful that there is goodness and kindness in unexpected places. I am thankful that people can learn and change, and that weak things can be made strong through the atonement.

  4. What kinds of things do you make for your shoe boxes?
    We have family that lives in Paris, we are thankful they are all okay, but it is a hard time.

  5. I am thankful for my mother, with whom we live with. She is a wonderful, quietly understated woman with a loving, giving heart. My daughter just adores her grandmother and often is willing to do things for her that she would refuse to do if I ask. Her continuous help and support in rearing my Asperger’s daughter has been such a blessing to our family. I don’t know where we would be without my mother.

  6. Brandi
    You are dead on that… The Paris happenings has my family in despair for the innocents caught in the bloodshed…i am grateful that my family is together today sharing in love and joy the lives we have…yesterday i was able to be in pleasure of service making three different birthday cakes for three friends and for the one who was turning 40 i was able to stretch myself and make her a cake i had wanted for my own dsughter’s bday….it turned out besutiful and i also madecookie favors for the party as well as zn encouragemfnt jar for our friend…its exhausting with the efforts having a 7 year old n a todddler to take care of… I am grateful for my understanding husbsnd who helped me as muvh as he could…

  7. Yes, I agree. Service of others is always good. Today I brought Thanksgiving dinner for a family that can not afford to buy their own. I am also working on some gifts for the Brown Santa program. (Brown Santa is what the Travis County Sheriff Office has instead of Blue Santa for police)

  8. Hello one and all from Australia :D. I pray for the families of the victims of the Paris terror attacks, that they may be uplifted by the overwhelming support and love shown by others around the world.

    I am thankful for the wax butter beans that have just grown in our garden in abundance, so I can pick them and use them for tonight’s & tomorrows vegetable bake for tea.

  9. Well said Brandy. Today I’m thankful for a husband who told me this morning he just loved putting on his work shirt because he knows I took the time to iron it when he was busy.

  10. I am thankful that I got to go to see the movie Suffragette today with my daughter and mom- amazing movie! Then I came home and helped a young father write his resume for a job interview tomorrow afternoon- it was an awesome day- I loved getting to do something fun and also to help a wonderful young man who is trying to get a second job to better support his family.

  11. I was thankful to redeem a $10 coupon for free groceries at a new market near my house.

    I was also able to help with logistics for a memorial service for a family.

  12. Ahh, thanks!

    Having a stocked pantry is such a blessing. As you just showeed, there are all sorts of reasons why we might not be able to shop for a while, and it’s good to have food on hand. It certainly makes those difficut financial moments less stressful.

  13. Hi Roxie and so lovely of you to buy that thanksgiving dinner for that family.

    There are so many families everywhere who are doing it so hard, with unemployment, the cost of living rising we should all keep an eye out for those around us and if financially able help them.

    A well stocked pantry helps a great deal. Recently we have had a lot of our church members come down with the flu. I have been blessed to have our abundant vegetable garden and well stocked pantry to make and take around to their homes, soup to some of those who are ill.

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