Living Room Chair Before The Prudent Homemaker

Remember this chair?

Yesterday morning, my husband and I were discussing the current real estate market. 

This year has been a good one for us, and for the real estate market here.

The market is now starting to slow down. There is always a seasonal slowdown during the winter, of course, but with 9000 houses for sale in the valley (which compromises 3 cities) and 2000 houses selling a month, versus 5000 for sale and 2500 selling a month earlier this year, the market is changing. 

Script Pillow The Prudent Homemaker

The same chair after being recovered


I’m grateful that we have had an increase in income this year, and have been able to make some much-needed repairs.  Next year may be very different, but having been able to do needed household maintenance will help us to keep going, when lean times come again.

What are you grateful for today?


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  1. I am grateful for the group of volunteers I joined about a year ago to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. We have become a community and I am thankful that I took that first step to be involved.

  2. Your chair looks beautiful!! I am wondering what fabric/faux leather? you used. Brand name? From Joann Fabrics?

  3. It’s leather. I didn’t do them; we saved up to have them redone. I did make the pillows on all of them (the other chair, the other ottoman, and couches looked just as bad). I made throw pillows from old bed pillows, washed and cut down. The fabric on this pillow came from Hobby Lobby.

  4. I am grateful that I have a few quiet days ahead of me where I can focus on doing things that will make day to day life better.

  5. I am thankful for being able to stay home and be with my son and to homeschool him. That was a goal of ours for a few years for me to be a stay at home mom and we made that happen two months ago. He is only 3.5 years old but I wanted to be home since day one with him.

  6. Maybe the slowdown is the scary election your currently having , everything is up in the air in the UK because of the vote to leave Europe were all waiting for all the dire dooms gearing prediction that don’t seem to be happening . ?I’m just thankful that we got up this morning and we have no war or famine , many aren’t so lucky

  7. It’s hard to believe that’s the same chair! It’s beautiful! And classic. I am thankful for having the choice to homeschool our children!

  8. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re prepared regardless is wonderful.

    I’m thankful for the friendship I have with my now young adult daughter.

  9. I am thankful that my daughter and I walked away from a very bad wreck. This past month I have been arguing with the other drivers insurance on a daily bases but the important thing is we r ok!!

  10. Today I am thankful that there is something called ‘the internet’ and you can get things like patterns, recipes, and even reading material for FREE. I turn to the internet when I need to learn about something quickly. Years ago I would have had to go to the library and look something up…now I just ‘google’ it and find an answer or pattern or instructions for how to do what ever I am needing to do.

    I am making all manners of felt food right now. All my patterns have been from free patterns on the internet. I have looked at pictures on pintrest and figured a few put myself…but it is so nice to have a place to look

    Brandi that chair looks great. That looks like the same leather our chairs are covered in. With children and dogs I am glad I have leather furniture.

  11. I’m glad to hear it’s been a good year for y’all. 🙂 By the way, the before and after on that chair is awesome! I’d love to learn how to be more crafty with furniture and upholstery.

    Today I’m thankful that we were able to finally buy a house. Our city has been stuck in an overpriced seller’s market for some time, so it was very, very difficult for us to find a house–it took over a year of looking! I’m glad we were able to cut down on our expenses and pay for many of our home repairs in cash, which means no debt. I’m still constantly exhausted from all the work that needs to be done, but it’s an exhilarating feeling.

  12. Brexit affected the stock market, but it already recovered from it. The housing market is a bit different. We’ve been waiting for the Fed to raise interest rates for over a year (and it looked like they would last summer), and when they do, the buyers won’t be able to buy as much, so that will take a toll on the housing market. It looks like they might actually raise rates at the next meeting. But the glut of houses on the market affects prices too. Lower prices and fewer sales make a difference. The recession was fueled by housing sales before, led by our city. Housing prices dropped in HALF 8 years ago, but started dropping in 2006 and sales died off very fast. Recession wasn’t declared until we had already seen a year of dropping prices here. At the height, 1 in 7 houses in our area was in foreclosure.

    Prices are climbing back up quite a bit here. Most houses aren’t underwater (price-wise, that is) anymore.

    I know our income can drop at any time, and I’m grateful we are able to put some money in savings, fix some things (though not all yet), and get a few needed items, as well as restock our pantry. No matter who wins the election, the stock market will be affected. Housing will depend on interest rates and jobs. Unemployment has dropped considerably here (for a long time we had the highest rate in the nation) but should we see unemployment grow, that will also affect housing.

    Either way, the number of houses for sale and selling means we’ve got at least 4 months worth of houses currently on the market. As we get into winter, it will also continue to slow, just because that’s a seasonal norm. Thankfully, out utilities here are lower in the winter, during our times of less income.

  13. Hi Brandy,

    With this drought we’re in, and not a rainy day in sight, I’m thankful we have an Artesian well and a 22,000 gal in ground swimming pool. If we don’t get a lot of rain within the next 3 months our rivers, lakes, and wells will dry up. But, I am thankful for the water reserves we do have.

  14. The chair is beautiful~what a transformation. Very nice, and the pillow adds such a pretty accent. Where did you originally find the chair? I would love to find one for my bedroom~

    I am so thankful today that I can help my step son ( husband’s son ) who is 35 y/o. He has Aspergers Syndrome and finding it very hard to get a job. I will be taking him to do a few errands and try to help him with filing for disability papers. He does not drive . He is such a sweet young man ( like his father) . I am praying hard that there can be solutions for him, that the Lord will help to pave a path that will embrace his disability, and that he will grow in self esteem and happiness. He is currently depressed. He also needs to be checked by a doctor as he is loosing weight, and needs to go to the dentist. I will help him with these appointments as well. I am praising our Lord that I have the time availability and vehicle to help him.

    Have a blessed week ~
    Patty from the NW

  15. Patty,

    When we couldn’t find what we wanted, we had them made, years ago. We realized it would cost the same as buying new ones that we didn’t really care for, so that’s what we did. The people who recovered them said they are really well made to start with–much better quality than what they usually recover–and should last us a lifetime (the frames; they will have to be recovered again some years in the future when the fabric wears out).

    This is my chair; it was made just my size (kind of like in the “The Three Little Bears” story!). My husband has his made wider to accommodate a small child sitting next to him, and mine was made for me to nurse. Mine is not as deep as his, as I am shorter. The couches were made with the ends shorter and the center longer (they curve) so we can both sit comfortably, as can our guests.

  16. Today I am thankful for a good sale at Smith’s. They have pasta for 49 cents if you buy 10 again, and butter is $1,99/lb if you buy ten, & I have not purchased butter for a long time due the high prices. There were several other items on sale as well that I bought, but those were the loss leaders.

  17. I am thankful my foot was only sprained, not broken, and for friends who stepped up to help with my animals and general chores while I’ve been off my foot.

  18. That’s so great–to have chairs to fit you! I have such short legs that I can’t touch the ground on pretty much any couch I sit on, so I have to put my feet up.

    I am so thankful for many things. Last year, during this series, I had to be very deliberate with my thanks. Some days, I had to be very purposeful and determined to feel thankful. This year, there are so many things to choose from, it’s hard to know which one to put down. Good thing there are a lot of days in November!!

    So, today: I am thankful that we have a house to live in. The camper was cozy and nice during the summer, but I am very glad to be in a real house now, as it is getting rainy. I am also thankful that we all still want to go camping, and will plan a trip soon. I wanted to come out of the experience with fond memories and lots of things to reminiscence about in a happy way, and I believe that has happened, so I’m very thankful for that.

  19. Wow! Your chair turned out great. Were you able to get the other pieces redone as well? The leather should last a long time.

    I’m thankful that my husband has a great job that he enjoys and that I am enjoying my dream job as well. (I’m a stay-at-home mom; I don’t get paid per se, but the non-monetary rewards are priceless to me-especially after battling infertility for over 15 years. I’m always thankful for my son as well. 🙂 )

  20. I’m so thankful for my parents and my sisters. I know that I can always count on them, whether I’m a block away or in a different country, and for big things as well as small things. I feel very lucky to be able to count on their constant love, support, and encouragement.

  21. Patty, I pray your stepson’s depression eases and clears the way for other areas of his life to follow. He is so blessed to have you to help him…there are so many lone folks out there with no family to lean on.

  22. Hi Brandi,
    It is a beautiful chair. May I ask how much you paid to have it recover vs buying another chair and ottomon.

  23. Thank you for the prayers for him Athanasia~ We are trying to work with the family as a whole to help him~

  24. Yesterday, when I read Kim Heller’s thankful comment, a wave of emotions hit me. In 2009, pre-cancerous cells were found in my father’s esophagus. He was booked for surgery to have a section of his esophagus removed, as a preventative measure. However, during surgery, things went horribly wrong and, unfortunately, he bled out and died on the surgical table. It was a shock to us all. My father had just retired and always dreamed of traveling more when he had the time…but his life was cut short.

    So today, I am grateful our frugal efforts have afforded us the opportunity to travel and explore the world in which we live. Although we do not make a lot of money, I would much rather take the time to stop and smell the roses along our life path, than to miss out on my dreams. I am grateful that my father’s passing has taught me that life is too short to just let life pass by. I need to live, enjoy and appreciate every single moment of every single day!

  25. I am grateful today for the sunshine and blue skies! We’ve had so much rain here in eastern Washington (a new record!) My children played outside in the sunshine, throwing fall leaves around, while the neighbor’s cat kept them company. It was one of those “my-life-is-so-good” moments!

  26. I agree…the chair turned out beautifully. I expect it will cool and smooth on a hot summer day.

    I am thankful for my religious/cultural heritage and my extended church family and that we’ve never had to face the persecution our ancestors did. I am grateful for our large, happy youth groups that will meet tonight and that church is where they choose to be.

  27. Today I am so very thankful for a new acquaintance, who is able to take care of our dog while we must travel away. Our dog has a very strong guardian instinct and we were so nervous if he won’t accept her. Everything was fine. She is very experienced and lives just 2 miles away AND costs less than the person who has taken care of our dog before. She, the previous one, is currently abroad, and we were desperate to find someone as we need to leave quickly. Everything turned out fine, if not better than ever!

  28. Today I am thankful for a condo to live in. I am thankful that the Lord had his hand on us Monday night and we did not even know.
    There was a shooting very close to our house and a Swatt stand off that we sleep thru. So I guess I am also thankful that we do not have cable or the news on our TV. I just found out about it today. So I never even had to worry about it.
    The chair is so lovely. I am so happy for you.

  29. Today has been a bit rough, so first I’m thankful for this post making me slow down enough to think about what i have to be thankful for. My job, though it has been a hard transition to go from SAHM to working mom, it’s nice to be able to pay all our bills, and i feel blessed to be able to take some of the pressure of my husband. For today, that is awesome.

  30. Your chair turned out beautifully, Brandy! Thanks for sharing before and after with us.

    Today I am grateful that my husband’s new job has wonderful medical benefits. And that we have beautiful weather for the beginning of November!


  31. I am thankful for my 3 sons, one I have the pleasure of working with. This gives me some time with him almost daily – and I have grown to know him better in many aspects of his life.

  32. The chair and ottoman are really fantastic looking, amazing what a bit of material, money and talent can do ;). Glad also that you had a bit of breathing room this year to catch up on maintenance and restocking. Your home always looks beautiful in photos, you have a lot of talent on how to make things work together well. With so many people living together, you avoid the clutter I usually see! Thank you for sharing the photos.

    We have had good things happening lately so I am feeling quite positive. I am thankful I have noticed.

  33. I am thankful I got to stay at home all day today and catch up on some paperwork and things. Some weeks I just have too many errands to do. Also the news that my nephew and his wife are expecting their second child. Have kind of been expecting that announcement and I’m glad the time has come. They have done such a good job with their first, a very spirited little girl who has apparently known the secret for a little while and has not told a soul. She just turned three!!

  34. Today I’m thankful to have a rocking chair to rock my 4 month old baby in. She isn’t feeling well (teething) and I’m so glad that simply holding her and rocking seems to help sooth her.

  35. I’m thankful today was another beautiful Nov. day for being so far north. (Still no snow…shhhh…)
    I love the chair, Brandy! We started buying leather after going through so many pieces of cloth covered furniture. It really does last a good bit longer. I bought a leather chair at a Summer yard sale for 5.00! It’s a darkish, orange(ish) color and i love it!

  36. I am thankful for good health. My mom frequently says, “Your health is your wealth” and as I get older I agree with her more and more.

  37. Today I am thankful to have a good apartment to live in. We have already decided to downsize our home and it must happen in a couple of years. This decision should diminish our overall expenses and it will be a really good thing as we are growing older and should expect a smaller income throughout the years. I loved your chair, it was a really tallented work 🙂

  38. I too am thankful for that sale, our Kroger store here is called Frys and they have the $.49 for pasta sale, and with my senior discount it was $.39! I felt like I had won the lottery ;). I also was able to stock up on butter and milk at a good price. Happy November!

  39. Today I’m specifically thankful for the beautiful color of our big maples out front. One is bright orange and the other is turning a red/plum. First is an Autumn Blaze and the other is a Red Sunset.

  40. I’m grateful for my happy, spunky little dog who needs to be walked every day. Walking him helps me get out of the house, get exercise, fresh air and gets me beyond my own concerns and interests as take long walks.

  41. I am grateful for health, a home, food on our table, and the ability to pay down our bills. I’m grateful to have a husband and family that love me.
    I enjoy your blog and appreciate what you have written. I liked the story about the farmer’s wife who changed her outlook and the way she treated her husband. It made me think about what is important. Thank-you for posting it. I’ve read and re-read your blog. It has valuable information and I like the way you are so positive, even when faced with adversity.

  42. I wish butter would go on sale here. The fliers came out this morning and again no sales on butter. I have 3 more pounds in the freezer before I must buy at a higher price. I do not use anything but butter.

  43. I am thankful for all of the tips I have learned here from you and others that allowed me to have enough food in my own pantry to help a family member in need! If it weren’t for the fact I have learned over the past 6-7 years on how to stock my pantry with basic food items, I could not have taken the ingredients necessary to make meals for the next two days while they are waiting on the husband s paycheck to them. There was literally nothing in the house and she has 7 mouths to feed and payday is still two days away. Not only that, she was willing to listen to all of the things I have learned here so that she can start applying them as well. Thanks to ALL of you that have helped me over the years get to where I am now.

  44. I had to work and grocery shop yesterday and forgot to go back and respond. I am thankful for my very part-time job – not many places would be so willing to work with a brand new employee’s restrictions on when they can work – even if it is for a very good reason. This job is keeping our pets fed while hubby goes thru chemo as well as paying the smaller bills.

  45. Julie, having both my chair and my husband’s chair (which is called a chair and a half) and our ottomans recovered in leather was the about same cost as it would be to buy one leather club chair (without an ottoman) on sale somewhere, so having them redone was definitely cheaper!

    Plus, since we had these custom made to start, they fit us perfectly; a new chair would not have that advantage.

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