Pomegranates The Prudent Homemaker

I’m thankful for the opportunity I had yesterday to pick pomegranates from someone’s tree. Her children don’t like them and she offered me the fruit.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. A neglected apple tree caused me to ask a neighbor if I might pick some. She told me to take all I wanted as their family didn’t eat them. I made applesauce, lots of applesauce that I canned. My family loved it and so did I. So grateful for the blessing of fruit and for a gracious neighbor who was glad to share.

  2. I am thankful for a wonderful place to work with great colleagues. Today, we’re all sharing a lunch by bringing dishes from our own kitchens. It’s a great way to make working in a school and eating in a school cafeteria every day feel a little more special.

  3. What a fascinating fruit! They look like berries or rose hips, but many many times bigger.
    And the skin never looks perfect, and that’s ok, even expected of them.
    I shall be thankful today for people who show their scars and are not perfect, for they know they have grown and are alive.

  4. I am thankful the beautiful sunrise last night. I stood on my deck in peace and silence and watched it slide away. The colors were amazing

  5. That’s awesome!!! We don’t live where pomegranates grow but they just became available in our stores a couple weeks ago! They are such an amazing food! What a blessing!

  6. I am thankful for clean, drinkable, running water that is only as far away as our kitchen and bathroom sinks. We can drink it, cook with it, shower in it and clean our home with it using very little effort to obtain it. There are many people in this world who don’t have this privilege. So, today, I have decided to be thankful for something we often take for granted.

  7. I am thankful for the sick leave that my job provides. I need it this morning, fortunately its the first time this year, and I am thankful for that too!

  8. Just curious..how do you use the pomegranates? Love reading your blog. Such elegance and beauty even on limited funds.

  9. Today i’m thankful for my walking buddy and friend, Kim. She has been a port in the storm for her niece who has end stage breast cancer. She’s someone who’s always got your back.

  10. I am thankful for faith, family, and friends. I also appreciate this website. I’ve learned many good things here.

  11. I am thankful for a good nights sleep that helped me have a positive day. Sleep often eludes me, so a great nights sleep is such a blessing!

  12. Today I am thankful for the Internet. It allows me to communicate in different ways with my children through out the day. They are spread out, but our communication is more frequent than I could have with my parents when I lived away at their age.

  13. You think? 😀 Our temperatures are going to change at the end of the week; a cold front is moving in. It’s been in the 70’s for two weeks but that is short-lived (before that it was in the upper 80’s; it just drops quickly here, and heat up just as quickly in early spring). Highs will be in the 60’s starting Saturday.

  14. Lucky you, Brandy! When I was about 9, we had a neighbor with a pom tree. She never ate them so we’d pick them. We’d sit on the curb, crack them against it, and turn our hands and face purply while eating the juicy mess!! They were delicious.

    Today I am grateful for a new bible study I’m starting on Proverbs 31.

  15. I am thankful for prayer partners…prayer works! The building inspector finally came and there are only minor changes to be made.

  16. Hello Brandy and everyone 🙂 and on the 14th we were thankful that we were able to do a good session in the vegetable gardens, planted some more basil seeds, and had enough shredded dried leaves and composted grass clippings to mulch the vegetable gardens that needed it.

  17. I am grateful for my husband who is sitting next to me studying, trying to keep his job. He is a wonderful man with many talents and a kind heart.

  18. On the 14th, I was thankful for leaves falling all around me, free for the taking, to dig in to my garden to break down over the winter & make the soil more fertile.

    Today, on the 15th, I am thankful to have those leaves trenched in along the length of the middle tier of the garden.

  19. This is so true of even those of us in the USA. My community is dealing with a massive contamination by a local company which has even contaminated one of the municipal systems. Many of us have switched to bottled water for the time being. But I cannot imagine not having the running water for the toilets (and yes, I am very, very thankful for having multiple toilets – digestive disorders kinda make that a priority 😉 ), showers and washing machine!

  20. It is such a true blessing
    to have such a wonderful husband.
    fingers crossed and I’ll keep you both in my prayers.

  21. I am grateful for my sisters. Each one is wonderful in their own way. They all drive me crazy at times but we are always there for each other.

  22. I love the thankful posts. Lately, I have been feeling very thankful. Although I’m only 31 my best friend whom i graduated high school with passed away giving birth to her third child last year. I had a recent health scare but I think its most likely fine. I’m feeling that if I live to be 50 I’ll be so very very lucky to see my two girls (3 and 1) graduate high school. So I’m thankful for my current health and the wakeup call to stay healthy.
    I’m also thankful for hubby who works 9 hour days and still helps around the house.
    I’m thankful for the two children we have and feel that a third may push our luck.
    Because we have been pantry eating, I’m thankful for meat and fruit when we have it. I made chicken yesterday and ate a big piece. We will be getting a box of fruit from the FFA in December so I’m using canned and frozen until then.
    I’m also thankful for my twin sister, though she can drive me up the wall at times. And my other 2 sisters who live further away.
    I’m thankful for my parents, though not there for me the way I’ve wanted them to be (ones an alcoholic and the other is busily remarried) I know they truly love me.

  23. It was 60 today and sunny! I loved being able to wear short sleeves and flip flops one more time this year. I can’t believe how a little sunshine and warmth can make me feel like a whole new person! So thankful for this day!

  24. My mother in law, who is Persian, uses pomegranate juice in her cooking, especially when making meat or chicken casseroles. It is also delicious on its own or half and half with water. It is very, very healthy, especially for lowering cholesterol and hypertension.

  25. 11-15 I am thankful for the youth I work with every day…at school and at church. They are fun, inquisitive, challenging, caring, no two alike. We need to do our best to raise them right and teach them well as they were our future.

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