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I am thankful today that my husband and I were able to have a date night at home after the children were in bed!

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for Aldi’s and their affordable food prices, even on organic and specialty items. They make it easy and realistic to stock up on affordable pantry items.

  2. My husband is working all that he can. I’m so thankful for him stepping up to the plate and really working now! So thankful and feeling blessed.

  3. I missed a day, so here are for the 14th & 15th:
    November 14th – I am grateful for the warm socks, winter jackets, warm mitts, etc. that protect me and family from the cold temperatures that have descended upon us so early this year. Not everyone has such luxuries to keep them warm! So I am thankful we have the money to purchase these items without wondering what we will have to go without to get them.
    November 15th – I am thankful for the wonderful meal my brother’s new girlfriend made for us this evening. It was absolutely delicious and so nice to not have to come up with a meal plan for that evening! I am also grateful he has found such a nice, kind, giving person to be in his life and subsequently ours as well. Sadly, I couldn’t say the same about his ex. I am glad he has found happiness.

  4. I’m thankful that by volunteering to work all day today (Saturday) at school for the Winter Fayre I’ve been able to accrue enough hours to have an afternoon off to enable me to go to my son’s football game in two weeks time. My husband is off work that day too so it’ll be a date for us too!

  5. I am thankful that we can take care of four of our grandkids so my daughter and SIL can celebrate their 12th anniversary. Their kiddos are great and we have had fun!

  6. I’m thankful for Heather, who comes every Friday to help with work both inside and outside the house. Our lives would be much harder without her. Plus, we’ve all come to love Heather!

  7. I am thankful for the wonderful, caring people my husband works with who have arranged dinners for us for the next week and a half. Not having to think about dinners has allowed me to attend to my husband recovery and gives me some down time to process this whole ordeal.

  8. Today I am thankful that the dread of a thing is worse than the thing itself. The “thing” turned out not that bad at all, after many days of dread.

    1. Happy to hear that. I know what you mean about dreading something and imagining the worst possible outcome. What a relief for you, that it wasn’t as bad as that!

  9. Thankful for a son who has his own life but still finds time to come and snow blow our driveway and sidewalk after we have snow storms (like this week!).

  10. A grandson who texts me a love note every night before going to bed. Another grandson who, when asked to give a persuasive speech in 3rd grade, gave it on “why everyone should be nice to Nana.” 🙂 All my grands, who provide so many precious moments in my life.

  11. I am thankful for the beautiful fall weather we have! 72* today and sunny, just perfect to celebrate my youngest’s 3rd birthday. I am thankful for him and the wonderful spunky child he is!

  12. I am thankful the for the sunshine we had today, after the overcast weather of the last few days. It was uplifting. I deliver groceries as one of my jobs and I’m happy that I was able to help two seniors with their food, once needed help with opening and putting items away and I’m glad I had the time.

  13. I am thankful that my son and daughter-in-law were able to have a renewing of the vows ceremony and celebration. It was a wonderful time and get together for everyone helping them celebrate.

  14. I am thankful for a crackling fire that warmed the house up by several degrees. My husband harvested and split the wood. Great guy.

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