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I’m thankful for a quiet Sunday and simple meals.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I’m thankful for a second Thanksgiving meal with family and friends. It was a beautiful and warm day in Missouri made even more special by the company we shared.

  2. I am thankful for the abundance in our pantry which allows us to share with my brother, who also lives on a tight budget. I am truly grateful we are able to help him out even in some small way.

  3. I am thankful I found 2- 8 qrt crockpots to replace my daughter’s and my own that died at the beginning of our Tday dinner…really thankful I got them with free shipping and got them for the price of 1.

  4. 11-22 I am thankful for the day off as school was closed today until Monday. We did a nice later breakfast with waffles and eggs and sausage and fruit, coffee and tea. We had time to do preparations for the holiday. Then an early dinner of soup and bread before going to the Thanksgiving service at church.

    11-23 I am thankful for a day spent with family and delicious food. We went to older son’s house. I brought 3 pies, coleslaw, jello salad, cranberry sauce. Son also had over a single co-worker who couldn’t make the trip home to his family and daughter in law had also a coworker and husband over who could not travel due to a recent surgery. Always nice meeting new people.

    11-24 I am thankful for my sister in law, wife of brother. Very serious health problems have plagued her and we are grateful for another year to celebrate her birthday with her today. Their 3 young adult children came home and they handled food and I asked her what kind of birthday cake she would like so I made that.

    11-25 I am thankful for leftovers and a day at home to work on various projects, clear away the Fall decorations and sort through the Christmas ones.

    11-26 I am thankful for Sunday and church and Sunday school and fellowship and a quiet day at home.

  5. Im thankful for His Grace and care for our family.
    Im thankful for your blog. I just finished sewing several lavender sachets for Christmas gifts. I havent sewn in 20 years. You encouraged and i was able to use fabric i had and the lavender from our garden.❤

  6. I am thankful for a fridge with enough leftovers for us for another two days. After last night eating meatloaf pieces as meatballs in our spaghetti dinner, I wanted to prepare real meatballs for future meals. I am thankful this afternoon that I had the time and enthusiasm to make a double pot of meatballs and sauce, and will divide into portions for the freezer!

  7. My thanks extend back to Thursday. I am thankful for free long distance. My best friend’s mom suffered a massive heart attack while preparing Thanksgiving dinner and passed away soon after. I’m so grateful that she’s been able to call me whenever she needs to talk (and vice versa) and it doesn’t cost us anything despite being on the phone for HOURS each day. I’m in KS and she’s in CA.

    I’m also grateful for a husband that’s been so willing to share me the past few days!

  8. I am thankful that we passed our quarterly rental house inspection with flying colours. The real estate inspection gentleman told us he “never has any problems with us and the house is always clean and tidy and the gardens are beautiful”.

    Also thankful that even though we didn’t tell the real estate we had bee hives here that he saw them but didn’t say anything which means we can keep them here and still get supplied our years supply of honey from our apiarist friend who keeps the hives here. We did get prior permission to have animals here though so I suppose the bees fall into that category.

  9. How sad! Please accept condolences for you and your best friend. A sudden death is always a shock, with one of the worst parts being that the family and friends cannot say good-bye or tell the departed relative things they feeling needed saying.
    It is so good for you to “be there” with your friend on the phone. If she had a good relationship with her mother, the perhaps reassure her that her Mother knew how much she was loved. So sorry to hear this.

  10. Thank you. Her mom was AWESOME! I used to say that when I grew up, I wanted to be like her. We’re still talking a lot. My friend is still in shock, I think.

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