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Today, I’m thankful for the beautiful weather and the chance to work outside in the garden for a short while! I’m so glad that it’s Saturday!

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for the size of my kitchen, especially the expansive countertop space. It makes it a lot easier to cook, bake, and can.

  2. I am thankful for our amazing National Health Service – was able to walk into our local Urgent Care Centre, get seen and treated in under an hour. My prescription cost me nothing as I have a prepayment certificate which has already paid for itself . Truly blessed in this country.

  3. I’m so thankful to be getting back to a routine. The dust is finally beginning to settle from my husband’s cardiac event and we can start thinking about the day to day plans.

  4. I am thankful for my new vehicle, which we can start up with an app on our cell phones. It’s a nice, bright sunny day, but very cold. I am thankful we can climb into a warmed up vehicle without having to go out into the cold to start it! I am extremely thankful we were able to afford such a nice vehicle, due to our financial status being so much better. I see it as a stepping stone towards buying our own home. I’m really looking forward to that possibility!

  5. I’m thankful for grace. I’ve been all over the place emotionally but am continually reminded that grace is abundant. Please continue to pray for my husbands job situation. His employer isn’t telling the employees anything. People are without pay, without unemployment (they haven’t been fired, just sent home) and those of us on one income are really worried about the eventual lack of income. There is so much to the story I can’t share and it’s confusing anyway but I just pray for a conclusion so we know how to move forward. Gods grace is abundant.

    1. Definitely see if you can get a seasonal job! It would be a help to have something coming in, even if it’s small.

    2. Douai, if people are working and not getting paid, and being sent home, someone needs to notify the state Department of Labor. Don’t know for sure about sending people home, but not meeting payroll is illegal. And, I second the motion on seasonal employment. It will help with expenses, keep you busy enough not to constantly worry, and help you feel that you are part of the solution. Seasonal jobs are everywhere right now. ((( Douai )))

  6. I am thankful that I was able to drive 9 hours and that the weather cooperated for our daughter and I to attend a baby shower. My sister-in-law is having twins in January and as a fellow twin Mom, I just needed to be there! It was lovely and we so enjoyed the visit! All but one of the family girls were there – out of 4 sisters, 5 sisters-in-law, and two neices. Wonderful!

  7. One of the benefits of living a woodsy lifestyle next to the national forest is the opportunity to find and cut our own Christmas tree (with a purchased permit of course). I’m thankful to be able to have a real tree for a small fee each year. Last year was the first time we were able to have a tree and our family Christmas traditions for a few years. It is good to be back at it. I relish the small things and enjoy our family traditions.

  8. November 15th – I am thankful for out new woodstove. A wonderful investment.
    November 16th – I am thankful for the fresh air and chance to strengthen my muscles today as I stacked wood and filled my wood bin.

  9. For yesterday:
    I am thankful we live within walking distance of a downtown area with shops, restaurants, a river trail, city hall and the library. It is nice not to have to drive all the time.

    For today:
    I am thankful for a comfy bed with new flannel sheets.

  10. As I was sitting online thinking of what to write, I told my husband I am writing what I am thankful for everyday. He said he’s thankful it’s not snowing or a hundred degrees out. So that’s my post for today!

  11. I am glad the sun is out, it is warm, 53 degrees and there are still beautiful leaves on some of the trees. Everything looks golden and orange!

  12. Nov. 16–I’m glad my son and daughter-in-law could come and visit for 4 days. They left Saturday morning to drive the 525 miles home. It’s nice when your adult kids want to spend time with you. We will be spending Christmas with them.

  13. I’m thankful that 67 years ago this month, my parents committed themselves to each other in marriage. Mom died 19 years ago and is sorely missed, and Dad is still going strong, in his own home, having accomplished more than people half his age. My family is so blessed!

  14. I’m thankful I could get my newly widowed sister to laugh. She needed it and I was more than happy to oblige. I wish I could do more.

  15. I am thankful for my mother who is 74 and can still put in a full day’s work in the garden. She came to our new house and helped to plant so many things. A few we bought, but most were cuttings from my old house that she had babysat for the past 7 MONTHS!

  16. Today, I was at a local business establishment where the snow was melting on the roof, and the roof was leaking. The owners had set out buckets and garbage pails to collect the melting snow. They had gone to another room to train a new staff person. I heard some other people at the establishment laughing about not helping them, and then I heard water pouring into the room, because the pails were overflowing.

    So, today when I heard the water I went to see, and saw the water was flooding the floor and I went to tell the owners even though they are sometimes grumpy. Someone who had been laughing tried to stop me, and I said no.

    So, today I am grateful that I know when it is time to tell someone they have a problem, and that my parents and many others along the way taught me the right thing to do.

  17. Grateful for clear blue Texas sky with moderate temperatures. (The Texas summer is intense but the fall is lovely.) The leaves are finally turning & the red & gold is pretty. The sun is shining & I can hear our state bird, the mockingbird, singing.

  18. I love living with nature all around me. As we were having Sunday dinner with the family yesterday, my son saw 2 doe in our back yard within feet of the laundry room window and we were able to get some awesome pictures! I put seed in the feeder for the birds since the weather is colder with snow and they are beginning to visit it. So many different kinds!! A wonderful blessing!!! Have a wonderful day friends!!!

  19. I am thankful for my daughter and granddaughters brief visit this weekend. They came down from MN to attend my GDs camp friend’s Bas Mitzvah. my GD is Lutheran so it was a unique experience for her, but she could relate to it as she is will be confirmed in her church next year. The camp is held at a Lutheran college and they have a wonderful attitude about creating friendships among kids from different races and religions. Anyway a very lovely weekend was had by all considering they were in and out of the house. It was so good to see my girls!

  20. I am grateful that now that it is hunting season, many deer have come into town where they know they are safe. It is lovely to see them in people’s yards, after everyone’s gardens are finished for the year. We just have to watch carefully for them when we are driving at dusk.

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