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I’m thankful for the chance to speak with my son at college.

I remember the expensive long-distance bills and the way we had to arrange to speak at a certain time when I was in college, dividing up the long-distance bill with roommates. While cell phones certainly cost more per month, I appreciate that with that comes the ability to talk for as long and as often as one wants for the same rate.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Oh, yes, I remember college long distance bills, when the rates would drop late in the afternoon and again in the evening and on weekends, so we waited until after prime calling hours!
    I am recovering from the first of two knee replacement surgeries, quickly and with no complications, for which I am most thankful. The Bible verse about being “fearfully and wondrously made” has been on my mind, as I try to understand what “fearfully” means. The “wondrous” is self-evident when I move and put weight on my leg.
    And because surgery requires so much preparation with a variety of health professionals, I have had a number of lesser potential health issues identified, for which I am also thankful.

  2. I am thankful for the persimmons my neighbor gave me, which I am eating fresh and dehydrating. I also received my deposit back on a fishing trip to Alaska that that was cancelled due to Covid.

  3. I am thankful today that we are blessed to be a blessing to others around us both practically and spiritually. I love any chance we have to share abundance with others but I especially love praying for people around me….those prayers are like a visible balm to many going through challenges right now.

  4. I am thankful for the internet: for the help of a professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, the help of our researcher at the National Archives in Ottawa, for the help of our local expert on the historic sandstone buildings on Stephen Avenue in Calgary, for the help of a retired professor in Canmore, for the help of our retired historian in Regina/Saskatchewan.

    All of these people have been in contact just this morning. I am grateful that some of them have been kind enough to scan the relevant pages of their research materials for us for what we are unable to get otherwise online.

    Due to budget restraints of our book, we would have had to rely on digital and internet communications anyway but in times of Covid, it has been a tremendous blessing. This morning we have almost halfway across the country.

    Elizabeth M.
    Thank you for your wishes. I’m pretty sure it’s just a nasty cold. Fingers crossed! How one catches a cold with so little contact with people is a mystery!

    Today, I’m praying for the people of Nunavut who now have Covid in their midst.

  5. Brandy,

    Yesterday’s comment about your garden was meant to read “how wonderful!”. I watched your internet
    explanation of the garden progress! Amazing!

  6. I am thankful for learning about Carnitas on this blog. I made enough for dinner tomorrow and to freeze. The house smelled so good while it cooked. I tasted it when it finished and know it will be a hit.

  7. I am thankful for the carnitas that was mentioned. I made them for tomorrow’s dinner and to freeze. I tasted it when done and it was wonderful. I am sure it will be a hit with my family.

  8. I’m thankful that my supervisor listened to a deep concern I was having regarding my work in the hospital – Covid related. She worked with our department director and a good protocol is being implemented to bring greater safety for workers and quality patient care

  9. Saving money: we were exposed to covid and quarantined in the house for 14 days. No money spent except for food and pills my daughter picked up for us. Then my cleaning lady went to visit her brother and she will have to quarantine 14 days when she returns (today, I think) so actually I saved all the money budgeted to pay her this month. My daughter did come over and help for 1-2 hours a couple times. It’s amazing how much a 56 year old can get done, next to a 77 year old. We had a lot of stuff my husband used to to and now doesn’t, like breaking down boxes from deliveries and putting them in the recycling. (I feed a colony of feral cats that I inherited from a neighbor who moved out. 20# of cat food a week, which you can have delivered for no extra charge instead of dragging it home from the grocery store.
    I’ve been ordering some gifts online and saving up to 40%, although not on everything. I still have more shopping to do but online is safer with Covid. My daughter can also push the vacuum around more easily than I can, so she did some of that too. I am trying to stow some groceries into every corner of my cupboards so I can get ALL the space on the kitchen island to use for cooking and prepping Thanksgiving dinner. Ours will be Saturday so that my grand-daughter and her boyfriend can also participate in Thanksgiving with part of HIS family on Thanksgiving itself. In town, no trip to Chicago!! There will only be the six of us and her two dogs. She has a new 5 month old puppy so both dogs have to come with her. The puppy chews. She will come again one more day for cleaning before Saturday. I pick up specials as we go, so I don’t do whole stock ups at one time.

  10. Marcia, is there a group you can partner with to catch, neuter and release the cats? (Someone with deep pockets, like the local humane society).

  11. That’s a good one. Especially now, during the pandemic, being able to speak freely with faraway friends and family is a lifeline.

  12. My Mother died from a hereditary disease over twenty years ago. She was in a nursing home for over eleven years during the birth of most of her grand children. Four of her siblings also died from this same disease. She has one brother who does not have it but does have dementia. I have three cousins who have died, as well, all in their forties. Some days, i just have to take a deep breath and remember where i came from. My family has been on my mind. I’m very thankful that i don’t have the disease nor do my three sisters.

    1. Debbie,

      How very sad and tragic. You have my condolences for what must seem like an overwhelming situation. Bon courage. Ann

  13. I am thankful from r my hubby taking care of me. I have Covid.
    Definately not a frugal week when my hubby goes to the grocery store. He doesn’t stick to a list. He came home with three things of ice cream! Oh well. I’ll make up for it later

    1. I’m sorry you have Covid!

      I hear that ice cream is nice when you have it, though! Perhaps you will end up excited about the ice cream!

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