Thankful Series

I’m thankful for the visiting teaching program at Church. My companion is twice my age and has become a good friend. I really enjoy her company and friendship. We visited together for over an hour after we visited the sisters we visit from church. We first became friends when I was her visiting teacher. We have several things in common, and I might not ever have known that if I hadn’t become her visiting teacher a few years ago.


What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Today I’m grateful for all of the hem canned foods in my pantry that make dinner so easy to prepare at this time of year.

  2. I am grateful for my daughter and so grateful that I could buy her a new coat yesterday. Thank you bountiful God.

  3. On the same note as Marivene, I am thankful for cleaning supplies that help make things shine and smell good for the holidays! And for the sunshine today although the temperature outside is only in the teens, it warms the spirits!

  4. My thankful list is LONG today. I am thankful for a husband who understands me even when I don’t understand myself. I am so thankful for having the funds to spend on a Grandson who needs extra help in school. I am thankful to have a nephew in the car business that I trust with all my heart not to give me extra charges on a new (to us) car. I told him what we had to spend and what we needed and he has found a 2012 for us will less than 11,000 miles that fits out budget to a T. I am thankful there are people who will come to my house and fix my computer for me because I know diddly about computers. I am thankful for some warmer weather so I can hang laundry outside and take down my drying racks for a while. (they work great but are ugly) I am thankful for a pantry full of food so I can give this Thanksgiving to others who have even less. I am thankful too for my Holy Spirit that has recently guided me away from doing something I know I would be sorry for. I could go on but that would be a bore to everyone. EXCEPT I am thankful to YOU for your blog. It does inspire me. I only read 2 blogs. Yours and the other is Want What You Have. She is an amazing woman too who can make a birthday party for her children for pennies that looks wonderful and is so special. Thanks Brandy for the time you put into your blog to make it so special. With as many children as you have your time is limited. You have a loving heart to inspire others to use what we have in front of us and make that special.

  5. I’m thankful for my warm house, happy children, wonderful husband. I am thankful our pantry and freezer is full and I can make a meal in minutes that is healthy and tasty.
    I love your new layout:)

  6. I am thankful that my sweet daughter that is away at college will be home in two days for an entire week! We will have fun cooking thanksgiving dinner together and then decorating for Christmas before she has to go back.

  7. I’m grateful for the post office. My family is all in another country, far across the sea; and while we primarily e-mail, with a few odd phone calls here and there, the post office allows us to send packages back and forth when necessary. I’m grateful my family and I live in countries which are relatively free from corruption, so that we have a high level of trust, when we send a parcel, that the person on the other end will receive it. (We’ve lost a few over the years, all sent surface mail, but nothing sent via air mail, although from time to time a parcel will take much longer than anticipated. And when you think this is my 18th year of living overseas, 2 parcels in all that time is really minimal.) Having visited a number of countries over the years where any interaction with officials was expected to be accompanied by a bribe, it is a blessing to live in a country where that just does not happen, and to be able to take it for granted as often as I do.

  8. I am thankful my husband and I will soon be living under the same roof again. The absence, while difficult, has made me appreciate our relationship even more.

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