I am thankful for the strength to be able to attend to several tasks today.

What are you thankful for

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  1. I am thankful that we are financially able to have a Thanksgiving meal, heat for our home, loved ones with us—and a big ol’ television to watch sports on! 😊🦃

  2. I am thankful for my health and, like you, the strength to complain what needs to be done. I am also thankful for the health of all my family members.

  3. I am thankful that our children have been accepted into the Universities of their choosing, with good financial aid. For what they wish to do for careers, a University education is necessary and I am grateful they can do that with minimal cost to us.


  4. I am thankful we live by wonderful, caring neighbors. We all look out for one another, and we vary in ages by a few decades.

  5. I am thankful for sunshine.
    In just the right amounts.
    And for moonlight and starlight.
    In just the right amounts.

  6. I am thankful that we have plenty of good food to cook for Thanksgiving Dinner, and most of our family will be here to share it.

  7. This morning, I have mixed emotions on my sense of thankfulness. My brother, who lives in Chesapeake, VA and shops at that Walmart texted me to say they were fine. While I’m grateful he and my family are fine, my heart hurts for those families who are not fine this morning. I pray we can find a way to stop these senseless acts of violence!

  8. I’m thankful for worldwide communication and accurate weather forecasts. On another forum, we were discussing how the eruption of a volcano on Tonga caused the year without a summer in 1816 and how truly frightening that would have been. People didn’t know why the sun wasn’t shining, why it was colder, why crops failed, causing starvation, etc. It would still be a problem today but we would know why and could take steps to counteract that.

  9. I am thankful for a beautiful day, a wonderful phone call for a loved one, and finding deals on some things we needed to stock up on as well as the few things we needed for our Thanksgiving meal.

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