I am thankful today to be starting to feel better after being ill. I still have other family members who are sick, but I am able to do some laundry and was able to be up and dressed today.

There will be no frugal accomplishments blog post today but there will be one for next week, so plan on putting all your savings together for next Monday morning!

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I’m glad you are on the mend.
    I’m thankful for the leftovers we brought home and that ALL the dishes are done. We arrived home late last night, after thanksgiving with family and then moving a daughter. I shoved all the food in the fridge, all the dishes (from the food we took) went in the sink and I went to bed. I worked all day today and came home to all the dishes to do. After a simple dinner I did the dishes, emptied a few more bags, and cleaned the kitchen. The laundry still waits…
    I’m thankful for the time with this daughter who is temporarily living with us.
    I’m thankful that my grandson’s flu was not too bad and that we still got some time with him.
    I’m thankful that my son is bearing up through his friend’s death, and is in contact with his friend’s parents.

    1. Kara beautifully written and makes us all think in grateful ways
      Thank you for your post it was inspiring

  2. I am thankful for you, Brandy, and that you are feeling better. We need you healthy as you are our link to sanity and hope! Take care.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon Brandy!

    Today, I’m thankful that I spent a nice day decorating our Christmas tree with my husband. Then we went out for a lunch date getting the lunch deals. After that I hit up Hobby Lobby as I like to buy a few new ornaments for my tree each year & their decor was 60% off. We then went grocery shopping at Marc’s, a NE Ohio grocery chain that has decent prices & different items that we don’t see at Aldi or Walmart.

    We then made a beef minestrone soup in our InstaPot just throwing beef broth & veggies, beans, and chick-pea pasta along with some ground beef together. It turned out well. We will share that with his parents as we won’t be able to eat it all. They also pick up food items for us. Like rotisserie chicken from Sams Club, frozen pizzas, etc, throughout the year.

  4. I’m thankful for insight that was decades in the coming. Marveling how something so simple was right in front of me all this time and I’d never seen it till now.

  5. I’m glad to hear you are on the mend and wish your family a speedy recovery. I’m grateful to have a job I enjoy that also pays the bills and a husband who supports me.

  6. I am thankful you and family are feeling better, I hope. From your sparse entries, I was concerned something was up, glad to know you are a bit better. Healing sparkles headed your way! I am thankful I have a doctor’s appt today, I think I have a pinched nerve a week ago, and have been out of commission the past week. Able to keep up with subsistence food for DH, the dog and me, but otherwise in a lot of pain. This pain has helped me honor those (including my DH) who live with chronic pain, it is a humbling accomplishment.

  7. Thankful I know how to stretch food and use it all. I canned 3 quarts of turkey soup base and 2 quarts of turkey broth just from slow cooking the carcass. Pretty good for what most throw out!

    Brandy I am praying for healing for you and your family. Get better.

  8. Brandy, I am so sorry you and the family got sick. There is so much going around! I got sick last week before Thanksgiving and am just resuming life. After being sick I am always grateful for how good it feels when I start to mend! Bring healthy is truly a blessing! Praying right now for you and the family to mend quickly and fully!!🙏

  9. I am so thankful we were able to have our Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Last year I was too sick with C-diff to cook or eat anything. I actually lost 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, but this year all the food tasted extra-special, and we enjoyed every crumb of leftovers.

  10. I’m glad you are on the mend and hope your family members are feeling better very soon too! I hope you’re all able to take things nice and easy this week and get rested and feeling well.

  11. I’m thankful that we all gathered with my husband, who is in a nursing home, to give him a holiday with his family. It wasn’t an ideal place to have Thanksgiving, but it made him happier.

  12. I am thankful I had the time yesterday to put up my Christmas tree and place a few decorations around the living room. My husband has Covid, but it’s affecting him more like a cold. So far, I haven’t contracted it. I am using the quarantine time to finish some projects.

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon, Brandy. I am so thankful for this community you have created which is so encouraging.

  14. Thankful you are feeling better and praying you all recover quickly. I am thankful my husband and daughter are better as well, and that I did not get it. Thankful for our health, and that my daughter is no longer considered terminal…truly a miracle from God!

  15. I am thankful for stories that I can escape into; specifically, there is a new Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache out this week, “A World of Curiosities,” that I am on the list for at my library.
    I hope you can balance your family and work comfortably while you heal this week.

  16. I was thankful to wake up not sore from the prep for furniture and extra cooking for Thanksgiving and weekend. It was a beautiful day for DH and I to catch up on ordinary tasks and pack up some items to deliver somewhere else. We were surprised and grateful that DS came home with pizza for dinner.

  17. As many others have said, I am thankful for the return of your health and hope the same for the rest of the family. I am thankful for the opportunity to eat sweet potato casserole for breakfast this morning. Thanksgiving leftovers are the best! 🙂

  18. I, too, am thankful that you are getting better and prayers and wishes for you all.
    I’m also thankful that when my no-slip boots that are fantastic on ice tripped me up on a non- pebbly pavement that I only got bashed when I fell and did not break anything or hit my head (a quarter of an inch to spare). I am glad for all of our volunteers who are doing a courageous job dropping off the book in frigid weather. Our well-laid plans for distribution became a comedy of errors on Sunday so prayers that I miss getting sick from unexpected close contact with people would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, Brandy. I’m thankful for a long-ago purchase at Goodwill. It’s an insulated, spherical “cooler” from REI that keeps a quart, refillable water bottle cold. I’ve often used it to keep drinks cold in the car until I’m ready for that iced drink. Yesterday, I had the bright idea to put my travel coffee cup in it as I needed to go downtown and wouldn’t want coffee until I was done. The coffee was piping hot … just the way I like it. Sometimes, it’s the small pleasures. Take care and hope all of you are recovered quickly.

  20. I am thankful for a comfortable house with ham/bean soup on the stove. The snow is falling outside and makes it feel cozy. Hoping for warmth of healing and renewed energy for you Brandy

  21. I am grateful for safe driving on very slippery, icy roads today. I am also grateful to be able to come home early and have some extra time at home.

  22. I’m thankful that my friend’s dog, whom we rushed to the emergency vet this evening will be ok. She called and I couldn’t understand her well through crying, but heard her dog’s name and said I’ll be right there. So relieved she was able to return home with meds and direction.

  23. Hoping the last of your illness, along with your family’s, departs quickly, and you feel well soon. I’m thankful to have gotten the vast majority of sheetrock dust cleaned from my studio yesterday. It was quite a task, and I look forward to spending time in there again.
    I’m thankful for the rain we’re receiving, which will fill up our water tanks.
    I’m thankful for this life, with all its ups and downs.

  24. Today I am thankful for hunger – and for the food to sate it. It feels good to arrive at the table hungry enough to appreciate a meal, and to be able to eat enough good food to be full. How lucky I am to live in such abundance!

  25. I am thankful for my sister. I lived out of state for many, many years (over 30) and now — who would have thought it — she lives within walking distance! Today she brought some hot soup and bread over when she heard I was sick. It is a comfort and joy to be back near family after so many years. Not just for the soup, though it helps! 🙂

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