I’m thankful that we redid the garden and I have these beautiful roses!

One of my reasons (and there were many) in wanting to relandscape the garden was to put in this particular rose (Desdemona from David Austin). What I didn’t know was that this rose would bloom almost nonstop in my garden, far outperforming all of my other roses put together. It opens pink and turns white.

The water company just announced new, higher rates starting in January. Not only do I get to have more flowers, more fruit, more vegetables, and more herbs, but because I have less grass (and the rest is on drip irrigation) I am using 33% less water than before. Between the higher water rates and the increased price of produce, my garden will pay for itself much faster now!

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for an answered prayer for a way to pay for a large dental bill we have at our wonderful local dentist. They are so patient with payments, but I am so grateful to be able to just take care of the whole thing!

  2. I’m thankful for my husband for so many reasons. But tonight, I am thankful that he put the clothes in the dryer for me when I was so tired. He is always doing sweet things for me. He is a sweetheart!

  3. Hi Brandy,

    Those roses are gorgeous. I will have to look into that variety. We have always had yellow roses in front of our home because it is my favorite. However they have seen better days and need to be replaced.

    That is terrific about your water bill. When we lived in AZ, we stayed away from grass.

    I am grateful that my son is coming for Thanksgiving.

  4. I’m thankful for another gorgeous day with my family. My beautiful granddaughter turns seven today. We’ll celebrate her special day on Sat.

  5. I am grateful for the health insurance we have through my husband’s work. It is enabling me to undergo testing to hopefully get to the root of an issue.

  6. I am thankful for the beautiful view of the mountains that I have from my house. In the fall, I get to enjoy the spectacular show of the leaves changing color. In the evenings there are gorgeous sunsets. All year long there is beauty to see.

  7. I am thankful my son offered to take my husband to his doctor appointments next week. Mayo is such a big place and due to arthritis, walking is hard for me. At the same time I am thankful we are able to go to Mayo for care.

  8. I am thankful that I was able to pay cash for an emergency home repair. My oldest son has spent many days helping his father make the necessary repairs.

  9. I am thankful for the beautiful fall colors and light we have seen for the last month or so. I love the fall and have enjoyed driving to run errands and seeing the colors.

    1. That is wonderful! Being away from home and in school can be really lonely at times and it is great you’re able to see him!

  10. I am thankful that I love to read. I am usually reading when I am not working. (Also, needless to say but I will say it anyway–I am thankful for The Prudent Homemaker.)

  11. The blue morning glories that finally started blooming a few weeks ago, long after their season should have been done. Such a beautiful color!

    1. Ours just started blooming also this week! How funny that is. We had some purple ones that started in September, but nary a heavenly blue one until after two frosts up here in Boston. They are full of buds now and managing the frosty mornings fine.

  12. Continuing with the garden theme, I am grateful for all the plants, seeds and divisions I have been given by friends and neighbors over the years as well as those I have rescued from the side of the road or a building site. It is a joy to see how my garden are organically coming together (my garden “design” is definitely along the lines promoted in “A Gentle Plea for Chaos” by Mirabel Osler) and to be reminded of the people and situations that brought the plants to me. Like my home with all its second-hand, inherited and gifted things, my gardens are a treasure trove of people I know and things I’ve done and I love it.

  13. I am so thankful for this Thankful series, it helps bring me back to gratitude instead of all the things I need to do! Thank you, Brandy, you bless women all across the world!

  14. I am thankful for a husband who is open and supportive in all that I do. He goes out of his way to see my dreams fulfilled, make my life a little easier, and never fails to let me know how much he appreciates me or that he thinks I am beautiful. He truly is my best friend. We do everything together and will celebrate, G-d willing, 30 years of marriage in April of 2023.

  15. I am thankful for modern appliances- like the washing machine that allow me get the wash done while doing other things! Making mom life a little bit easier!

  16. I am thankful that we are able to afford groceries still, with the prices going up all the time! I am also very thankful for grocery delivery from our favorite store. It helps me lots when I’m feeling under the weather like today!

  17. I am thankful that fall is looking much better than spring for our family member with health problems. I appreciate all the writings and information of professionals on the internet in finding some answers.

    I am also thankful for a few household items recently found from a list from 2 years ago.

  18. I am thankful that the size clothes and shoes I wear is plentiful at thrift stores, and that I have the skills to make necessary alterations and mending. I feel happy wearing styles I like in good quality brands that last for years.

  19. Thankful for electricity. I realized today how many things in the hosue were running at that point, like dishwasher, washing machine, computer and tv, all of which depend on electricity and make my life so much easier.

  20. I am thankful for the beautiful natural world that surrounds me. I am sorting through many photographs for my calendar which is being made for me as a gift and which I’ll give to a few friends and relatives. So far I am thankful for wonderful bear, moose, marmot, chipmunk, swan, bluebird, wood lily, lady slipper orchids. I am grateful for the memories of the lovely trips when I took those photos.

  21. I’m thankful I was able to vote early, and for the many people working at our polling place. It’s often a thankless role, but they were extremely helpful as many elderly needed assistance with the system.

  22. That is amazing that you can have all of those flowers and vegetables for less water than grass! I’m grateful for a laid back evening at home and time to let my rabbit play in the family room. Watching her run around and hop on and off the couch brings me so much joy.

  23. I am thankful to have a garden plot this summer that I didn’t need to pay for. I was able to harvest tomatoes to put away, onions for winter storage, plus basil, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, and greens to eat fresh. I am able to have the same plot again next year and now that I have seen how things grow in it, make a few adjustments to where certain plants are placed to make it more productive.

  24. I am thankful for this beautiful day and the shiny clean house windows we washed.. I am thankful for left-overs and a salad for dinner.

  25. I am thankful for our small greenhouse that continues to serve us over 3 plus years of winters and counting. We generally only keep citrus and a few of our more tropical living plants I. If, but it’s lovely to pick lemons in January!

  26. I am grateful for my retired friends walking group. It’s so nice to see these good people once a week! Our hour plus walk goes so quickly because we are so busy yakking.

  27. I am thankful my sister’s surgery went well, and that I am able to cook some delicious and healthy meals for her. I am thankful, period, to have a sister who is loving and smart and funny.

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