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Today we were gifted a fridge/freezer combo and all the food in it, plus all of the food from the family’s pantry. The couple recently became just one (the wife passed away recently; this is the funeral we attended a few months back) and the husband is moving. This was his extra fridge that he had in the garage. The freezer is full of wonderful things and the pantry had lots of items on my to-buy list for this month! 

I am grateful for this wonderful blessing.


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Today I’m so very thankful for the rain that is falling in Cali and especially thankful for the SNOW that is falling in the Sierra’s! We need the snow pack desperately for our water supply!

  2. Hi Brandy and what a wonderful bitter sweet blessing.

    So wonderful of the husband to gift you the fridge freezer combo and all the food in it, but at the same time sad that his wife has passed away. We are very much blessed through others kind deeds and usually when we least expect it.

    Today I am blessed for receiving a kiss and a hug from a friend at church and a huge thank you from another on Sunday who got so excited about the apple pie that she had a piece of, that my husband and I made, and thanked us in this way. We did a little excited dance together and I was able to give service by sending the two ladies the recipe via email. This lovely friend travels 1.5 hrs each way to get to church in our ward, and the other lady 45 mins each way.

    How lovely to celebrate meals made from scratch in this way, even though others were giving us rather strange looks 🙂 , we didn’t care and it was good to catch up as we live too far away to financially spend a lot of time together at each others homes.

  3. Brandy, I hope you are feeling better each day. That was a wonderful blessing getting all of that food and the fridge/freezer combo.

    I am grateful today that my dentist took me on a moment’s notice when I was in pain.

  4. Today I am grateful for my garden. I picked the remaining green tomatoes & brought them inside to put in the ripening bowls. I have a batch of tomato jam holding in the fridge, waiting to be processed. I have the last of the rhubarb dehydrating on one tray, with the last apples, that were needing something done with them, on another tray. I spread grounds from Starbucks over half of the bottom tier, & turned it in with the garden fork. There is a plate of heirloom pole bean pods drying on the counter, to add to the seeds for the garden next year. We already have about a hefty half cup of pole bean seeds for next year.

    We have been so blessed.

  5. This reminds me of childhood visits to my grandparents in late October. Every November to March they would stay in Florida to avoid the cold at home and the week before they left my Mama and I would drive down with coolers and they would gift us with all of the food in their fridge/freezer/pantry. I now realize that they sweetly overbought much of what was in there knowing that we would come and that it would feed our family for much of the winter. What a wonderful gift this winter for your family!

  6. I have made some positive changes in my life which make me more focused on my children and home, so I am thankful that I finally saw the need and was able to be strong enough to make these changes.

  7. I am thankful I can nurse my flu at home and not miss work or have to go outside the house, etc. I am thankful I’m not as sick as I might have been, just enough to feel bad here and there.

  8. It’s a sad reason, but I am glad it did not go to waste.

    We are very thankful that for the first November in SIX years, we do not have to watch every penny. The first two weeks of November have been our most difficult of each year since the recession. We celebrated by going out to eat and getting a few small presents for the children. We are so happy about it, what a huge relief. We are thankful to be buying our daughter 2T clothes, she is much larger than her brothers, and she was so small, and such a difficult pregnancy, it is hard to believe when she is bursting out of her jammies. I have a new pair in the dryer, and will dig out the 2Ts after they are in bed.
    I am THANKFUL my husband will be home in half an hour, haa, those naughty children were up at 4:15 this morning.

  9. I am thankful that I got to visit with my daughter this weekend when she was helping the family of one of her roommates with their amazing Halloween display (lots of animated items, a ghost on a zip line, lots of other decorations – it was great) and she was ‘only’ 5 hours away. I am even more thankful that I was able to totally surprise her by arranging for her best friend to also visit for a few hours. They had not seen each other for nearly 3 months and it was wonderful for both of them and for me.

    Very happy for you on the appliance and food gifts.

  10. That although I still have lingering problems from two years of illness, my surgeon calls every few weeks to check on my progress and offers suggestions for getting stronger. I don’t know of many doctors who keep tabs on their patients when the insurance is no longer covering the contacts.

  11. What a wonderful blessing!! So happy for you, Brandy! I’m thankful my husband was able to come home for lunch today! It was so nice to see him in the middle of the day. He read books to the children while I made banana bread, which we’ll eat tonight with our dinner.

  12. I am thankful that I can be happy for Brandy and her family !!!!!!! This gift of theirs truly made me happy and happiness is a blessing.

  13. I am thankful I get to watch my two youngest in dance class tonight. They attend a small dance studio where the owner/teacher has always worked with me so my girls could attend. She makes sure classes are on the same day so that saves us. She has also allowed me in years past to clean or decorate in exchange for tution. I am blessed to have adults who love and teach my daughters.

  14. I am thankful that I work part-time at my daughter’s elementary school. I appreciate the extra money, but I truly believe that God wanted and needed me to be there to “see” the children that are often overlooked. My brother (now deceased) was born with developmental disabilities during the 1970s when children like him were placed in regular classrooms. I was often his voice and defender when I needed to be… so God knew that I would see and take care of the children in this school that have the same challenges.

  15. I’m also grateful that California is due for a good soaking tonight. And also that after a lifetime of frugality, my husband and I are doing well in retirement.

  16. What a wonderful blessing for your family! God’s timing was perfect for your needs.
    I am thankful for my dear husband. We have been through the sickness part of the “in sickness or health” of our wedding vows and he has stood by me and been my rock through it all. Thank God, i am doing very well now and my husband’s job is easier.

  17. Today I am thankful to have a reliable car. I recently was able to replace a 17-year-old one that had been running on prayer alone for the last few years. Safety is wonderful.

  18. What a wonderful blessing for you and your family!
    I’m thankful for a wonderful son, and his beautiful wife, as she gives birth to our third grand baby! (Tonight? Tomorrow?) I can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks!

  19. Wow that is awesome Brandy. I am thankful I got closet doors installed in my sons bedroom today. I got them a few months ago at the swap meet.

  20. I am sorry for the loss of his wife, I know he is hurting inside. It was so kind of him to bless your family with the fridge and freezer and pantry items. He sounds like a wonderful friend.

    Tonight I am thankful for a working washer. Having had a sick youngster I have laundry to catch up on. We are also blessed this week with cooler than normal weather. Open windows and turn off the air conditioner for us. I hope that will lower our electric bill by $50.00 to put towards my emergency fund. I need to build it up again after a repair.

    I hope you are feeling better. I am going to the doctor tomorrow. I believe I have shingles. I have something going on. A rash that hurts so much I can hardly stand it. I have tried everything over the counter for it and it still hurts. It is getting worse not better. I was crying a while ago, (not like me) and my husband made me make an appointment. (I made the appointment online with my doctor) Computers are wonderful.

  21. As I sit here reading through all the comments, I am grateful that I found this blog and have learned so much.

    I am also happy for Brandy and her family getting the refrigerator/freezer combo and food, a blessing that came from something sad. My husband received a kidney transplant 21 years ago, another blessing from someone else’s sad times. I hope I can remember to pass along kindness when the time comes.

  22. Today I am thankful that I got to work today for money. Every little bit helps right now. I am grateful that my husband washed a bunch of laundry and folded all of that, plus the backlog of clean laundry we had. I’m thankful that even though we both forgot to take a chicken out of the freezer, we were able to find plenty of leftovers to feed the family for dinner. Win-win after all! Leftovers used up, and chicken tomorrow. I was thankful for some kind words spoken to me today, and how people seem to care about us so much.

  23. I am thankful that my son is away at an “outward bound” type camp for the week with his classmates. He’s hopefully having fun and building confidence while my husband and I are enjoying some time alone.

    I’m so excited for your new fridge/freezer Plus Food! What a blessing that is. I’ve been casually looking to replace our fridge. Ours came with our house when we bought it 8 years ago and even then, it was a few years old. So I know replacing it would save on our electric bill every month and eventually pay for itself.

  24. I am thank-ful for the daughter who made time to come home as we walk the path of hospice with my MIL.

  25. Showers of blessings all round it seems 🙂

    Today I am so thankful that it rained yesterday, when I wasn’t able to do the washing and hang it out or water the veggie garden, and that it was enough rain to give the garden a good, gentle soak that will last a few days; that today is warm, with a gentle breeze so the three loads of washing have all been line-dried, folded and put away already; that my plans for work didn’t go the way I thought they would because the solution is so much better; that I have been able to get some Christmas gifts made, things I’ve been puzzling over for a few weeks today just happened.

  26. Brandy–It is so great that you are able to continue this blog although injured! And what a blessing with a fridge/freezer and food! Each time you use any of it, you will be reminded of this couple’s generosity. The dresser is beautiful too. I have a couple of pieces a couple I was nanny for gifted me and they are real treasures.
    As Erika mentioned, winter is here in Alaska. It is dark by 5 now. We had more snow today so that those of you who are still harvesting gardens are envied! But we are thankful our gardens were productive last summer.
    My husband drove up from MN last week. He only had 50 miles of snow on the way so we are very thankful for safe travel. He brought a vanload of items with him including my sewing machine, some yarn, and some kitchen items. It would be nice to have everything, but we appreciate what we have even more!
    I’m also thankful for reconnecting with old friends on internet. I’m not on social media besides email but it is a blessing!
    Prayers especially for Becky from Iowa. We were in the position of losing a job we felt passionate about years ago. We ended up finding a new church that fits our beliefs and my husband became ordained. Now we are back in Alaska and feel so blessed. We worked very low paying jobs for a couple of years but we also grew in faith and trust.

  27. Roxie, please keep your appt. If it is shingles, the sooner you can get on an antiviral medication, the sooner you can heal. (RN here 🙂 )
    All the best,
    Susan in So Cal

  28. I am thankful for the mild weather and the rain here in SP. Temperatures dropped from 95F to 70F, much nicer. Congratulations on the new freezer and food items. I’m sure your friend is happy to be able to give you those things, so that they won’t be wasted. Bless you all.

  29. I am thankful that my husband comes home from work each day happy to greet me and our dog. We shared a couple of good laughs and then cooked dinner together. I am glad that your friend was able to provide such a gift to you in his time of sadness and major life change. When my Mom died and we cleared out her house I found the greatest happiness in giving things away.

  30. While helping my mother clean the gutters out yesterday (Nov 2), I noticed a single, beautiful rose had bloomed on the south side of the house. It was amazing to see, since we are now full throttle into cold fall weather here with several nights of heavy frost/below freezing temps. We cut the bloom and brought the little miracle into the house to enjoy!

    Today I am thankful for beautiful little miracles that touch our live so innocently.:D

  31. I’m thankful that my mother left me a freezer full of freezer meals. I’ve been severely morning sick and she came to help for 3 weeks. She made us almost 2 weeks worth of meals to use. So, as I am still not well, I don’t have to worry about what to feed my kids. So thankful!

  32. I am grateful that Our Lord is always a merciful n compassionate god…. This week i found out a mom of 2 little ones n neighbor to me survived a horrible nasty car accident and that she has found blessings that this “pause” in her busy life has given her a new found meaning to the rest of her life knowing that she could have died.
    I an grateful the Lord allowed for me to pray with her; encourage her n jus help out in little ways..
    I am also grateful that my hubby us home today to spend time with me n our kids…they miss him alot n i value seeing the roughplay n piggyback rides n laughter this morning…

  33. Brandy, I am happy that you and your family received such a wonderful blessing of food and another freezer/refrigerator that came from the sorrow of another. But I believe that they were happy to share those things with you and it lifted their loads as they make painful transitions.

    I am grateful for a friend who is moving and gifted me with six cases of canning jars. I have enough for my needs and am looking for someone to share some of the jars with.

  34. I am thankful for the rain we received . I am thankful the food and frig Brandy
    received. She has blessed me and my daughter through this blog for years. I have been
    able to learn so many wonderful things here. I am thankful for a full pantry as things are tight and it is wonderful to be able to cook out of the pantry. 🙂

  35. I am thankful that we can manage on the money we have and for my husband who has made the finance phone calls today.

  36. Sheila, I am so very glad this mother and her children came out of this car accident alive and well. A few years ago, on Christmas eve, a mother and her young daughter, who lived in the town I was living in at the time, were on their way home after visiting with family. Their car hit black ice and skidded off the road, landing upside down in a water filled gully. People stopped to help them and they were able to get the mother out safely. However, the young daughter ended up drowning before they could get her out of the car. I cried every time I passed this spot in the road for months. I still cannot imagine a worse nightmare for that mother, who had to return home to a bunch of Christmas presents her child would never receive. To this day, it still makes me cry just thinking about it.

  37. Kandace, why don’t you use the extras to fill with preserves and give as gifts for Christmas. The recipient can keep the jars as part of the gift.

  38. I’m thankful for a compassionate, understanding, and supportive conversation with my pastor, which helped me with a decision I needed to make.

  39. Today I am thankful for the miscellaneous/dregs of snacks I keep in a little basket in the pantry. Random samples of candy, nuts and such get tossed in there. Today they were much needed to round out packed lunches!

    Brandy, that is a wonderful gift you received. I am so happy for you!

  40. Brandy, that is a wonderful gift you received! What a blessing. I am thankful for the wonderful guys in the glasses repair store that fixed my daughter’s glasses last night even though we arrived right before closing and they had to stay 10 minutes late. My daughter volunteered to work at the polls today and had to be there at 5 am so there was no way to come back first thing the next morning. But as a student her job was to write numbers on ballots and that is hard to do when you can’t see.

  41. So this may be an odd thing to be thankful for – but I am thankful for Craigslist as it has brought us much needed cash over the last few months. Just when I get worried – something I have listed sells 🙂 I am also thankful that my FIL is still with us to celebrate a family get together tomorrow and cook the dosa’s for the group – Indian food – (I was going to say the holidays – but you never know what may happen between now and then when a person is in poor health)

  42. 11-2 I am so thankful that my Aunt Delfi came through a major surgery as best as the doctors thought. We are even more thankful that she was still in the hospital, Monday early early a.m.) when they discovered a blood clot in her lung. She had been expected to be discharged that day, but there was no delay in dealing with it, like there would have been had she been back home already.

  43. Brandy, that is an amazing gift of the heart that you received from the gentleman. How wonderful for all of you.

  44. I am thankful for Brandy and this blog today and everyday. I have read it for years but seldom comment but this thankful series I feel so strongly about seemed a good time to post more often. Brandy I am glad that you have received such a heartfelt gift of the fridge/freezer and foods. This was a blessing to this man as well.

  45. I am thankful I finished my master’s degree this year and am now only 2 years away from my doctorate. Just need to finish my dissertation and my 1-year internship; along these lines I’m thankful for my supportive family and fiancé.

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