Reading each of your comments this week has been amazing. It really puts one’s life into perspective when you read about the challenges of others! Thank you all for sharing!

Today, I am thankful that the weather is not cooling yet as was predicted a week ago, but is instead staying just perfect. It’s the right temperature for seeds to germinate, and I have a fridge full of leftovers, which will allow me more time to work in the garden today. There is still so much to do. We are hoping to be done with the major work by the end of April. Today, I will help my husband make metal pieces for an arbor, mix manure into the garden, run new drip lines, and sow seeds.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am grateful to see the beautiful sunshine making our Autumn Blaze maple glow like a hot fire! It’s incredible.

  2. I am thankful that my Hubby turned down work to go help finish putting the handrailing on the ramp at his parents. A couple other family members was going to do it (Hubby and his 2 brothers put the ramp on a couple weeks ago) but found it is beyond their abilities or time . The ones that was going to do it called Hubby and let him know instead of just not going to do it. We are thankful they did let him know.

  3. What a beautiful red zinnia, with a yellow crown inside!
    I am thankful for the pleasure and nutrition of fruit. Especially berries and lemons.

  4. I am thankful for beautiful weather this weekend (60F – I live in Minnesota in the US) to get the garden “put to bed” (cleaned up for the winter) this weekend and the time available to do so.
    I am also grateful that my 16-year-old daughter wants to spend time with me today running errands for both our household and my parents. Many teenagers won’t do that and I’m grateful for her companionship and help.

    Thanks again for this series each year, Brandy. It’s such a blessing to me!

  5. I’m thankful for my three cats. I live alone – by choice – but it’s nice to have some living creatures in the house as well. They are amusing sometimes, frustrating at other times, mostly because they are cats and cats do what cats want to do, but always a joy to have in my home.

    1. We have 5 cats and a neighborhood tom cat that visits regularly. They all have distinct personalities and truly bring us great joy. My service animal is priceless in so many ways. I love that cocker spaniel like a best friend. These are simple joys that bring us the greatest happiness.

    2. My family and I have 3 cats of our own and provide rescue and fostering services for our local Humane Society as well as for the community cats in our area. It is rewarding and heartbreaking, often at the same time. I am always glad to hear of cats who are loved by their people. Glad your kitties have you!

  6. Today I am very thankful for my husband (ex-husband really) who comes here every day to work around the house and see that I am fed, at least, one hot meal a day. Jake cleans my kitchen and walks the dog. We act like we are still married though we haven’t lived in the same household for over 30 years. A very long, convoluted story that I won’t go into. *laughing*

  7. I am thankful today that my niece reached out to me for prayer last week, she attended two family dinners in the last 8 weeks, and she is coming to church with me tomorrow. I am filing all of these recent blessings under the list of miracles I have prayed for with such pleading that I can only utter thank you to these answered prayers with tears rolling down my cheeks and hands raised in worship. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

  8. Today I am thankful for being available to help watch my granddaughter and her friend while her parents begin packing to move to their first house. I am thankful for the beautiful fall day with trees so beautiful as they change. I am also thankful for enough…I have enough food, money, friends, family, clothes and anything else I need. I may not have everything I think I want but I do have enough. Brandy, again, I love this series. Thanks for taking time daily to make this happen.

  9. This sounds silly compared to some of the serious things others are thankful for, but I am very thankful for a sandwich I had for supper yesterday. I love roast beef but it is expensive at the deli and it is seldom rare enough for me. I have tried cooking a roast and it still did not suit me. Yesterday my husband stopped to get milk and saw roast beef at the deli. He is colorblind so could not tell if it was rare but the counter woman assured him that she loved rare roast beef, too, and this was perfect. He bought a pound of it ($12.98!! A huge extravagance) and a loaf of fresh Italian bread and for dinner made me one of the best sandwiches I have had in years. And there is plenty left for more sandwiches.

    1. Not silly at all. I love roast beef sandwiches, too. I don’t buy it either but it sounds delicious!

      1. BJ’s has delicious roast beef in the deli, it’s around $8 a lb. I was surprised at the price, but have it cut thin to make it go further 🙂

    2. I imagine you could make quite a few sandwiches with a loaf of bread and a pound of roast beef-and probably spent less than one supper out. I think that is why we are frugal-so we can splurge occasionally on the things we love.

  10. I am thankful for my woodstove which, not only keeps me warm, but is very calming, as well. I can just sit looking at the fire for a long time. I can imagine humans have been doing this since the beginning of time and it is a simple and effective reminder to slow down and savor time and the blessing of warmth. Such a basic need that many do not have. This week I read about the concept of Otium Sanctum or holy leisure. Described by Richard J. Foster in “Celebration of Discipline” as “…the ability to be at peace through the activities of the day…and ability to pace ourselves and practice the contemplative arts.” Building and enjoying the fire is exactly that to me.

  11. Thank you, Brandy, for these Thanksgiving posts! Although I still read each of the weekly posts, I find it overwhelming to keep up with the comments each week, so I have just kept silent. However, the yearly Thanksgiving posts (my favorites!) have drawn me in to share what I am thankful for. Today I will share that I am thankful for our family’s overall health. Although our entire family (except me) got Covid, even those with high risks did not have severe disease. Our niece who did get severe Covid and spent 3 months in the hospital on a ventilator and ultimately an ECMO, recovered to return home to her dedicated husband and precious toddler son. I broke my two remaining wisdom teeth 3 months apart but did not develop C-diff from the strong antibiotics or osteonecrosis of the jaw from the extractions. I have had both C-diff and ONJ in the past, and am so grateful to not be suffering from those again. Despite a number of health challenges, I started walking 3 miles a day (indoors on our wood and tile floors) and have lost 20 pounds since March. I only have 10 more pounds to go. The greatest benefit from the daily walking is that I have increased my bone density for the first time ever, according to my DEXA scan in August. I have moderately severe osteoporosis but can no longer take meds for it, due to developing ONJ, a rare side effect of those meds. Our grandson finally received a diagnosis and his health has improved a bit. Hubby and I were healthy enough to enjoy a week-long road trip in August to celebrate our 45th Anniversary. Despite 100° temps, we were able to enjoy and hike wonderful nature trails in beautiful, historic surroundings we had never visited before. And after receiving a tick bite which is just now beginning to fade, my dr. prescribed preventative antibiotics so I didn’t contract lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, prevalent in the area. Thank you, God.

    1. I did not know there was an antibiotic to take after being bit by a tick! Good to know!

      1. It is really important to give quick treatment for a tick bite. It is equally important
        to know how to remove a tick that is sucking your blood so you don’t leave the tick’s head embedded
        in your body. When I come in from gardening, I now check for hitch-hiking ticks since they are becoming more common here.

        I am thankful that years ago I found two ticks on me before they started to engorge themselves on my blood.
        It was after a lovely trip to Waterton Park, just north of glacier national Park — really tick country!

      2. Doxycycline. I don’t remember the milligrams, but I only had to take 2 tablets. I had never had a tick bite before in my life.

    2. I am thankful that your niece’s hospital had an ECMO machine and that she is recovering. A friend’s life was
      saved by an EcMo machine!

  12. I am thankful for drivers—taxi, bus, accessible van and everyone who is out there dealing with traffic, weather and the price of gas to get people where they need to go. I hope they know they’re appreciated.

  13. I’m thankful my dad, who has Covid (though vaccinated), is feeling much better today! Praying everyone has a healthy, happy weekend!

  14. I am thankful for a lovely woman at Albertsons today who fixed a mistake I made on our pickup order. She was friendly, helpful and just a joy to meet!

  15. I’m really thankful to have our home. We saved and sacrificed for years, and the hard work paid off. I’m just grateful to have a home that I enjoy coming home to, filled with the people I love.

  16. I’m thankful for the rainy weather we had for a few days. Everything in the garden is very happy. I’m glad the rain stopped so we could prepare for the getting-rid-of -extra plants-sale tomorrow!

    It will be in the high 50s –our first “cold” weather, tonight, and I’m grateful to have warm (thrifted) clothing.

    I’m thankful for being able to be part of this community.

  17. We have had cold nights since Tuesday. The last few nights got below freezing early in the morning. I was having a hard time setting the new heat pump to come on for the few minutes we needed it. Unless the humidity drops real low at night like it did Tuesday, I am thankful to have figured out that if I drop it 2 more degrees and put a quilt on the beds to be pulled up when needed we can get a good nights sleep which makes everyone’s day better.

  18. I’m thankful my oldest daughter and family moved back from Portland. It was a major move and they did it with grace. Waiting for a house to be finished and while working online, my daughter continued to keep a positive outlook. Her job decided she could work from home permanently. My grandkids are so excited to have sleepovers and hang out with us. Lots of hugs and kisses from them all!

  19. I am thankful that I got to take my oldest granddaughter post birthday shopping for used books. We rarely have time alone and she was so appreciative of her new(used) books! She is utterly delightful and I was so blessed. I had store credit and we got $7 books for under ten dollars, old classics which are our favorites!

  20. I am thankful that we were able to relocate after retirement to be back near family. Spent part of the afternoon with some extended family and was glad of the companionship and the ability to offer some support.

  21. I am thankful that our turnip and carrot seeds are sprouting in the gardens after getting rid of the snails and slugs that ate them last time 🙂 .

  22. Today we moved my mom to an assisted living facility. I am thankful everything went smoothly. The movers were great, the staff were welcoming and helpful, and my mom seems content. I am grateful she is in a good place where she will be taken care of.

  23. I’m grateful to be lying in bed at the end of a long day. I’m grateful to have a mattress to lie on, pillows for my head, and cosy sheets and covers. A freshly laundered bed is a joy to sink into at the end of a tiring day.

  24. I am grateful for plastic. I cannot imagine what home healthcare was like before disposables were invented. And I really appreciate the garbage collectors who take all the resulting trash to the landfill.
    Last night I was also very happy I decided to see if Youtube had any videos of mom’s hometown. She so would like to visit there.(Actually, in an ideal world, she’d like move back into her childhood home.) But between a 150 mile round trip, a very old car, a pandemic, and not being sure we could take care of things in the handicap stall of a public restroom, I cannot take her there for an outing. But I was able to give her a virtual visit by playing quite a few
    the Youtube videos on the tv. Mom was happy.

  25. I am thankful for those brave people who are fighting for just causes across the world. They are my heroes. So much I can no longer do, but I can support others from here.

  26. I am grateful for the internet. Although there are dark places online to be avoided I appreciate the ability to find knowledge and connect with others through email and blogs.

  27. Like Marley, I am thankful to have enough–food, income, clothing, shelter, friends, interests, challenges, opportunities to learn and serve.

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