Today I am thankful that the Swiss chard and lettuce seeds that I sowed in the garden last week are germinating!

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am grateful that it’s Friday. It’s been a long work week and it’s had a bunch of difficulties, so I am grateful for two day break from my work week.


  2. Today I am grateful that I was able to harvest over a dozen more green bell peppers from our garden along with a huge amount of mustard greens, collard greens, bok choy, and kale. All of these green veggies are great healthy additions to our table and less items in my grocery cart. Hooray for backyard gardening!

  3. Im gratefu; for waking up today! Grateful for my husband, he tries so hard to take care of his family and provide us with what we need. Im really grateful for my husbands new job. Its the best paying with the best benefits that he’s had since we’ve been together.

  4. I’m thankful for my thifted, warm, pullover sweater and my given-to-me jeans, as it is uncharacteristically chilly, as well as rainy, today.

  5. I am thankful for the layers of love surrounding my nephew and his family, while they are still reeling from the grief of his daughter’s death six months ago. They count her ten years of life on earth a great blessing, and miss her terribly.

  6. I am thankful for this battered, weary America that I live in and pray that God will bless us and give us guidance.

  7. I am thankful that I made an appointment to start physical therapy with a provider who accepts my insurance and there wasn’t a waiting list.

  8. I am paying bills today. I am thankful that I no longer have to rob Peter to pay Paul to make it through the month. TBH, I have been debt-free for 26 years, but I never stop being thankful that I am.

  9. I am simultaneously grateful that at 37 weeks pregnant I don’t have to do this much longer, but also that the baby seems happy to cook for a bit longer so I can get over The Cold To End All Colds before I have to do labour and a newborn again. Hang in there, baby!

  10. I am grateful that mom gets her “Blizzard Box” from Meals on Wheels tomorrow for the days to come when the weather keeps the volunteers off their routes. I am very grateful for Meals on Wheels. It eases my stress of keeping mom fed a bit. When I first signed up, she was such a fussy eater and I was feeling like I was a failure as a cook. It turned out my cooking was not the problem. She likes the mom-sized cartons of milk and the mini boxes and bowls of cereals and the goodies (desserts) that come with some of the meals. She will eat some of the entrées some of the time. I debate whether or not to keep getting the meals but the extra bites she eats because of the novelty of the delivered meals has helped improve her health. And knowing somebody (a real human!) will be at the door nearly all weekdays sometime after 10:30 a.m. helps me keep on a better routine. If I have had a difficult day, I love knowing there is a balanced meal planned by a nutitionist in the refrigerator waiting to be reheated and plated to serve mom. We always make the suggested contribution. But I think it is wonderful that the recipients of their meal deliveries do not have to pay a dime to our local Meals on Wheels organization. So no senior should be going hungry around here between Meals on Wheels and the monthly food boxes very low income seniors can have delivered. (No personal experience with them but I read the USDA guidelines for what is supposed to be in those boxes.)
    I wrote about how I appreciate grocery delivery services yesterday. Today, I got an emailed offer from Meijer for $15 off my first delivery ordered directly from them (not through Instacart) over $65 or $75 AND I got a $15 off my first delivery offer from a Facebook ad for Anycart. Their only store available for delivery to me is Kroger. Guess how my next two grocery orders will be made. 🙂 As I told my sister, I will be delaying the grocery orders until we need fresh milk.

  11. I’m thankful for our woodstove being repaired and working well. And that it’s Friday! That means a cozy movie night with my husband and children. 😁

  12. I am grateful for so many things today. That my DIL’s week long stay with us went well. That one of our local grocery stores had a one-day baking sale yesterday, and I was able to go on my way to work. I was able to get flour for 99¢ for a 5 pound bag and brown sugar for 88¢ for 2 pounds. I did not think I would see that this year. That it is Friday, and I am so close to having my November 15th work done. That I am appreciated by my employers. That we have been getting some rain. I am hoping we will be out of our drought this year. I just generally have a very thankful heart today.

  13. I am grateful for the mountains where I live. No matter where I look, I see the beauty of God’s creation. I can understand why people have flocked to mountainous regions since time began as a way to feel closer to God. I see His hand in everything around me every day.

  14. I am thankful for the sunshine we enjoyed today and the beautiful colors of the fall leaves in our yard and neighborhood.

  15. I am thankful my nephew is mechanically inclined. He was able to fix issue with my vehicle with a trip to parts store and some of his time. It would have been many $100’s at dealer instead of $120 for the part. And I never even asked him for the help, he noticed the repair was needed one day and had it done the next afternoon.

    1. Goodness, Laurie in Central NC!
      That is most definitely something to be thankful for.

      I hope your friend continues to be safe and gets things back on track easily and soon.


  16. THankful that my new cardiologist spent over an hour with me, making sure every question I had was answered and scheduling several new tests to try and figure out why my lungs are so full of water. The last person, who has moved, seldom spent more than 15 minutes with me and I always felt like he was patting me on the head and telling me not to worry. This guy said I should worry about my lungs and vowed we would keep working to find out the problem. The way it is now I have great difficulty breathing and I wheeze constantly.

    1. Mable,

      Please schedule an appointment with a Pulmonologist if you haven’t seen one already.

      I am glad you have a better cardiologist. Your old one sounded like my first one.

  17. I am thankful that we have the finances available to increase our food storage before the prices go up further (20-30% increases predicted in Australia in February March next year), and that even though stocks are patchy in our grocery stores, that we can still mostly find what we need and use and there is no grocery purchasing restrictions 🙂 .

  18. I am thankful to have a husband and daughter and son who listen when I am weary, sad or scared and help me regain my equalibrium. I couldn’t do this without them.

  19. I’m thankful for this beautiful fall weather we are having. The leaves are still in all their glorious yellows and reds and oranges and it hasn’t gotten too cold yet. Just perfect!

  20. I am thankful for small appliances today. I made the last batch of salsa and used a small electric chopper to speed it up so I could do all the main prep work to put it in the refrigerator until later in the evening to finish. I was thinking as I worked about my Grandmother putting up food for a family with 10 children on a farm doing everything manually and the many hours of hard work it took. Things were better by the time I saw the many jars of canned goods in shelves on one side of the staircase and all the children were grown. My Sister told me once that I took after our Grandmother in canning. I told her I liked canning. Food tasted better, was more nutritious, and it saved money. Our Grandmother did it out of necessity, such a big difference.

  21. I am thankful that I could go on a beautiful autumn hike, just over 3 miles, in sunny weather. The landscape was new to me and was wonderful to be outside in a stunning place.

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