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I’m thankful for the beautiful weather that we’re having. It will be in the low 80’s today: perfect weather for having the house open!


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for the rest I received last night. I had been pondering some situations and upon awakening this morning I Realized solutions to situations I had been spending much time thinking about this week.

  2. Today I’m grateful for my job, even when I have days (like today) when I want to run far, far away!

    But it’s a well-paying job that enables us to pay off debt, so I’m happy to have it at the end of the day.

  3. i am thankful for the library – I was in need to some research books for dealing with mental health and gut issues and there is no money to buy any but the library had all of the books I wanted to check out 🙂

  4. Today I am thankful for more rain. According to the weather man on TV we just had the driest Oct. on record for our area of TX. We had less than 1 inch of rain all month. This weekend and now today we are getting some brief showers. Not flooding rains, but enough to do the yard and garden some good. So I am very thankful to get this rain. It is also in the 80’s here too and not the high 90’s like last week. I can open a window and let some air into the house.

  5. I’m thankful for the positive extra-curricular activities (church youth group, scouts, swim, cross-country, Christian club, piano, library volunteer work–whew!) my son is involved in. He’s busy, happy, learning leadership skills, helping others, and keeping out of mischief.

  6. Thankful for “restart” my day and move forward. Things don’t go as planned. I can restart and get things accomplished something.

  7. I am thankful for the congregation my husband has been called to serve as Pastor! And for the beautiful 1/4 sheet cake we currently have in our fridge after the reception yesterday.


  8. Despite how divided our country is over the election, I am so thankful we have the freedom to speak our mind and the privilege of voting for our leader.

  9. I am thankful that I was raised in the family I had, with my parents and my four sisters. I am thankful we had a stable, loving, faith filled home.

  10. Although I lost my job on Friday (I was there 14 years), I am grateful that we don’t have to worry about our finances. My husband is very hard working and has reassured me that all will be ok and that something better is in store for me

  11. I am thankful that my Autistic daughter is finally appreciating her EA that has been working with her for a few years now. This year we have heard my daughter say several nice things about her EA, where before she only told us how much she hated her. I think I might have my daughter convinced to try sewing a special Christmas gift for her EA. This is the first time she has expressed an interest in learning to sew on the sewing machine, for which I am truly grateful! Now I just hope my daughter doesn’t get extremely frustrated or nervous when she first tries it. Otherwise, the sewing lesson will be over before it started. :p

  12. I am grateful for a gorgeous autumn day today with red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves, and the opportunity to thank a good friend, who provided me with so much support during my recovery from surgery, by going for a long walk in a state park along the ocean and enjoying a delicious lunch together.

  13. I am thankful for good weather also–70 degrees in November is unheard of here. After my dr’s appt, I went to the farm stand for apples and to the post office for stamps because it was so beautiful I didn’t want to go back home right away!

    Also, my DD, SIL, and DGD stopped over for a little while tonight. Glad to see them, even for a short time.

  14. I am grateful that a difficult phonecall today went easily, that the sun was shining when I went for a walk, and that my great big cat is fast asleep across my ankles tonight because he wants my company.

  15. Today I am thankful for the chance to spend so much time with family. I have done quite a bit of extra work taking care of my niece and nephew the last few days as my sister was out of town for work. They are precious children and I’m thankful for the chance to be with them. I’m also thankful that her conference is over and she is back safe and sound, and is coming over tomorrow to help homeschool the girls.

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