I am thankful that we have figured out the website issues that we had today, and that we were able to get back my husband’s website after our previous host erased it.

Thankful Series


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for the years of becoming frugal that pay off over and over. We are almost down to ‘no debts’, except for our house payment, and are working on paying off the last of a small loan on our used car. Found myself with just about no money for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not too worried about gifts as I make them with what I have at home, also bottle jam in summer to give as gifts. I planned out menus for the next 2 months using food storage (we always use the basis of our meals from our storage of wheat and grains, dry beans, lentils, split peas, dry milk, oil and olive oil, nuts, honey, molasses, sugar, canned goods on sale, bottled garden foods) and what few fresh items we can afford to purchase. Had enough money for buying a small turkey and yams for thanksgiving (the stores here are opting out on the great price for turkeys this year and using the trick of ‘buy $100.00 worth of food and get a free turkey’……I never spend even close to that amount at the store), and we have a beef roast I bought on sale last month to save in the freezer for Christmas dinner. How grateful I feel that we will be able to pay off the car loan on November 21, and still have holiday dinners!!!!!! (will forego a few favorite holiday dishes this year).
    Thanksgiving dinner: roasted turkey, homemade dressing bake (a recipe I made up years ago and now a family ‘must have’ every year), yams, homemade wheat rolls, mash potatoes/turkey gravy, celery-apple-walnut salad, bottled whole cranberry sauce; dessert will be No Bake Pumpkin Cream Pie [I found canned pumpkin on sale for $.50 each last year after Thanksgiving]. We always save all of the leftover turkey to freeze, as well as gravy; then we cook the carcass in big pot of water for our favorite “Turkey Soup with parsley dumplings”.
    Christmas Eve tradition is Creamy Clam Chowder………have everything for it but the cream which is going on sale soon………
    Christmas dinner: slow-roasted beef, garlic mashed potatoes/beef gravy, homemade refrig. crescent rolls, roasted garden carrots, crunchy frozen pea salad. Dessert will be a new pie I made up: sort of a pecan type pie using cooked cracked wheat and chopped pecans (will buy some cream to whip……it goes on sale at our local grocery store 2 for $1.00 during the season)

    PS……….Thank you Brandy, I watched our local Smith’s for the pasta sale you had mentioned. It went on sale for $.50 each last week if you bought 10…….though money is tight, I was able to squeeze out enough to buy 20 bags with $10.00 (+ $.60 state taxes)…….very THANKFUL to you for that tip!!!

  2. I am thankful, my family are all safe and healthy…my sons boss gifted us from his mushroom farm, about 18 lbs of different mushrooms.. and couple from church gifte us 3 nice butternut squash! I happily dehydrating mushrooms!

  3. I’ll start with the big ones. I am thankful for the gift of God’s amazing love. I am thankful family and friends. I am thankful for God’s healing touch and the many miracles in my life that were answered prayers.

  4. I am thankful for a husband who works hard and dreams big. He has always provided for us even in our lean times. He is wonderful.

  5. I am thankful to be celebrating my husband of 26 years birthday at his parents house tonight . I am blessed to have him.

  6. I am thankful your site is “up”. That was a rough 24 hours on this end.:)
    I am also thankful that because of you, I now know to cook a bird breast down.

  7. Im thankful for my husband receiving a 25.00 Stater Bros gift card for going to a union meeting….Stocking up on turkeys when on sale…..Im thankful for this blog that is helping me out. Im thankful everyone is well in my family…:)

  8. I’m thankful my sister and brother-in-law found their kitten that escaped from the house. He was gone almost 2 weeks! My sister is having problems at work and having to take a pay cut for the rest of this year and maybe into 2015, so losing the kitten, too, was hard on her.

  9. I’m thankful to have met my goal of refilling the freezer and pantry by buying in bulk at low prices. This week I was able to purchase 36 cans of pasta sauce at .48/can, pork loin roast for 1.98/lb, chicken legs and thighs, chicken breasts, chicken poppers 10lbs/$10, catfish nuggets 10lbs/20.00. My freezer is full of all of these buys along with cheap ground beef, turkeys and hams. The dry pantry is full of cheap canned veggies and soups. I chose the soups for my 2 girls for their lunch paired with a grilled cheese! All of these buys on a budget. Thanks for the inspiration to stock up and have so many options for meals.

  10. Dear Brandy,
    Firstly ,I so admire you, you are such a loving Mamma and Wife? You have such a beautiful family, Thank you for sharing them with us. You are so very generous to share all your money saving tips with us.. I don’t know how you fit so much in your day . Yes…I know time management !!!!
    Love reading all your posts, your photography is stunning.
    Today I am thankful, for my loving family, the roof over my head, the food on my table, and my warm bed.
    God has truly blessed me.
    Warm regards
    Kathryn Australia

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