Thankful Series

Today, I’m thankful for my husband’s company this evening, and children who were tired early, giving us more time for an at-home date after they were in bed. I’m grateful for a happy marriage and the joy of spending time with the man I love.

(If you’re looking for at-home date ideas, you can see mine here.)

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for my dad. He’s one of the very best men that I know, and I’m lucky enough to have him as my father.

  2. Yesterday we visited Gettysburg. I am thankful that my daughter has no idea what slavery is, and the idea of treating a person badly because of the colour of their skin is a completely foreign idea to her. She had a hard time understanding it as I explained what the Civil War was about. Glad we live in a time where this is no longer considered acceptable.

  3. The civil war was not about slavery Lincoln pushed that point as his sale so that he could win the war and abolish slavery however, the civil war started and still is about states rights and keeping gov’t small. We are still fighting for these points today. History always repeats itself.

  4. It is easy to get overwhelmed sometimes, but I am thankful I have TWO jobs when so many people have none. I work full-time outside the home, and I know my job is very good and I am very lucky to have it. I also have a 2nd online job for extra money. It isn’t terribly difficult, and although I do get stressed sometimes due to a lot of work, I also know that I am very blessed, and this helps our budget so much.

  5. I am thankful that 32 years we received a call from LDS social services that we had a baby boy! He brought so much joy to our lives – along with lots of learning on our part. He is now a father of twins and a great asset to the community.

  6. This is not an appropriate place for this sort of discussion; however, Robert, you will find that there are many historians who agree the Civil War was about slavery. As with most fields of academia there are many differing opinions and thoughts; but certainly it is a valid academic and historical position to state that the underlying cause of the Civil War was, indeed, slavery.

  7. I’m grateful for the U.S. Diplomatic Corps who provide such wonderful Citizen Services everywhere in the world, and do it graciously and happily. It’s a nuisance to have to travel 2 hours to get my children’s passports renewed; but every time we make the trip, everyone we meet, from the security guards who help us check in and escort us up to the Consulate, to the clerks working behind the counters, is so friendly and helpful. It even rubs off on the waiting room – we always end up having a bit of a laugh with complete strangers, who are also waiting, either to register a citizen birth abroad, or to renew a passport, or to get a visa to travel to the US for purposes of work or study. I know full well that if there were an actual emergency, I’d be on my own (I know this because my husband was stuck on the wrong side of Beijing during the Tiennaman Square Massacre; when he called up the embassy, they told him they wouldn’t even let him in out of the rain, and when he finally managed to find some very nice Chinese citizens who risked their own safety and liberty to get him to the embassy, they were true to their word) – but for everyday citizen services, the Diplomatic Corps are absolutely lovely people providing an incredibly valuable service to families like mine.

  8. I am thankful for my husband. He truly lives the “in sickness or health” part of the vows. He’s my best friend. He is also a wonderful dad and grandpa.

  9. Robert, I am well aware that the Civil War was far more complicated than just the freeing of slaves. However, we are Canadian, and my 11 year old daughter (who is on the Autism Spectrum) is completely unfamiliar with American History. We have to give her the simplified version to help her understand what she is visiting. I’ll save the academic debates until she is older and can understand it better.

    American history has always been very fascinating to me. My interest started with the Civil War when I was in grade 8 (note – we don’t learn about American history until high school and the course is optional). I recently went back to school as an adult so I could work in the museum industry. I hope this trip will inspire my daughter to take an active interest in history as I did as a teen.

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