For the third day of A Gift a Day, I made simple bracelets.

Bead Bracelets



clear elastic cording (I purchased the smallest diameter cording; it comes on a small reel abouthe size of a ribbon reel)


your own two hands


Ruler and measuring tape (if you don’t have a measuring tape you can use a piece of string or even cut paper, measure the recipient’s wrist, and then measure the string or paper).


The total time for one bracelet is 3-5 minutes.

Today I made three bracelets.


I measured all of the girls’ wrists. I added a couple of inches in length to the piece of elastic that I cut. I knotted one end, leaving enough to tie the finished bracelet closed (about an inch). I then strung the beads on by hand. I added a few more beads so that the bracelet wouldn’t be too tight, making it about 1/2″ – 3/4″ (1.5 – 2.0 cm)  longer than the person’s wrist measurement. After that, I tied the end of the bracelet to the knotted end.


The cost will vary depending on the beads you use and the price you pay. I bought new beads for all of these bracelets and new elastic cording. The cording should allow me to make many bracelets in the future as well.

I bought the beads on sale for 50% off at Michael’s. All of these beads are currently available. Some strings were longer than others. I will keep any leftover beads to use in other projects. These cost me $1.60 to $3.10 each, depending on the beads.

Did you make any gifts today? What did you make?
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  1. I love ALL your ideas so far and plan to make all three for Christmas presents! I just finished crocheting a winter hat and scarf for my toddler and am almost done with two dish clothes/hot pads (whatever they choose to use them for) for a gift. I have a couple of little girls in the family I will be making bracelets for now! Thank you again for doing this!

  2. Dear Miss Brandy and readers,The bracelets are very nice and will add a nice touch to any outfit. So simple and a bit elegant. I posted on my blog about a fall crocheted gift I made. I saw the pattern in a crochet book but the book cost $10 so I went home and experimented and came up with my own pattern. My best to everyone as they complete their gifts for holidays.Anna

  3. I found Halloween items on clearance at Target yesterday. 90% off!! I bought several costumes (they were $1-3!!) to go into a pretend box for my children for Christmas. I am going to make some items out of fleece today to go into the box to complement the costumes.I love these bracelets! I will probably add some to the box.

  4. The bracelets are charming. I made a gift for myself yesterday. A set of 10 cloth napkins. We are trying to use less disposable items. I found a 80% cotton blend valance at the second hand shop. It washed and dried up nicely, no ironing needed. I cut it into squares, and stitched a double fold hem around each. 10 reuseable napkins for $1.50.

  5. I haven’t made anything yesterday or today, but I made some bracelets a few weeks ago using elastic cord I found in my stash and some beads bought last year and the year before. They will be stocking stuffers I think.

  6. I looked over the apron patterns and I am going to do the 50’s style one for the girls. I like the look of the gingham and rickrack, both of which I have, though not enough. I think I will mix and match ginghams rather than make them all one color. Won’t have to buy as much fabric if make contrasting pockets , sash etc and do some piecing.I am giving my youngest the crocheted bunny I mentioned in an earlier post. Some of the jars of hot pepper jelly and the plum sauce I made will be presents, along with some of the jam and jellies. Every one wants CHEX mix so I will make that along with Russian tea mix and hot chocolate mix. My mother always likes to have a variety of note cards on hand so I make her a box of those from colored card stock and fronts of used cards. I collect cards from people that don’t save theirs and use them to make new birthday, get well, thinking of you, all purpose…etc cards. I make new envelopes for them from white typing paper. I do the same for my own use. Every one also gets a large batch of homemade Bisquick-type mix, including my husband. He uses it to make pancakes almost every weekend when he is home. Years ago I found a number of Bisquick cookbooks on clearance and bought one for each of them and one for me. So they can make impossible pies, biscuits, short cakes, pancakes, waffles etc. and save themselves a few steps when getting home from work and/or school.

  7. Hello allI made a hand crocheted bag for my daughter and a Christmas colored cowl. I posted photos on my blog. I had all the materials on hand. The buttons on the bag I picked up at Michael’s for 50 cents I believe. I have material on hand to line the purse.Happy and productive gift making to all.Anna

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