For the twentieth day of A Gift a Day, I made diamond bobby pins.

Diamond Bobby Pins

Using wire cutters, I cut apart a broken cubic zirconia necklace. I used bobby pins that I already had on hand.


broken necklace
bobby pins
E6000 Glue or super glue


wire cutters
toothpick for applying glue

Ahh! A paper towel! (yes, I do occasionally use them. This is one of the ways I use them–when there is glue or paint involved).


This entire project took me about 10 minutes to make. I let the bobby pins dry for several hours before moving them.


These cost me $0 out of pocket (a few cents for glue) since I already had everything on hand.

My daughter had been really wanting some bobby pins like these, and a few days before her birthday she asked me what she should do with her broken necklace. I asked her if I could use it. I gave these to her for her birthday and she was thrilled.

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  1. I LOVE these!! I will keep these in mind next time I’m at a garage sale or the thrift store. Thanks for the wonderful idea!!Chris

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