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Each weekday in November, I’ll be making and posting a gift that I have made that day. These will be gifts for Christmas as well as for my eldest daughter’s birthday, which is in December. I have 5 daugthers and 2 sons for whom I will be making gifts.

This year, I have fewer gifts to make than in previous years. I’ve found several wonderful gifts for my children at garage sales, including books, jewelry, games, clothing, and puzzles. I’ve used Swagbucks to redeem Amazon gift cards, and I’ve ordered a few things for the children that way as well.

I have been called to report for jury duty later this month, so how many gifts I finish will depend on whether or not I am chosen to serve on a jury. It may mean a delay of a few days’ gifts or it may mean I won’t be able to complete any more after that. I won’t know until that time.

If you’re planning a lot of present making this month, I would also like to remind you to clean and oil your sewing machine at this time, to keep it working well while you make gifts.

Check back tonight for today’s gift!


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  1. I think I would like to participate in this wholeheartedly this year. To that end, I’m going to make a list today of the gifts I would like to make and start tomorrow at the latest. I look forward to seeing what you’re making, Brandy, as they are always beautiful and inspiring gifts. Plus, I usually take an idea or three from you for my gifts. 🙂 A few years ago I made some homemade bookmarks using the printables on your site, and when my then-17-year-old bibliophile son opened his, he got a huge grin and said, “Best gift ever!” Love that memory; thanks for that.

  2. I am so excited for this series!! I enjoy it every year!! I am doing this as well, I love homemade gifts for everyone!! My middle son ripped a large hole in his tshirt yesterday while playing outside. He asked me to repair it but honestly the hole is much too large to be able to wear again even if I sew it. He asked me if I wanted him to throw it away I told him no that I might be able to use it for something. Well this morning I cut up part of the shirt that was without holes and turned it into baby doll diapers!! I still need to purchase some velcro but will do so with a coupon so as to save money!! I also plan on using some of the shirt to make fabric roses to embellish plain shirts for my daughter as well. All for free!! Super tickled that I was able to turn something that would normally be tossed out into a gift that I know my daughter will love!!!

  3. Last year I was called to jury duty and I actually wanted to serve. As soon as I said I was a homeschooler they couldn’t dismiss me fast enough. Too radical, I guess. 🙂 The new website looks great.

  4. I love your new website! this year and I going to try to make spoon rings and other jewelry with silver sets I got from my Dad. (3 of them plus misfits.) Plus, money is a little tight this year, so I am going to make food gifts like mixes and stuff to put into baskets/boxes for our extended family who is also going thru hard times. A couple of the gifts are coming from your recipes. Look forward to see what you are making this year.

  5. I have leftover fleece from my Halloween work. Some I will keep for next year, but some I will be making lounging pants (not pjs though they are the same thing) from some of the fleece. It is too hot for the grandbabies to sleep in as they are furnaces. *smile*
    This is the first year I will be trying to do this also.
    Thank you, Brandy, for being…well you.

  6. I started my Christmas gift making last month because it seems like I never get more than 30 minutes to myself these days. I have six knitted dishcloths made so far and hope to get at least four more made along with the list of other things I need to get done. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you for all the help and inspiration you give.

  7. Brandy,
    I am so excited to see the gifts you will be making. [This is my first year to find your blog, so this is new to me..]
    I have been making up list of Christmas things to make/cook, etc.. I know I will get lots of ideas from you..thank you so
    Hope you get out of jury duty.. That would be very difficult with kids.. and I know it would be hard for your hubby to have to
    miss work too.. best wishes.

  8. Dear Miss Brandy and readers,

    I so look forward to this series. I don’t know why but this is one of my favorite series on The Prudent Homemaker. I learned so many skills as a child–sewing, cross-stitching, crocheting–this series inspired me to revisit those skills to make gifts.

    This year, we are hard hit financially from medical bills. Like many families I really have no available funds for Christmas gifts. I decided to do the best I can and make some presents for my kiddos. I also did buy some gifts when I had more money last January.

    I like some of the gifts I made and some I am not so keen on. I need more practice. Here are a few items I have made so far:
    http://marilynswordsofwisdom.blogspot.com/search/label/Zero Christmas

    Have a wonderful season of thanks. Maybe just being together as a family is the most important gift we can give to each other.


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