Polka Dot Doll Dress The Prudent Homemaker


Polka dot fabric 15″ by 44″

Small piece of white fabric for collar

Tiny bit of fusible interfacing for collar

Pattern from A Closetful of Doll Clothes

Bias tape or self-made bias from fabric to line the inside neckline of the dress

Velcro, snaps, or buttons to close dress


Sewing Machine


Sewing pins


Copier to copy patterns or tissue paper to trace patterns


I like the simple pattern pieces from this book that allow for endless combinations. The book is not a beginner book, however; there are patterns for several sizes of dolls but no instructions, as a basic knowledge of dress construction is expected. I chose the cap sleeves for this pattern since the doll it will go on has full plastic arms, but for a doll with partial plastic and partial cloth arms, a longer sleeve would look better. There are several sleeve length choices in the book.

All of the seam allowances are 1/4″, save the edge of the collar, which is 1/8″ (saving you the need to trim the collar before turning it).

Polka Dot Doll Dress Detail The Prudent Homemaker 

I lined the collar with lightweight fusible interfacing. I then turned and pressed it. I used a  little trick I learned years ago for sewing collars: butt the collar pieces together and sew them together first within the seam allowance before pinning them on the dress.

I chose to finish the neckline with bias tape. You could also just cut a piece on the bias, but I have some hand-me-down bias tape and chose to use it for the sake of time.

I cut a piece of velcro in half lengthwise to close the back of the dress. 



About 2 hours


The polka dotted fabric was given to me. I bought the white fabric and interfacing at 50% off. I bought the book years ago and have made many doll clothes from it, so I am not including the price of the book with the price of the dress. I used bias tape that was given to me to line the neckline. I bought the velcro at 50% off.

Total cost: $0.25 


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  1. Beautiful! I just finished some doll diapers for my little girl. I love making Christmas gifts. I look forward to your series every fall! 🙂

  2. I’m a sucker for polka dots! and the peter pan neckline is cute! ,, would make a cute little girl dress if you have enough fabric!

  3. WOW Brandy that is beautiful !
    You should make these dresses and sell them.. we have a fair in town here and this lady gets 10.00 a piece for dresses not as nice as that one. and she is the cheaper of the 2 ladies at the fair that sells dolls clothes.. ( AM Doll size) Your daughter will be one very happy little girl !

    Sue in NJ

  4. I did not realize it was a doll dress at first, it is very cute. I know some little girl who will love it on Christmas morning. It is very cute.

    I am still working on my embroidery every night. I have a lot left to do. I should stay off PINTEREST. I now have an idea to make some felt ornaments too. Just what I need, more sewing.

  5. Hi Brandy and such a beautiful dress that you have made, made even more special by the injury trials you are going through.

    You are a true inspiration, and it just goes to show that you are one strong lady as am I. When you make up your mind that something is not going to beat you, you do a work around to get as much done as you can considering the circumstance.

    I injured my rotocuff in a butcher shop I was working at when something heavy fell and I tried to catch it to save my foot. I continued to work in a chicken delicatessen for around 4 weeks whilst my injury healed, working only with one arm as I couldn’t lift the other that was heavily strapped with tape to hold it in place, bear any weight on, or do most tasks with. Any heavy lifts of crates of meat I double lifted with my good arm and organised with work colleagues to take the other side. I crumbed copious amounts of chicken snitzels with one arm and got quite fast at it, almost as fast as with 2 arms.

    Like me you work through the pain and do what is necessary and prioritise. It makes you more patient, thankful for the things that you can usually do that you sometimes take for granted, humble and teaches you to listen to your body in times of extreme pain.

    Thank you Brandy for all that you do and the inspiration you are to me.

  6. That is so cute! Boy, the size of things on the internet is deceiving. When you posted this 1/2 finished the other day, I thought it was a dress for a little girl. I love homemade doll clothes. I remember my grandma making them for me and how much I truly loved getting them. I’m sure your daughter will love this as well.

  7. What a beautiful doll dress you have made, Brandy! I’m curious which of your lucky daughters will be receiving this wonderful gift? Are you planning to make more than the others as well?

  8. Goodness Brandy, you have gone to some much time and trouble for a doll’s dress! I hope it is appreciated. You have great dressmaking skills!

  9. I also thought you were in the middle of making a girl-size dress! I made a lot of doll clothes a couple of years ago, but then my youngest turned the corner into teenagerhood. Maybe I’ll wait for the grandchildren.

  10. The doll dress is beautiful! I’m sure if you made it bigger, it would suit a little girl as well to match with her doll 🙂

  11. Brandy,

    I would love to make some doll dresses for my sweet little girl and was wondering if you might be able to recommend a beginners book for my that has some of the lovely old-fashioned styles. My little girl just turned 2 and I would love to make some sweet little dresses for her baby doll. Thank you!



  12. There is a polka dot theme here with 4 of the items…are these all for one daughter who loves dots? Or is it just coincidence? Homemade doll clothes are the best!

  13. Check out the pattern companies; they have doll dress patterns and they are not real expensive, especially when the patterns go on sale. Try their websites to find what you like and then wait for a sale. McCall’s, Butterick, and Simplicty make easier doll patterns than Vogue (and Vogue is a bit more money).

    I just checked Butterick’s website and they put out a bunch of beautiful retro style doll dress patterns! But buy them on sale at Joann’s for less than $2 each; they should have pattern sales soon if not on Black Friday.

  14. Thank you so very much Brandy! I appreciate it! I just found a beautiful little wood cradle at the thrift store so I will be making a little bedding set for my little girl for Christmas. I have done a lot of quilting but not really much dressmaking so I appreciate your advice. I will check out the patterns! 🙂

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