For the sixth day, I made two scarves. The pink one is for Liberty and the green one is for Winter.



sheer fabric



sewing machine

I made these much like last year’s scarves, but I made a slight change. I sewed a 1/8″ seam all the way around the scarves first. The I used the seam lime to fold the fabric over before I stitched the edges. This made it much easier and faster to sew.



The total time for one scarf is about an hour.

Today I made two scarves.



$0. I was given the pink fabric a couple of years ago; it was a leftover scrap. I decided to make a small scarf from it as it wasn’t real long. The green fabric was part of a curtain valance that was given to me many years ago.

Did you make any gifts today? What did you make?

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  1. Yesterday I made a pair of flannel pajamas for my older son. I bought the flannel from JoAnns at a black Friday sale a couple of years ago. I’m so pleased with how they turned out! They will be a Christmas gift.

  2. I made some gifts this week but not Christmas ones…these particular ones were baby gifts. I put down my knitting (a new skill I am trying very hard to master) and picked up my crochet hooks again (a skill I have had for a few years) and was shocked to see how QUICKLY I can crochet versus knitting. Needless to say, any yarn crafting I do for Christmas this year will absolutely be CROCHET! ;-)I made a pixie hat for a preemie and a pair of cowboy boot booties. (Two different recipients. There won’t be a cowboy pixie roaming the streets anytime soon!)

  3. I made a gift today, but it wasn’t for Christmas! Friends of ours have new baby girl twins. I made them a set of burpcloths and delivered them along with a meal tonight. Feels good.I’ve been sewing scarves recently, too. I have been making infinity scarves with regular woven fabric. I’m going to write a blog post on it soon – need to take some more photos. Easy and so customizable.

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