Do Without

Do Without


One of the most frequently asked questions in my inbox is, “What do you use for sandwich bread?” The answer is simple: I use French bread. I sometimes will make baguettes and have sandwiches like I did in France: ham, cheese, and mustard on bread. More often, though, I’ll slice the bread, and just use…


Washing Windows For Pennies

When we moved into our house, we gutted it. In the living room/our dining area, we knocked out the entire wall. We took out the corner fireplace (the first thing to go), the windows, the sliding doors, and made a new wall, with tall windows and French doors. It’s a lot of windows to wash,…

Do Without

Doing Without: What I Don’t Buy

Updated 12/2014    Sometimes I feel like the un-normal American. It seems that wherever women are gathered, they love to talk about their shopping habits. Considering that shopping is our responsibility, and it takes up so much of our time (as does cooking) I think we cannot help but talk about food. The trouble is…