After church today, a woman I didn’t know came up to me by my car as we were leaving. She had been waiting for me.

She said to me that she had been a visitor today, and that when she was talking with my son, he mentioned my website. She wanted to know what it was.

I told her, and then on the way home I asked my son about their conversation.

He told me that she was sitting in his class today, and that each student had been asked to name his or her favorite breakfast cereal. (I have no idea what this had to do with the lesson).

He replied that his mom didn’t buy breakfast cereal, because it was too expensive. He was asked what was his favorite thing for breakfast, then?

“Yogurt and granola,” was his reply. Then he added that his mom makes it and that it is on her website.

I’ll be making a batch of granola tomorrow morning for breakfast!

My cranberry almond granola recipe is here.

I make Greek yogurt following the directions here.

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  1. That is so funny. While waiting for Sunday dinner to finish cooking we watched a Good Eats episode on making yogurt and I really wanted to try it. I hate paying so much for Greek yogurt…even the Walmart great value brand! ;D

  2. I’ve made yogurt using the crockpot method. It worked really well. I love the thickness of greek yogurt so next time I made it I’ll probably do that extra step. Can anyone recommend a good yogurt maker?

  3. I’m planning on making a LARGE batch of your Granola for our class here Tuesday…. which i understand several sisters expressed interest in attending!! 🙂 YAY!!! Wishing we had wifi at the church would love to show the sisters your site first hand…. There is so much here that we all need to learn… Your sharing through your site and blog is truly inspired by Heavenly Father…. :)Amy in AR

  4. I made yogurt for the first time this week! I didn’t remove the whey so it was a little thinner than what we were used to, but we are enjoying it flavored with fruit and honey, in smoothies and as a substitute for sour cream. I’ve read that the whey can be used to water a garden. Have you ever used the whey in your garden?

  5. Your yogurt looks great. Though yogurt hurts my stomach I did share the recipe with my daughter. As a teacher, I often ask my students what they had for breakfast or what is their favorite food, toy, sport, etc… It helps us connect with them as people too. Oftentimes, my students are shocked when they see me at Walmart. They forget we are people too so having just routine conversation s with them humanizes us both.

  6. Thanks so much for the reminder! I love making yogurt and am planning on trying Greek Yogurt this week. This might be a random question but do you know if you are suppose to avoid metal utensils when making yogurt? I know that when making kombucha and kefir you are not suppose to use anything metal. Thanks!

  7. Your yogurt and granola looks magazine worthy. I think it is awesome that your kids speak freely about your frugality and are not in any way embarrased by it. Your have taught them well.

  8. I use metal with my water kefir grains (stainless steel) and it doesn’t hurt the grains at all. I’ve used metal spoons as well when making yogurt and haven’t had an issue.

  9. And his mom is SPECIAL because she makes his breakfast from scratch rather than shuffling to the store in her jammies to buy six boxes of. . . . (yes I have seen women in the store early in the a.m. wearing their jammies buying breakfast for their children before sending them off to school).Good for you! And the best thing is, he really likes the yogurt and probably would be all ick with fruit loops (my personal favorite without milk as a snack only….I’m an oatmeal person)

  10. My son would eat yougrt ten times a day if we let him…I would love to make some with him! Thank you for the link!!!!Does anyone know how much vanilla to add to make it taste like store bought “flower kind”? (This is what my son calls it. He can’t read and so tells his flavors by the pictures and this kind shows vanilla beans with the flowers)

  11. What a precious, treasured memory this will be for you – not only that two things you make are his favorite breakfast, but that he wanted to refer others to your blog!

  12. I think I’ll have the youngest members of my 4-H club make the granola at the next meeting. It looks like an easy, yummy project. I have quite a few gluten-free kids in that age category, so I’ll use gluten-free oats.Becky

  13. I made a double batch of your granola recipe last week. We ate it a few times for breakfast. It was delish. I’m trying to get better at making homemade breakfasts instead of using less-healthy overpriced packaged food. This week we had granola, banana bread, egg casserole with sausage, and homemade waffles. I make a quadruple batch of waffles. We eat some, and stick the rest in the freezer in bags. The kids can pull them out of the freezer and reheat them during the week (like Eggos.)Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. I have a friend who is a librarian in the children’s dept and does the story time. It is not uncommon to be somewhere with her and have small children come up to her wide eyed because she is the story lady, Miss Jane. It is so cute!

  15. Margery,Oatmeal doesn’t take a long time, and it is very simple to make while you continue to do other work in the kitchen. I buy oats in bulk in a 25 pound bag for the best savings. It is the least expensive breakfast I make (.22 for 7 people, including the brown sugar) and it wonderful on cold winter mornings.You can also bake potatoes for dinner (I bake the entire 10-pound bag) and then we cube the leftover ones and fry them for breakfast (you just need a tiny bit of oil to keep them from sticking). You can add onions and peppers, too, if you want. Eggs on the side are nice but not neccessary.

  16. What an example! I personally rarely feed my children boxed cereal, even if it’s free. They used to be hungry within 30 minutes of eating at least two bowls. The cereal companies also put a lot of sugar & etc in most cereals these days. Even the “healthier” ones aren’t really that good for you. I love greek yogurt. I will have to try your recipe. It looks way better than a bowl of cereal! Hope your day is lovely~

  17. I was wondering if I could do something with the whey too. I saw someone said they flavored and drank it but that was ooking me out. I was going to look for a bread recipe. I am up at 3 a.m. and just had some home made yogurt to see how it turned out. Quality control is important. 🙂

  18. My mother always baked up 3 times as many potatoes because 1/3 was for that dinner, the next ones were made into double baked potatoes for another meal and the rest were chopped and fried with onions and butter.I somehow missed this post. It did not show up in my email. Not sure how that works. My husband is the granola maker. I sit at the table and chop and he does the mixing. It is never the same…we are having lots of dates lately as he bought dates the last time he was in California on a trip from a date stand. The best dates we ever had were from a date farm in Death Valley but he said that one seems to have closed down.

  19. We’re not big cereal eaters. I do buy the Chex cereals when they go on sale at the holidays as Chex mix is expected by everyone for Packer games and winter get-togethers.I made oatmeal this morning adding a very ripe banana, brown sugar and vanilla. That is the way most liked.

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