Ezrom and Octavius The Prudent Homemaker

Dear Readers,

Please bear with me as we are experiencing some technical difficulties. I’ll be back as soon as we can get things working properly.

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  1. Your son has gotten so big. That is a really good picture.

    I did notice a post was there, and then it was gone. Good luck fixing things–that’ is my downfall!

  2. Today is Wed., Nov. 7th. I’m grateful for the blessed silence of the telephone since the election is over!

  3. I’m thankful for Brandy’s blog because I like to reading about her family and how she is saving money every month.
    I also like to read all the comments too, it encourages me to do better.

  4. Today I was grateful for being able to watch the beautiful snow flakes through the window, but didn’t have to go outside in the c-c-cold!!

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