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I’m thankful for a peaceful Sunday.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am thankful for my two sisters and their presence in my life. One lives close by, the other does not, but we still have a close bond. We talk and text often, and see each other when we can. I am so glad to have them in my corner.

  2. I am thankful that I could get–and afford to get–snow tires for my car today. It hasn’t snowed yet, but I am grateful that I will have some extra safety protection when I drive during the winter.

  3. I am thankful to have friends and family who share. We all share our excesses with each other, and “specialty” items – like tools and kitchen items, so we don’t have to all own everything. I am so glad to be surrounded by people with the same generous mindset.

  4. I am thankful that, unlike this time last year, I own only one home and am not trging to sell my old home several states away. I am also thankful for the terrific real estate agents that helped me buy this house and the absolute gem of an agent who sold my old house.

  5. Nov. 17–I am thankful that my daughter is the happiest person in the world and spreads so much joy to the people around her. She is 43 and mild to moderately developmentally disabled. She lives with us for half of every week.

  6. I am joining with my whole town (so it seems from facebook!) that in the horrible fire that destroyed half a block of businesses downtown yesterday, no one was hurt, fire fighters from around the county came to assist, and the fire was put out without spreading farther than the original building complex.
    I am thankful for the well trained first responders, for engineers who study fire and buildings and determine the safest ways to build, for equipment like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers for our homes, and for pumps and lift trucks and helmets and all the things fire fighters use.
    And I am thankful for those who can console and provide hope in times of tragedy.

  7. I am thankful I am almost done Christmas shopping for this year!!! Only 2 gift left to buy. I know what I need to get. I’m watching for a good sale. Whoohoo!!!!

  8. I am thankful that, at this point, my chronic pain is manageable. I work with a woman who’s pain is not even close to being managed and it makes me sad for her.

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