I am grateful that we received some rain.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am grateful for hand knit sweaters and socks. If I wear one of each in my house during the winter, I am kept very warm!

  2. I am grateful for books, libraries, and that when we were little, my mother read to us and never complained about giving us rides to the library.

  3. Rain here, too, and I’m deeply thankful for it. Thankful especially, this week, to be able to be with my out-of-state grandchild, and have lunch with them at school on their birthday.

  4. I am grateful for continuing educational opportunities close to home and even more grateful that my work will pay for them.


  5. I am grateful for life long friends to whom you never have to explain yourself and with whom you can be yourself: warts and all.

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