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I am thankful that I was able to go to bed early (7:15!) last night. I’ve been up since 3:00 a.m. with the baby and it would be so much harder to face the day if I hadn’t gotten to bed early.

The baby is now asleep (it’s 6:00 a.m.) and I have a load of laundry washing and can get going on my day! I have lots of sewing to catch up on!


What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Snuggly! I’m sorry for your lack of sleep.

    I am thankful my husband was asked to work Black Friday.
    I am thankful to have some extra money to donate to a family in need.
    I am thankful two of my kids don’t have fevers anymore as my two year old was miserable last night and we were able to devote ourselves to her.

  2. I am thankful for a day with lots of sunshine. I have lots and lots of laundry to do today. Most will be hung out side to dry. It is finally cool here. We had a 40 degree drop in temperature over night. It is 40 degrees here this morning. Only supposed to get into the 50’s today. But the sun is bright and there is a breeze so I am sure the clothes will dry fine.

    I am thankful for the friends we will have visit this afternoon. I have planed a lunch of calzones and salad with brownies as a treat at the end.

    Thankful for a husband who helps me so very much. He is out now with our pressure washer cleaning the back patio area. Our old dog was out there and sadly she was sick. We ‘cleaned’ it up but it still needed more…Today is David’s first day off and he has some day light to work and he is busy. So good of him to clean this for me. Gosh how I love that man. I am blessed beyond words.

  3. I am thankful for seed catalogs that will get me thru the next 3-4 months until I can get back out to “play in the dirt” as my Dad says 🙂 It is a very gray, blustery day today with lots of snowflakes (first snows aren’t really magical if the snow is coming down sideways and stings when it hits you!) which also means I don’t have an excuse for not cleaning out the basement LOL It was 70 degrees yesterday – today’s high is supposed to be 40* F!

  4. So glad you got a full night’s sleep in spite of the 3am wake-up!

    Today I’m thankful that the part of our neighbor’s fence that blew down it the high winds last night missed anything except lawn when it fell! I’m also grateful that our neighbors where much more worried about damage to our property than their own. They’re good neighbors! And we’re so grateful for that! And our neighbor just sighed, said “Well, I guess we’re replacing the fence this fall rather than in the spring.” and proceeded with cleanup. The fence could have hit both our fence, our siding and our gas meter as well as the one of the neighbor’s cars and it managed to fall neatly between them.

    Have fun sewing today Brandy!

  5. I am thankful to have lunch and do some alterations with one of my daughters. I’m grateful for the time to spend together and her desire to learn additional skills.

  6. I am thankful for modern day appliances. I have laundry going, cooking pumpkins in my oven and bread going in the bread machine.

  7. Today I am thankful for a group of Internet friends.
    The Outlandish Texas understand my obsession with the Outlander Book Series. *laughing* My best friend hates the books so this is a good place to chat about them.
    We are at the beginnings of our annual “Secret Santa” exchange.
    This year we are exchanging Christmas socks. We will stuff the socks with goodies and have much fun enjoying one another in our silliness.
    Friends that understand us are a wonderful gift from God.

  8. I am thankful for the amazing gift my mother bought my husband last year for Christmas, on the recommendation from our computer IT friend. The android box allows us to stream movies and T.V. shows directly on our television set with no monthly fees (other than internet, which we pay for anyways). We can watch T.V. shows within about 30 minutes of it airing but it also allows the convenience of watching them whenever we’re ready, and many of the movies that are currently in theaters are often available to watch fairly soon after their debut (e.g. we watched Suicide Squad for free at home, while it was still in theaters and were surprise to see an old friend my husband used to work with in the movie!). We definitely don’t feel deprived. It’s really cheap and very convenient entertainment that has definitely saved us quite a bit over the past year. I am so grateful that our friend recommended this to us!

  9. I’m thankful that I am home today and am re-arranging a few things in my garage/family room to make it more efficient. I am hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday, and want people to be comfortable. Getting 20+ people into this house that is 1/3 the size of the old one is a challenge, to be sure, but I’m thankful that I think we have it worked out so that it will work. I will seat some people in the garage that we converted into a family room by putting a rug onto the concrete along with a few pieces of furniture. I will pull out the large table I saved and make it big in there. That table will seat 10 easily. A few tv trays next to the big chairs will add another 3-4. We will move our regular table into the living room, and can seat 8 around it when it is made big. The tiny dining area will be for food tables, so the passage way will not be blocked—the kitchen is a bit narrow for very many people to be in and you have to walk through it to get to the garage. So, there’s the plan. Having people over is very important to me, especially family, so I’m delighted and thankful that I am still able to do that. The most important part of a holiday is the family and friends, but if they can’t sit down, or are not comfortable, they will all just leave quickly because it’s too crowded, and won’t have a good time while they are here. We are going to use paper plates for once, though. I got heavy duty ones. I don’t have a dishwasher here, I think this will help with the clean-up afterwards. This is the first time in 10 years that they can watch football if they want–we have tv here. There are also plenty of board games, if wanted, but I think we will skip the traditional puzzle…..

  10. Today I am thankful that God provides. He will take care of everything if I keep my focus on Him. Thank you Brandy for this challenge as I have never felt so unthankful and uncheerful in my life. This is good for my attitude adjustment!

  11. I’m thankful i remembered that perfect is whatever i choose it to be; and today i choose it to be a patched quilt.

  12. Today I am thankful for the church that supplied free to go Thanksgiving meals. We went to the library and on the way home they stopped me and insisted I take enough meals for our whole family. The food was delicious and saved me from having to come up with tonight’s dinner.

  13. I completely understand being thankful for sleep! I have a sleeping disorder (actually, two concomitant ones — fun!) and last night I didn’t fall asleep until past 7 am. It was a long night. Today, I was able to sleep in until 2 pm. So, that’s what I’m thankful for! Am not focusing on the long night or the aches and pains that come with disturbed sleep for me, but on the fact that I was able to have a solid chunk of sleep anyway! Am glad that with experience I know my sleep cycles and to not book anything on Saturday mornings. And luckily, and unusually, I didn’t have anything booked this afternoon besides cleaning, cooking, and organizing. Sleep! Such a precious thing! 🙂

  14. I am so glad for this blog to remind me to be thankful. Today is beautiful here in Phoenix, my husband is healthy and pain free and our dog is wonderful, all is good in the world today!

  15. I am grateful that I was able to spend this snowy afternoon reading a new book by a favorite author that I ordered from my library. I was 165th on the list of people who ordered this book from our library system, so I am not alone in wanting to read it.

  16. I am thankful for church work projects where many friends come and give of their Saturday to help. We will provide toys and gifts for 450 families. It is a lot of work but I love it…I simply love it!!! To be part of this blessing is so rewarding. We are SO very blessed.

  17. I am grateful that I don’t have too many gloomy days like today. The weather was just GREY all day, my daughter’s friend passed away at 52, and my uncle has taken a downward turn and probably will not survive. My husband and I did not feel much like changing our clothes and going out as we had planned, but we did anyhow. We felt better after having dinner out and a ride home “the long way” past some beginnings of Christmas lights going up. Tomorrow should be better.

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