I am thankful that my husband could come home today for the Thanksgiving holiday. It has been months. The children have been playing games with him this afternoon.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I’m with Maxine – I am also grateful your husband is home for the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s so good your family can be together.

    I am also grateful my children are home from University for the holiday and that we can be together with my parents this week.


  2. I am thankful your husband came home as well!

    My MIL fell on Monday night and broke her elbow. I am grateful that she received good medical care and will recover well. I was able to take dinner to her last night and visit with her.

  3. How wonderful for your family!

    I am thankful for the big trees around my house and that trees are getting the attention they deserve as a crucial part of our planet! I am thankful previous owners planted them long ago and thankful I could add to the yard. I have an ten inch tall oak tree with eight leaves that was presumably planted by a squirrel from acorns from across the street, and a similar maple tree presumably planted by the wind. I hope these live a long time as well.

  4. So wonderful that your husband was able to come home. I am thankful that last week my Venezuelan coworker gave me a traditional dinner. It served the two of us for two dinners and included a potato and spinach frittata, rolls of cornmeal with olives and raisins and some very tasty ham.

  5. That’s wonderful your husband could be home. I’m grateful for my family and that we’ll spend time together tomorrow.

  6. I’m so glad you can celebrate as a complete family.
    Grateful I’m doing somewhat better today as we’re having family tomorrow and grateful we have those free covid tests to put family at ease.

  7. I am thankful that I got to see all 7 of my grown kids who are spread out across the globe, family can be messy but even in that I am blessed to be a mom!

  8. I’m happy that your husband can be home for the holiday!

    I’m grateful that my months-long kitchen renovation wrapped up last week, just in time for Thanksgiving!

  9. I was SO grateful to turn on my computer and see that your husband could be home for the holidays! I am grateful for family and a warm home and lots of food. God is good.

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