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It was a beautiful day today. I watched the sunrise, which was incredible. We had some clouds (a rare thing here) and they made all the difference.

I’m thankful that the weather was pleasant (We had a high of 82 degrees F/29 degrees C today). It allowed me to work in the garden all day long, digging up plants and potting them so that they can be replanted in the garden later. The garden is getting closer to the almost blank slate we need it to be before we can start digging new lines for water and electricity. (If you missed my post about my garden plans, you can check it out here.)

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I am grateful for my mom – her humor and intelligence, her empathy and clearheaded patience, her unfailing wisdom and encouragement. I’m grateful for her determination to take strict care of herself during this stressful time, including learning (at age 80) to use Zoom and FaceTime so she can visit with friends, family, and church family.

  2. I am grateful for a husband that is able to do electrical, contractor, HVAC, plumbing, etc for our home. He has saved us thousands over dollars over the years.

  3. I am thankful I am exercising and can walk a mile. And that I have a husband who can care for the kids so I can go alone. It is nice to have some quiet time to pray/think.

  4. Today I am thankful for old friends. A friend from 4th grade, whom I later met up with in high school school and college, turns 74 today.

    1. I have to add this! I registered voters at the polls today. A man came in with an unusual name that I recognized. I asked him, “Are you from (small town in Oregon)?” Yes, he was! I told him, “When you were a little boy, I worked with your dad at the (name of newspaper).” This was my first newspaper job, 54 years ago. We were both thrilled, especially when I told him that he has his father’s eyes, which is all I could see because of his mask. His dad died a few years ago at the age of 80. Once again, I’m grateful for old friends.

  5. I too am thankful for the cooler weather that seems to have come to stay here in Georgia. My garden is loving it, there was a beautiful full moon last night and a lovely cool morning which made hot coffee and hot apple cider a welcome treat. Happy Fall 🙂

  6. I am very thankful for the freedoms that we have in this country, including the right to vote and have an active role in preserving our precious freedoms. 👍

  7. As I was telling my 16 year old grandchild last night that I am grateful to live in America.
    I am only the 2nd generation born here on my mother’s side of the family. My father’s family came here in the very early 1600s. What a dichotomy. *laughing*
    My grandparents were both from Homs, Syria. Yes…the place that is bombed beyond recognition.
    No matter what happens at the election today America is still the greatest place in the world to live.
    I have always felt lucky to have grown up in America.

  8. I am thankful for a quick but drenching rain shower yesterday. I had returned from my morning walk shortly before it happened and was happy I was inside. We haven’t had much rain, so it was beautiful to watch the skies pour down.

  9. I am grateful our home did not burn in the Colorado wildfires, and that we are home after evacuation.

  10. I am thankful for a gorgeous fall day, a garden filled with kale, lettuce, cabbages, and broccoli, a loving family, and yummy foods to eat.

  11. Today, I am thankful for a warm, cozy house with a wood fire and the rain that is gently starting to fall, as I type. I get to stay inside and sew a bit this morning, which is a perfect way to spend a rainy morning. It’s very rare for me to have a morning where I don’t have to work or teach homeschool, but my husband is doing both this morning, and I’m staying home, feeling blessed.

  12. Having taught American History, I am so thankful that so many Americans have decided to leave their apathy behind them and get involved. We can vote today! Still!

  13. I am grateful for a beautiful fall day here in NC! The leaves are a little past peak, it still beautiful!
    I am also grateful for the gift of being an American and having the freedoms we have that have been hard fought for!

  14. I am grateful that I could vote early on a weekend, and not miss any work today – I live an hour from work, so I would have missed a chunk of my day to vote. And I’m grateful to be able to vote!
    I’m grateful that our weather has cooled off some and that the next tropical storm may miss the U.S., although I feel for any area it doesn’t miss.

  15. I am grateful for my friends and family, my work in health care, my ability to exercise. I am also grateful for this community of like minded frugal folks. Wishing everyone peace.

  16. I am thankful for an opportunity to teach some of the most wonderful students ever! They make me smile everyday and I am glad we can be back in a classroom together. It still isn’t normal completely, but that’s ok. Kids are amazing at being able to adapt to a situation, so they are always teaching me!

  17. I am thankful for the lovely weather here in the desert southwest of the US and my good health that lets me take a few walks every days to enjoy the temperatures and breezes. I am also thankful for making a menu plan this week and not needing to go grocery shopping.

  18. I am grateful for the ability to work from home while I recover from Covid. I am very thankful my husband is asymptomatic so far.

  19. I am thankful to take walks in our neighborhood.
    I am thankful for curbside pickup at our library.
    I am thankful for our two cats who love to cuddle.

  20. I am thankful for a beautiful weekend camping with my sister snd my 84 year old mom. I am especially thankful that she is still in good health and was able to walk on the beach with us and enjoy the beach. Thankful for my ability to work with my team through the pandemic. Thankful for the right to vote and participate in our civic process.

  21. I am thankful that i got to witness, via facetime, my daughter being such a caring, loving Mother to her own child. It almost made me weep.

  22. I am grateful that the Canadian government has started a new rent-subsidy plan, this time which will circumvent landlords and deal with tenants directly. It should save some businesses.

    I am thankful for the beautiful autumn weather. The yardwork may even get done.

    I am thankful to have food, to have people who are kind enough to volunteer to pick up and deliver food to me.

    I am thankful for the many people who have been kind in helping with the book.

    I am thankful to have food, heat and a place to live.

    I am glad that the deer that was 6 feet away from me did not charge me.

  23. I’m grateful the weather is still reasonably warm so that my chickens continue to produce eggs.

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